A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma– Faversham Hopping Festival,The old Argument about White Asbestos,Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse

We are having very cold weather at times. Sept can be nice but we used to have what we called hoping mornings. Chilly and heavy dew.

Called hopping mornings as here in Kent we used to have field after field of hops. Women used to earn money by stripping the vines of hops

My mum did it for a couple of years and she took my brother and I in our summer holiday.

We used to have fun but I was disgusted that there were no loo’s

It seemed to be long sunny hot days and happy times.

We had to go back to school in September so we were left to our next door neighbour Mrs Rhodes who had a cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth with the long ash waiting to fall off into the vegetables she was peeling. Lucky enough we went to school so we were only in her house for a couple of hours. I don’t think I ever ate any ash.

Im afraid this idealistic world came to an end when they bought mechanical picking in and so people were not wanted any more.

It was Faversham Hop Festival this weekend and although Saturday was cold today has been lovely.and they have had crowds visiting.

With over 50 bands, dance acts, fairground, street parades and performances, circus workshops, punch and Judy shows, magic shows and nearly 60 trading stalls in the streets, we hope you felt you had value for your money.

All profits from our online merchandise goes into running the festival, so please take a moment to browse the shop for gifts and mementoes available all year round.


I can’t believe that Christopher Booker is still reporting that White asbestos is not dangerous. The man  is very stubborn and keeps misleading the public.

I know it is dangerous as Ray worked with white in Chatham dockyard I have found this —

Chatham Dockyards, Chatham and Gillingham, Medway

Foremost among the asbestos offenders in the Medway Towns of course the dockyards in Chatham and Gillingham. Here the more hazardous “brown” (often greyish) or even the deadly “blue” asbestos were used, as well as the more common “white” asbestos. The tradesmen exposed to asbestos at the dockyards included of course the laggers of asbestos insulation around the pipes, cables, boilers and engines, etc. of ships and submarines. But many other trades working inside these vessels at the Chatham Dockyards were also heavily exposed to the asbestos, including engine fitters, ships’ fitters, electricians and many others. Often it was at times when asbestos lagging was being stripped, eg as part of a re-fit, that the asbestos exposure was at its highest.

British Uralite factory, Higham, Medway

However, exposure to asbestos in the Medway Towns extended well beyond Chatham Dockyards. Indeed on the borders of the Medway Towns in Higham for many years British Urlaite even had an “asbestos-making” factory, making from raw asbestos a number of asbestos-based products, such as chimney pots and pipes.http://www.brachers.co.uk/knowledge-hub/articles/asbestos-and-the-medway-towns

HSE had printed this to show how

HSE confirms white asbestos remains a threat

HSE Press Release E010:02 – 5 February 2002

HSE has today confirmed that white asbestos (chrysotile) is a major health hazard.

All asbestos can cause cancer and the vast bulk of scientific evidence in the UK and abroad regards the risk from white asbestos as proven.

There is evidence that the risks from this substance are less than more potent carcinogens such as blue and brown asbestos, known as crocidolite and amosite. But it still carries a risk and for that reason white asbestos will be included in the new rules due to come into force later this year. These require those responsible for commercial buildings to manage any asbestos in the premises.

HSE estimates that up to 4,000 lives could be lost over future years unless steps are taken now to manage the risks from the asbestos present in commercial buildings. Not only would any exemption given to white asbestos would be unjustifiable scientifically, it would also make the challenging task of assessing and managing the risks from asbestos almost impossible.

Many building products contain a mixture of the three different types of asbestos. For this reason the existing regulations for asbestos in the workplace require that where the type of fibre cannot be identified, it must be assumed that the more hazardous forms of asbestos are present. http://www.hse.gov.uk/press/2002/e02010.htm

Further advice on asbestos in buildings is contained in the free HSE leaflet ‘Managing Asbestos in Premises’.

Building maintenance workers might be exposed to an estimated average of 0.1 fibres per millilitre of white asbestos over a working life which would create a risk equivalent to one death in 5,000 workers. But there is considerable uncertainty in this estimate which could be lower or, under a more cautious reading of the evidence, could be significantly higher, perhaps as high as one in 750.

HSE’s John Thompson, said:

” The scientific evidence does not provide us with an easy answer to the question of just how dangerous chrysotile – white asbestos – really is. Our belief, based on the best available scientific evidence, is that the risk is real, and we must act accordingly.”

The technical arguments supporting HSE opinion on white asbestos are set out in a position paper attached to this notice.

I wish we could put that one to bed and stop wasting time.

We should all be singing from the same hymn sheet

asbestos ceiling 1asbestos

Asbestos kills what ever colour.

I had e a lovely parcel of Goodies from a friend US I thanked her for the Tile and sweets and biscuits and she said

“I wanted to give you a glimpse into North Carolina” I shall remember that when I look at the tile everyday as i loved it.

http://www.townofmanteo.com/ http://www.outerbanks.com/roanoke-marshes-lighthouse.html

Modeled after a late 1800s screw-pile lighthouse, the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse is open year round and located in downtown Manteo on the Waterfront. Wander the scenic finger dock to the Lighthouse, which houses a history of the light as well as changing exhibits including topics such as early boatbuilding and the Civil War battle on Roanoke Island.

The lighthouse was one of many that dotted the sounds back in the 1800s and helped guide waterman through local waters

There have been three prior Roanoke Marshes lights. The current light is an exterior reconstruction of the square cottage-style screwpile lighthouse, which stood at the southern entrance to Croatan Sound near Wanchese in what was called Roanoke Marshes. It was decommissioned in 1955 and lost in the sound during an attempt to move it to private property.

The lens is a 4th order Fresnel lens with a fixed, white light and is an active aid to navigation, guiding boats into Shallowbag Bay.

The Town of Manteo dedicated the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse on September 25, 2004.  It serves not only as a valuable piece of history and changing exhibition site, but also a scenic backdrop of wedding and prom photos and sunsets galore. Witness how its light glows upon the evening sound waters. It’s spectacular year round. ——————-so you can see i have learnt of a place that I never knew about. and how pretty it looks.

Ray has turned it into a Puzzle for Face Book and here is his blog.

This is a Tile that was sent to mavis this week. So now its been turned into Tomorrows Puzzle. I was up early today not because I had to . After my normal walk with louis I came back to more decorating. One of the walls I did yesterday looked patchy so I had to do it again. next it was off to the passageway where a couple of coats were in order. [ 95 more words. ]



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