Living With Mesothelioma -My Dairy- The Royal Marsden, Drug Day and Operation Stack made us late getting home

I dragged myself out of bed when the alarm set off. I sort of slid up the passage and into the bathroom and put myself under the shower. That bought me round and after Ray walked the dog and i made sure he had water and I hid chews around the place so that he amused himself finding them all day.

The journey was great and we got there in good time.

I was seen fairly on time and bloods were taken then waited to see the doctor.

It was my Greek God today. he is so interested in the trial and I do have a good chat as really there is no change in any of me. The problems I have, never change.

My CT Scan is August 11th doesnt the three months go fast.

The Drug is not perfect on its own it seems it’s just too hit and miss. My results are wonderful but that’s not the case through the world. I was informed  today that only 20% Mesothelioma throughout the world have shown shrinkage. Its early days and they have a long way to go yet but they are on the right track.

The results are better with other cancers. What is it about Mesothelioma that makes it so difficult. Is it because it is caused by a barbed asbestos fibre, so it is an object actual stuck in our bodies that irritates and causes a wound that mutate into a horrible cancer.

We all breathed in different coloured fibres, different amounts at different ages. I can see why nothing is uniformed so creating different exposures

So we came down to sit outside in the sunshine and found an empty bench. A fire engine was in the car park and wondered why. They had fire maintenance going on so I thought it was that and then the Fireman was spraying all the cars that came in and washing their windows, even the buses were showered. than the children from Oak Ward came out and they were having a go and looking in the Fire Engine.


All good fun and lots of laughter bless them They break my heart with their hair loss and so thin. I shall never get over the sights I see in this hospital but I do see a lot of happiness as well.

We went back in upstairs and a long wait. as they were short-staffed And also the pharmacy took ages to produce my drug. It had come out of the fridge at 12.30pm so they had to get it into my veins within 4 hours. I went in at 3.27pm. They just made it.

Its been a long boring day if it wasnt for the other patients and their carers who were all a chatty lot this week. So we were all swapping stories and passed the time away.

So that was it I could come home and we thought we might get in by 6pm –Wrong!!!!

Why have they put operation stack between J 8 and junction 9 on the M20.

Everything was told to get off on the A249 for Dover. Didnt put a message up that all other traffic could divert off at J8 for the A20.

So everyone piled up in a huge long line of stopped traffic.

We had to queue and then they had a message for the Motorist that they could go on to J8 so right near our turn off to the A249 traffic realised so making it easier for us and we picked up speed again.

We are home but these poor lorry driver are not. The Police have to make sure they have food and water and in this heat they must be so fed up.

“Passengers, on both sides of the Channel, intending to travel through either Dover or Calais should check with their chosen operator before they travel. Travel advice can be found on the information and advice pages on GOV.UK.

“Operation Stack is in operation on the M20 and road users are advised to follow the signs in order to minimise disruption.”

See it’s not only Passengers that it upsets It’s all the traffic in Kent as well. grrrr

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