A Mesowarriors Diary -Living With Mesothelioma- A long Day at the Marsden But I have Passive continuation on MK3475 trial

It was a very wet journey to The Marsden today. We did make good time even if the M25 was a stop go situation.

We arrived and I had my usual coffee as I like to think that is why Im getting good readings for my Kidney and pumping up my hydration.

On arriving everyone said Good morning and I then went to the waiting room.

Others came in and booked in and we all chatted as we were all called in together for the Dracula’s blood taking.8.30am

Lorraine the nurse got me an earlier scan so i was able to go straight away and had the scan at 10.30am

Oh I wish it was this smart a machine as I had to go on the old one. It rattles and shakes and the little man said “Breath in” and 15 seconds later ” Breath out ” When you have a bad Lung that is a long hold.

But once over we went back and saw the Doctor.

He was well pleased with all my bloods but we had a long chat about The side effect this drug causes after prolonged use. Constipation. It has almost come to a stand still and we went through my pain killers. The Codeine are the worse ones for the problem as the Doctor explained they are used to slow things up when you have had a colostomy.

So I have agreed that as I really use paracetamol and codeine as a way to get sleep at night. I will have a try but at least it will give my body a rest.

We went off then for a coffee and cake and buy the paper and a magazine.

Oh boy we waited for my drug. i fell asleep and and woke up feeling so sick. Oh no not a repeat of last time I thought. Ray was asleep and I got up and blacked out so I held onto a wall and got to the loo.

Well my bowels moved then. ha ha !!! Boy I felt better as i sat down with Ray again.

2.30pm the Doctor called me in and said he has my results of my scan.

He was so pleased that it showed – Passive continuation. Get measurements in 2 weeks but love the smiles everyone has.

I waited for longer and my drug was ready. Wow what do they do in the Pharmacy Dept. it does need sorting as another 4 patients were also having to wait so long.

But I don’t really complain as it is a busy hospital and everyone is working flat-out.

Oak Ward is the largest oncology phase 1 clinical trials unit in Europe. It is a busy and exciting unit where we deliver high quality nursing care to patients with advanced cancer who are receiving first-in-man clinical trials. Oak Ward is made up of an inpatient ward, a day unit and an outpatient clinic, and is part of The Royal Marsden’s Drug Development Unit (DDU).

The Oak Ward vision is to “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourselves”.

Inpatient ward

The inpatient ward has 10 beds in two single-sex bays of four beds each and two single rooms for patients who require isolation for medical reasons. The day shift runs from 8am to 8.30pm and the night shift from 8pm to 8.30am. Both include a detailed patient handover.

Read more about inpatient care and discharge.

Day unit

The day unit contains five treatment chairs and is where a number of different clinics are held:

  • The screening clinic is to ensure you fulfil all the criteria for the clinical trial you are due to take part in.
  • The follow-up clinic is a general review by nurses and doctors to make sure that it is safe for you to continue with your clinical trial.

Day care runs from 8am to 6pm. If your day care treatment goes beyond 6pm the nurses on the ward will look after you until your treatment finishes then discharge you to go home.

Well I was able to sneak out at 4pm but that meant we didn’t get home until after 6pm. It is a long day but it is for a special reason.

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