Living With Mesothelioma- My Diary-I Will be attending British Lung Foundations 30th Anniversary in The House of Commons Tomorrow, Louis Found a Fox -Video of alll the photos,

Today has been so cold and damp at times, such a huge difference to the weekend.

I had to catch up on all the washing, we seem to make more when away as we change so may times but it was soon done and dried and back hanging again ready for a busy week.

I have been catching up in the Den and on the computer. So many new mesowarriors getting in touch. i have to friend them to add them into the safety of all the secret groups we have. That’s why I know we are nowhere near a level field yet. The graph is still climbing as more people are being diagnosed. Welcome though and I hope you are reading my blog and that I give you hope.

They have all been given 3 months to a year. I wish they would stop doing that we are all different and are walking our own pathway through this journey.

Parcel Force delivered my meat order so the freezer is full again and all I have to do is buy vegetables and cook different diners.

Then we settled down and chatted to our Mesowarriors and shred photos of the weekend. Everyone had a great weekend.

We took Louise out and for his walk and as we walked around he made a run up to something laying in the grass. He nudging at it and we could see it was poor fox who had been hit in the nearby road and had made it under a gate into where we walk on a bridle path. I’m so pleased Louis came away when we called. and yet amazed that he had nudge it to wake up and was looking so confused that it still lay there.

Poor little thing never to run in the fields again

Image result for picture of a fox

I hope they don’t make it legal to hunt these wonderful creatures, with the hounds. It is a cruel sport, even with just 2 hounds it isn’t right.

So we were home again and I was cooking dinner and the day is nearly finished.

Ray has put the photos together in a video

Tomorrow is a big day. I have been invited by the British Lung Foundation to attend their 30th year anniversary of the BLF’s Fight against Lung Disease and the Launch of exciting new research mapping respiratory health of the nation.

At the moment I don’t know what this will entail but I will report back tomorrow night.

I love the way they have used me and my story of Mesothelioma so many times. i love helping them and we work together very well.

Mavis Nye living with mesothelioma


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