Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- I have been to a Google Hangout on Immunotherapy

I was able to join in a Google hangout today Run By cancer Research.

I love the word Hangout as thats what I did in my youth. Friends would hang out and we would discuss the topics of the day. Teddy Boys, Make Up, etc etc.

Anyway this was great and I joined in at 4pm after we had taken Louis out in the field. It had rained and yet it was so dry out there. Still huge cracks in the dry ground.

I had an email informing me –At 4pm this afternoon, we’ll be talking cancer immunotherapy live with two leading experts, Professor Frances Balkwill and Professor Ben Wilcox, in a Google Hangout! Join us to find out, among other things, what the immune system has to do with cancer, what exactly immunotherapy is and is it hope or hype?

It was excellent as you can see. It explained so much that I hope the Mesowarriors have watched and understood just what is going on now.

The shocking video that will outrage Australian families.

A Current Affair have obtained dramatic footage that shows asbestos being dumped without any safety controls.

Lou had put this on her Facebook as it was a programme they showed in Australia. I don’t know how long it will be available but I’m sure there will be newspapers writing the story. How can they carry on like this. Why is there such disregard for people’s lives, even their own. This goes on in so many places around the world and I praise the people there for taking the video of the event. well done we need a few more whistle blowers like this.

Why is asbestos still killing people? Nic Fleming finds out in a twisting tale of industry cover-ups and misinformation that spans decades.

This was written in March but I saw it today

The description made me shudder — Ordinarily there would be bright yellow tape with the words “WARNING asbestos” on it, the site supervisor tells me. But this is an especially sensitive job. The neighbouring ward’s beds are filled by patients with acute respiratory conditions, and the hospital’s management decided that advertising the true nature of the work might cause alarm.–

How can they do this to people. The whole article is very well written please have a read we need to know the truth.

Winston Bish at home with his dog

It has also the story of

Winston Bish at his Cambridgeshire home with his daughter’s dog, Toby.

William though, is much more concerned that others are informed of the dangers, so they do not end up in his shoes, than with blaming anyone for his condition. “I just hope that people are made more aware of the problems linked to asbestos. It’s still there in schools, offices and housing, and anyone who does DIY can come into contact with it. It can lay dormant for 40 to 50 years, and there’s no cure.”

“I enjoyed working in the building industry – very much so – but if I’d known the risks back then I wouldn’t have gone into it,” he says. “I realise now it was like playing Russian roulette. Some take the bullet, others don’t. I was one of the unlucky ones.”

CC-BY: Ben Gilbert/Wellcome Images

It shouldn’t be like this, all the lessons should have been learnt but Given that asbestos could be present in any building refurbished or built before 2000 in the UK – homes, hospitals, schools, offices – it’s likely that the specialist removal companies will be busy for years to come. So too will be the clinics and hospitals dealing with the human casualties of the appalling legacy of a mineral called asbestos.

Rays Blog

We had planned to go away for the weekend. But it’s drizzling here with expected heavy rain later. So another week at home. Tom Tom Update. A response tells me that If I want a refund I can have it. However the recent purchased update is not yet installed because my existing one is still active for a few more days. [ 126 more words. ]


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