A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma. How do we solve the problem of the NHS

Medway Maritime Hospital

So sad that Medway hospital has failed again —

A Kent hospital’s A&E unit is unable to cope with the number of patients arriving during busy periods and is putting them at risk, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has revealed.

Medway Maritime Hospital,in Gillingham, has been in special measures since July 2013 after it was rated inadequate.

The CQC said it would be considering whether to use “urgent powers”.

Its inspectors visited the hospital in August to follow up concerns identified in July 2014.


The guardian wrote 30th October 2014 “.So ingrained is the NHS as part of British life that it’s hard to imagine it disappearing. But it can’t go on as it is: its budget is being squeezed while its costs are rising and people are demanding more from it than ever. We want ongoing treatment for chronic conditions; exemplary care for our growing elderly population; the latest drugs; the highest standards of care across the country; and the NHS’s founding principles – the provision of universal care free at the point of use – to be adhered to.

As a patient rep, I have been involved with the inside story on the Cancer Network East Kent NHS the last 6 years.

I can see that budgets have been cut and targets have been pushed forward.

It takes money to make the NHS work. To be honest it shouldnt be run and funded by the Governments.as an ego trip or vote winner. Is there a solution to take this away from the NHS.

I have seen governments change and that means new systems bought in to the NHS,(the same as schools) that takes money as each government changes things the way they want to run it.

This should be taken out of the equation somehow.

A governing body of medical staff so they know the needs. I have seen Holby City type management.

Jeremy Hunt, the secretary of state for health, said :-

‘I think absolutely it is, and I’m aware that that’s a view that won’t be shared by everyone around this table. But I think in terms of the things that it remains, it’s the single reason why more people are proud to be British than any other … and what it is that they like about the NHS are the values that it represents and more than anything else the principle that no matter who you are, young or old, rich or poor, city or country, you can expect good care and treatment from the NHS, and I absolutely believe that we will have an NHS that delivers that for many generations to come and I would challenge anyone who disagreed with that because I think we can deliver that’

I think he is failing fast and he is being let down

A quote from a friend who is a CNS .is “Very frustrating have been qualified 20 years this month and it is the worse it has ever been. People are leaving as they have had enough and management is poor unfortunately”

Although Hunt was quoted as saying “that some people might not think the NHS is sustainable, that view was not given voice. But around the table it was accepted that the NHS, despite near-constant reorganisation, needs to see changes not to its management, but more transformational change to care provision.”

I think he is wrong.

As a patient I have had such wonderful care. Chemotherapy is the pits but they got me through 4 lines of Chemo. I have been given time to talk and explain all my worries. The CNS was always there for me and making sure I understood what was going to happen.

Appointments to London Hospitals for operations and more specialised treatment.

I always wanted a national database on trials and we have now got that. We have had new drug trials this year but there is so much talking and proving so many meetings to prove to the management that they are meeting targets and budgets. I sometimes wonder where the medical staff get time to treat the patients.

“But the biggest innovation, the secretary of state said, ‘would be to have a system in which the patient would be the strongest voice in decisions about their care’. And perhaps if patients feel in charge of their care the NHS can help them be healthier throughout their lives.

The emphasis should be on patients and not targets.But the Doctors and nurses should have the squeeze taken off. It needs to go back and hand over the running of the hospital to the Doctors and Nurses. Give them back the responsibility of the job.


There is a huge problem with A&E in all the East Kent Hospitals.  We need more walk in Centres like our Local Minor injury unit.

I talked about Rays treatment over the weekend and that opened my eyes to the great job such a unit is doing.

Every patients was assessed as they came in  everyone was a genuine. emergency.

Why then do people arrive at a hospital A&E with really silly problems. Maybe when the GP is open 7days a week that will solve the problem

The goal of seven-day routine GP opening in England is unachievable in this Parliament and risks destabilising care, the Royal College of GPs says.

Ministers have promised that by 2020, people will have access to GPs seven days a week – and have pledged 5,000 extra doctors to help achieve that..

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he is “absolutely focused” on making seven-day GP opening happen.

At the start of the summer, he reiterated the commitment made in the Conservative manifesto to recruit 5,000 extra GPs, while setting out what he said was a “new deal” for the profession.

It included promises to look at making it easier to return to the profession or work part-time as well as floating the idea of financial incentives to encourage doctors to work in areas where there were shortages. Talks with the British Medical Association are due to get under way later in the autumn.

Mr Hunt said: “We just have to recognise that it’s not just about convenience, people don’t just get ill Monday to Friday, they get ill every day of the week. Our health is the most important thing for each and every one of us.”

Now reading this I’m beginning to see this could really work. We are in fact going back to a system of Cottage hospitals with these medical centres. We can go there for all the simple cuts and breakages and minor accidents, leaving hospitals freer for the more difficult illnesses, and Accidents.


Change is Possible but lets give back to the Surgeons, Doctors and Staff of hospitals, Respect and Reward for the great service they provide to us.



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