A Mesowarriors Diary -Living With Mesothelioma. Drug Day 32 Mk3475, Computers washed out and Fairy Penguins

I had a great sleep last night and actually woke up with the alarm ringing away. yes drug day was here again.

The journey was really great as the traffic moved all the way. just a couple of slow downs but we arrived 7.30 am so we sat with a coffee and woke up.

When we got to the Oak Ward I just knew something was wrong as the sister came out and was telling me about the fact all the computers had gone down in the 2 Marsden hospitals.Water had got into the electric boxes as it had rained so hard yesterday.

They were having to go back to pen and paper for everything.

My bloods were taken and I saw my Greek God of a doctor. He is so sweet and we went through how better I was getting. My Muscles have got stronger and I’m so pleased with a recovery of my legs. The skin is recovering and I havent worn support socks.

I told him I stopped Codeine but back on Paracetamol as I realise I have chest pain and he was happy with that.

In fact he was happy with me.

He couldn’t give me my scan results as the computers were still off.

Off we went for another coffee and then back again to sit and read and chat. 12  the sister woke me to tell me she had to redo a blood test as one had clotted.

That done we went waited in the waiting room but at 2.30pm Carol said the drug will be ready at 3.30pm Oh dear! back to the restaurant to get a roll and a yoghurt as we were getting hungry.


We found the new statue the Angel. i dont know the story behind it but maybe a family of a patient has donated this lovely statue.

The drug was ready at 3.20pm and I was sat down and plugged in and then it was all finished by 4.05 pm.

The Doctor had come in and I asked if you would ask the nurse to print off my results. I really don’t think they are used to a patient so interested in all the details like I am.

When it was printed off I was a little disappointed. After a 81% shrinkage I had a  Stable Appearance. All the marker tumours are the same size and yet Para-mediastinal pleural deposit after 27mm at the beginning of the trial was not Identified –that is now 3 that have done that. Shrunk, gone away.

So I go on with my trial  10mg/kg of pembrolizumab every 2 weeks.

I got home to a mountain of Birthday cards which really cheered me up and A sweet card from Lou in Australia introduced me to Fairy Penguins. I had never heard of them and searched in Google and found a lovely video.


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