Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- A great weekend in front of us The Meso warriors are going to have Fun Fun Fun!!!!

We have had a day in the garden after we cleaned the windows inside, it had been the window cleaners week so with lovely shinning outsides we had to clean the insides.

Ray has been sanding the garden bench down as it had winter dirt on and my son and DIL love staying in the garden and they are visiting for the whole weekend to baby sit louis.

I have filled the fridge up with nice food that I know they like.

We took Louis out for his country walk and realised the hay making was going on. Lots of tractors were beavering away in the fields and large rolls of hay were in the fields.


You can see why I love living here. We are right by the sea and yet we have this view from our park.

The clouds are wonderful and give us a display everyday. No two days are alike.

Historically, Seasalter came to prominence as a centre for salt production in the Iron Age,[and the resulting prosperity resulted in Viking raids on the area. Later, the Domesday Book recorded that Seasalter “properly belongs to the kitchen of the Archbishop” [of Canterbury]. In the 18th century, the marshes were drained to create the Seasalter Levels.

They are forecasting a lovely hot weekend , that is so good as the Mesowarriors are meeting up for a wonderful weekend.

Kieran (Debs Son) was 18 at the end of the year so we had all collected for his birthday around the world and we booked a room for two nights and the tickets to see Mrs Brown at The 02 (the Dome )

mrs brown

We will all be meeting up Friday then a meal out somewhere.

Saturday we are having a picnic in the park at Greenwich Park and then hundreds Mrs Browns will be at the 02 in the evening.

This is really going to be a good weekend.

The news on the sites and tweet was all about the crayons I spoke of yesterday ADAO is calling the US To Protest on Facebook: They say — Are you angry about asbestos in toys? Turn your anger into action and become an ADAO Champion today. Invite your Congressional Staffers to our asbestos briefing on July 15th in Washington, D.C to hear Jordan Zevon Heather Von St James Ann Samuelson and Mike Mattmuller share their stories, the facts about asbestos, and how pending legislation will impact Americans – forever. We need you!

This is how they make crayons

Im at the House of Commons on Tuesday at the request of the British Lung Foundation I will certainly ask questions there as I wonder if we are receiving these brands into the UK.

We have to keep this in the News


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