A Diary Of a Mesowarrior -Living With Mesotheleoma A Wet Wednesday Asbestos Surveys for Householders ?

Not much sleep as I left all my pain killers off but it is a bit silly as I didn’t realise that I still had pain to kill. Oh yes I do. The whole of the left hand side top of mt arms down the back to the shoulder blades. A burning pain that is under my arm as well and then down the rib cage. Back on the paracetamol at least tonight. But my system is back to normal so at least the bowel stoppage is no more.

Its been a wet chilly day but we did get out with the dog. Not may people were at the park. The usual dog walker was there with his van and all the dogs he walks for people who are at work.

School Bus


This is the walk we do with Louis and we meet the dog walkers. They are a friendly lot.

We came back and relaxed with a cuppa as we do notice that on the Wednesday after Marsden we are shattered. You not realise how stressful the day is.

But we will recover in the next 2 weeks.

My dear friend Yvonne has had her Dad work out the percentages from the scan I had in May -It makes great reading so I will ask him to do the New readings when i get them in 2 weeks.

Yvonne said — I asked my Dad to work out the percentages for you. Here goes: 43 mm to 17 mm equals a 60% reduction; likewise 32 mm to 5 = 84%; 22 mm to 0 = 100%; 27 mm to 0 = 100%; 76 to 30 = 60,5 %. Average: 81%. WOW thats some shrinkage and we now have more xx

I know this could be seen as me advertising but I wanted to show that at last Asbestos Removal companies are really talking my talk.

I would love to see houses surveyed if only to identify where the asbestos is in a property. Not to set up panic but to be sensible and to know where it is and is it undamaged. Some people are ignorant about Asbestos and that needs to change.so Thinking of buying or selling a house?

If you have come across the word ASBESTOS in the building surveyor’s report for your property – don’t panic – asbestos is only hazardous if the fibres are disturbed. Based on the type of asbestos material present, we will determine which removal process has to be undertaken. The process depends on whether the materials to be dealt with are Notifiable or Non-Notifiable (see below).

Identification and sampling

A visual inspection by one of our qualified surveyors can advise on what asbestos materials may be present. However, a sample of the suspect material must be taken if we feel that the asbestos may be class as Notifiable. A sample analysis certificate will be issued showing the type of asbestos present, and which steps need to be taken.

How much will asbestos removal cost?

If the materials found are Notifiable, the removal costs tend to be higher depending on the amount of asbestos present.

A full site setup is required, including the erection of polythene/timber safety enclosures. On completion, independent analysts are brought in to check the air quality of the enclosure, sealed containers for waste have to be located on site.

The external costs relevant to the job can make the process more costly.

The removal of Non-Notifiable materials does not need the involved setup process and air monitoring at the end of the job. Such contracts tend to be quicker and less expensive.

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One thought on “A Diary Of a Mesowarrior -Living With Mesotheleoma A Wet Wednesday Asbestos Surveys for Householders ?

  1. Mavis you made my day. Explaining your pain and the coping skill ,needs to be put out there more. Im a dog lover. Wishing and praying for you to find happiness daily.

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