Living With Mesothelioma -My Story- A Day of Drug and Chaos

I had such a bad day yesterday. I felts so sick and kept sleeping through the day at the Marsden.

It all went normal for the journey (which was a good one) we arrived and a little voice from the kitchen said Go in Mavis i will book you in. I couldn’t see who it was and then saw Carol as I got back to the kitchen. Making her first Tea of the morning

I went back to the waiting room, where other patients started arriving.

We wasn’t there long, when I got called in for my bloods. Ray was fast asleep so I left him there.

Everyone was their cheery self, I was soon done and back to the waiting room. I saw the Doctor and everything was good.

I gradually felt sicker and sicker that by the time we went for something to eat I just couldn’t eat or drink.

I was so cold, although everyone was moaning it was cold as all the windows were open.

Back at the waiting room I asked Ray what I should do, so he went and told Lorraine who immediately got the Doctor. He wrote a prescription for something to go through my PIC line.

Carol put the warming pad on and a blanket and I did warm up. I kept drifting off to sleep. My temperature was still up and blood pressure up so they waited an hour for it to level off.

I was finally allowed the drug. I just didn’t want to waste such an expensive drug.

We were finally allowed to go home it was still only 3pm.

(An observation– sitting there watching the nurses this department is far to small. Trying to get all the equipment to each patient is a nightmare for them to maneuver around in, Ray had to get up to move the drug station in and out.

Image result for picture chemo machine

Trying to drag equipment around they really do need a larger room. This is such important work they do need the space to carry it out in.

Anyway off to home and then chaos. Operation stack was in place as the tunnel was bombarded by so many migrants running into the tunnel at the French end.

This has to be sorted. I was fuming as we sat at J5 amongst huge Lorries and the traffic was at a standstill.

I had made Ray get out into the wrong lane. people were getting out of the vehicles it was just awful.

Then a man came from the lorry in front and started signalling for it to back back.

He was foreign so he hadn’t explained why????????

Ray bibbed on the horn as we had no way of going back.

He laughed as I screamed no no !!!

It seem s a woman was running down the line of 3 lanes getting people to back so she could get through and get off at J5.

Goodness you can see why people get killed. Motor Bikes were squeezing through she could have got hit at anytime.

We moved forward a bit so a huge lorry tried to move over to our lane which held the traffic so ray moved over to get out at J6 but we found the road clear. it turned out there was a lorry broke down in front of us. Why don’t they tell you through the radio at times like this. We were being told everything was just slow moving, — It was stopped.

We sailed through from then on but we had been in operation stack from J5 to J13.

DSCF9843 - Copy DSCF9844 - Copy DSCF9845 - Copy DSCF9847 DSCF9848

When we came off at our junction there was a accident. This is chaos and it must be sorted,we only travel every 2 weeks these people are doing it everyday.

Today the papers make the story clearer

About 2,000 migrants attempted to storm the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais, causing severe delays to cross-Channel rail services and gridlock on UK roads, it has been revealed.

.The migrants’ attempts to enter the UK forced the tunnel operator to close the terminal early on Tuesday morning, disrupting rail services for up to an hour and having a knock-on effect on road tailbacks in Kent, Eurotunnel said.

We are not amused –In the words of Queen Victoria.

I made an omelet and that was it I went to bed 7pm exhausted and I slept through to 5am when the Seagulls were squawking.  That’s another story.

Rays Blog

Long ole day . mavis woke me up at 4 am. Wake up wake up she was pushing me. Weve overslept she said. What? . Its 4 am we have another 45 mins yet. But we were awake now so up we got. I was up earlier at just past midnight I felt really sick. And chronic indigestion. So I didn’t sleep much anyway. [ 437 more words. ]


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