Living With Mesothelioma-My Diary- A quieter day at last. Working and Planning

A very dull day to wake up to. But we are chilling as we have had a very busy week and I must allow my drug some time to do its work. It’s a very common thing among the Mesowarriors not to slow down after the day of treatment but I always feel we should as the drug or chemo goes around the body and does its work. Then there is shrinkage going on and I sometimes hold my breath and concentrate with my mind willing the cancer to shrink. Mind of matter is a very powerful thing.

I think I have enough strength in my mind to make things rise up and then fly across the room, wiggle my nose like Tabitha.

Another busy but a great day of sorting things out. More in my head than on the computer. I have had such a busy time and loads of travelling you really do need to sit back and work out where it’s all leading to.

Maybe you shouldn’t think but just go with the flow but my flow keeps swirling off to a different direction and I just don’t know where it is leading to.

Someone has suggested  and asked for my help in a direction that I had never thought off. He has a mission and I’m listening and realise that he is right he has a cause that I do want to join and we will reveal all when he has written it all up. I have seen the draft and I like what I see.

Im being carried along by a very handsome young man so I can’t fail to follow. But that’s the best bit the young people are very passionate about Asbestos and Mesothelioma. I feel the future is good and changes will happen.

I know Im being naughty but its a case of “watch this space”

According to the World Health Organization, 125 million people around the world are exposed to absestos and more than 100,000 die from exposure annually. What impact does asbestos have in the US today? Let’s look at two factors. First, it is still legal to import and use in the US, although the amount has gone down significantly due to regulation and litigation. Most asbestos exposure occurs when the material is disturbed during construction work in buildings, causing fibers to become airborne and inhaled — a particularly dramatic example of this happened after the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001. Second, most people may not even know that exposure in the first place — and because of that reason, it’s particularly difficult to tally of how many people in the United States actually die from asbestos exposure.

Correlating cancers to causes is a matter of estimating terms of what the US government reports, the CDC recorded an average of 2,500 American deaths a year due to malignant mesothelioma, a cancer linked to asbestos exposure, between 1999 to 2005 — and predicted that deaths would peak in 2010.

 However, some critics claim the CDC leaves out other types of lung cancers potentially caused by asbestos. The Environmental Working Group Action Fund, an advocacy group, claims that annual deaths are significantly higher — anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 per year between 1999 and 2013 — by applying an alternative method that extrapolates lung cancer rates caused by exposure; EWG’s data is not peer-reviewed, though, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s difficult to determine how many Americans die from exposure — whether 2,500 a year or 15,000 — without having a better way to track it, something not even the government is great at. In 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general found the agency had threatened human health by exposing workers to asbestos during a study. Ironically, the study was examining safe alternative methods of asbestos removal.

Im a bit worried about that report. Are they truly saying that we can’t believe what we are being told. I feel the BLF’s figures are the correct ones and they have done a great job with their report. it’s about time the truth was told to us.

Some of the waste illegally dumped near the United Downs Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Read more:
This has to stop as it is so dangerous to humans passing by but also to animals as its now known Dogs are suffering with Mesothelioma. what are we doing to our planet. Please the Councils should make it free to safely dispose of Asbestos. This has to be a small builder who doesn’t want to pay the fee and so a bigger cost is of people’s health. Dont they ever learn — prevention is the cure.

On 24 June 2015 the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the Committee of the Regions (CoR) called upon the European Commission and EU Member States to establish registers of buildings containing asbestos and to devise action plans for safe asbestos removal.

The Opinion was adopted following the conference ‘Freeing Europe safely from asbestos’ organized by the EU bodies in partnership with the European Federation of Building and Wood Workers (EFBWW) and the employers’ organization European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC).

‘From social housing to Royal housing, no property and person is immune (…) Children and teachers in schools, DIY enthusiasts and maintenance workers are among the new risk groups joining the long list of workers and members of the public increasingly at risk from asbestos-infested buildings across Europe’, states the EESC.

In its press release, the EU institution echoed the comments made by an expert at the conference who estimated that the total number of asbestos-related deaths in Europe could peak at 47,000 per year, 50% higher than previously believed and double

the number of deaths caused by road accidents.


Developers warned about asbestos after Osborne announces revamp of brownfield planning rules

For many developers the risks associated with asbestos in soil can sometimes be overlooked or underestimated at the desk top stage and consequently asbestos is commonly identified during ground works or after redevelopment. The consequences of not suitably reviewing, risk assessing and characterising a site for Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) cannot only significantly increase a project’s duration and cost, but also risk exposure to site workers and local residents. This can lead to RIDDOR reports/ HSE involvement, as well as possible criminal prosecution and civil claims.

Now that is such a worry. I thought everyone would be aware of the risk and deal with it and yet this report suggest that some are taking a risk. when you look at just how much demolition has been carried out it is worrying if there is asbestos in the ground. Some one digging a new garden on a new housing estate could be taking such a nasty risk just doing a relaxing job of digging his garden

Rays Blog

Well I didnt get to do a post yesterday. It was Marsden day. Although Marsden days have become routine now I must not get complacent. We appreciate every appointment. Its still frightening when each mesowarrior is removed from a trial and told sorry no more treatment. But yesterday was tiring it was on top of Tuesdays hectic day in London. The underground was packed. [ 109 more words. ]


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