A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma. The wedding of Two Meowarriors C&CC come camping in an old Asbestos Site, Photos of asbestos Items

A day of being here for people who are so desperate with their illness. So many want help so I advise and give my opinion but I always say talk to you oncologist.I have had 6.5 years experience of it now I think we Mesowarriors are the experts at just what its like to be diagnosed and the journey in front of these wonderful people who have found themselves on the pathway.

We understand the pain and suffering of the patient and the carer.

And I have another warrior coming to the Marsden. We will be able to have our own club meeting soon as we are growing.

Mind you I can see this Carer trying to pinch my Greek God and my Australian Skippy —-I will have to kill her.ha ha !!!

We have to grow web feet soon to get around here in the UK. It’s not the fact it rains it’s the fact it buckets it down so heavy that it cleans the car wonderfully every-time, even the mud comes off from where we go to the park.


.We had just decided to go shopping and the dog was all happy about that but then the heavens opened.and flashes of lightning and the rain turned our road into a river.

We held up until it stopped. Off we went and Teco was flooding so I had to slosh through the water where there were no trolleys as no one wanted to go out to collect them, I don’t blame them.

There was a bitter-sweet story  of two Mesowarriors today http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Cancer-couple-halt-therapy-wedding/story-27813221-detail/story.html

Yeovil couple both suffering from cancer halt therapy for wedding

Mesowarriors Barrie Ackland and his partner Suzanne Bowditch, both 60, of Yeovil, said their vows at the Old Abbey, on Preston Road, after 22 years of engagement.

A couple both suffering from cancer put their chemotherapy on hold so they could fully enjoy their wedding day on Saturday.

A reception was held for friends and family afterwards at the Old Barn, on Old Barn Way.

Mr Ackland, who works at Valmiera Glass in Sherborne, was diagnosed with the terminal, asbestos-related disease mesothelioma on July 7, within days of his partner learning she had lung cancer.

We wish them happiness and congratulations to such a brave couple.

Another story that isn’t so nice is the fact that Caravan and Camping club are opening a site

Plans to turn asbestos site in West Yorkshire into caravan site face fierce opposition

Plans for a caravan site on a former asbestos site have caused concern amongst locals and MPs alike

Controversial plans for an old asbestos site to be turned into a certified caravan park in West Yorkshire, have caused concern among locals opposed to the idea.

According to reports, owners of the old Acre Mill asbestos site in Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, have applied to the Camping & Caravanning Club for it to become a certified site for up to five caravans and ten tents, with basic facilities for chemical waste and the disposal of waste.

Local Lib Dem councilor, Janet Battye, who is also opposed to the plans said: “I’m really surprised that there’s any possibility of this happening. Although it apparently doesn’t need planning permission, there may well be Environmental Health concerns about any use being made of this site other than for grazing.

“People are still suffering the effects of the asbestos works and it’s at least insensitive to make such a use of this site.”

Hundreds of people in Calderdale have reportedly died from asbestosis after being exposed to the deadly dust, mainly contracted after working at the mill, which was subsequently sealed off and demolished in 1979.

Battey continued: “I’m writing to the Camping and Caravanning Club urging them not to go ahead with this. I hope that Calderdale Council and the Parish Council share these views and will take similar action.” by Joe Jeffrey


I have emailed the C&CC as I’m a remember and we do camp. I know how children dig, fire pits are dug and Motorhomes churn up a field in the mud. Dogs dig and sniff and they do suffer with mesothelioma as well.Why would they risk such a thing.

They say it is will be a CL but rally fields are often on a CL site and if a holiday rally was run it would mean so many units would be on the field. It is hard to get all the asbestos from a huge site like this. If it was paved over and a new build on well maybe but not a camping site.

Please pass this link on to a teacher or a school

We are seeking information on the management of asbestos in schools and are requesting that one UNISON rep from each school complete this short survey. This is to establish a picture of how asbestos in schools is being managed. More than 75 per cent of Britain’s schools contain asbestos. Much of that is badly maintained, meaning that children and staff are exposed to this killer fibre. Over 140 school teachers have died from mesothelioma in the past ten years. An unknown number of cleaners, admin staff and caretakers have also died. The number of children who have died as a result of exposure to asbestos while at school is unknown but in the US it was estimated that for every teacher’s death nine children will die. That would mean that over 100 people die every year in the UK as a result of exposure when they were at school. Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, schools must maintain and regularly update an asbestos register with the location and condition of asbestos-containing materials in the school.


I get sent pictures from the men out there stripping asbestos or surveying and I was sent this one

one for you found today. They must have taken the fixings to use on the new tank Who was so desperate for 50p worth of brass they would risk breathing in some lovely ‪#‎asbestos‬
Utter foolstank in a roof space someone change the bung

Another one was a bigger shock to me as we had Marley tiles –we put them down in our house in 1969.

Red and white and the passage and kitchen looked so smart.

marley tiles 1

We had even knocked a wall down to make the kitchen bigger —Oh dear if only we had known the dangers.

The thing is we do know the dangers today so please don’t touch if you see the tell-tale white stuff in your house

Its raining so lets DIY ? Think call the experts if found

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