Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma. August Bank Holiday is a Wash Out.

Oh dear it just hasnt been a good Bank Holiday weather wise.

We didnt go away so Friday we washed walls with sugar soap and all the paint work. Washed ceilings with  a mop and it worked. then out came the paint pot and we have decorated again.

So yesterday I had a lovely day working in the garden cutting back all the summer growth and taking it down in a wheelie bin to the skip. Working together we managed this.

Thought I would get up today and finish but there was a storm all night and then a new storm this morning. Its not the thunder and lightening that worries me its the heavy rain. So monsoon as it beats down and floods everywhere so fast.

Huge puddles are left on the roads that are prayed up like a wall of water as the cars pass through them.

Image result for bank holiday rain whitstable

We went shopping and to walk Louis. The car park was full as everyone must be so bored they thought it would be a good ides to go shopping. So many bored children crammed the isles. I just grabbed some cheese and rolls and was pleased to get back out into the quiet fresh air.Ray had walked Louis so that was OK.

People had been brave and visited Whitstable but nowhere near as many as usual. Business has suffered again.

I had a call from Holland and a  Mesowarrior has told me he is going on a trial of immunotherapy if he is suitable not Keytruda But another drug –Great to hear this as drugs are being used around the world and gradually becoming available.

The World's Fastest Indian (2005) Poster

Just watching The worlds fastest Indian made 2005 and they talk about Asbestos Material I have to allow it as the story is about 1920’s
His bike runs to hot so they used asbestos cloth. We forget how Asbestos did save the lives of so many riders in the Motorbike and Motorcar racing world.

Textile Garments

Asbestos in Textile Garments and Other Safety Equipment

One of the properties of asbestos that made it so useful is the fact that it consisted of fibers which, like those of cotton, jute and even polyester, can be woven into fabrics – with the additional advantage of natural fire resistance. Fire blankets made from asbestos fabric were once a common piece of safety equipment used by fire fighters, the military, racing pit crews and industries in which workers ran the risk of burn injuries. Asbestos canvas was used to wrap boilers and steam pipes. Protective fire suits and headgear worn by firefighters, racing drivers and petroleum industry workers were lined with asbestos, as were the protective gloves and aprons used around blast furnaces in steel mills.

Burn injuries are extremely painful and debilitating, and there is little doubt that asbestos textiles and fabrics have saved thousands of people from suffering. Unfortunately the it was later learned that asbestos exposure led to mesothelioma, an incurable form of asbestos cancer that has affected hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

Textile garments woven from asbestos fabric were in wide use from the late 19th century through the late 1970s in a wide variety of occupations and industrial and military workplaces. They were manufactured by literally hundreds of makers and labels.

Hazards Associated with Textile Garment Products

New, unused asbestos textile garments did not pose any particular asbestos risk to the people who wore them, although textile operators were certainly at risk as they worked the mills and looms to weave large quantities of asbestos into fabric. When asbestos-based textile garments were damaged or became worn with age and use, however, the asbestos fibers in the cloth would begin to degrade and would become so fragile and delicate that they could crumble at a mere touch. Garments in that condition had the potential to release a steady stream of asbestos particles when they were worn or moved, and those fibers would have posed a major health risk to the people wearing the garments as well as anyone in the vicinity. Inhalation of asbestos fibers has been conclusively linked to the development of an asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma.
Link: http://www.mesothelioma.com/asbestos-exposure/products/textile-garments/#ixzz3kPFkTy00


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