A Mesowarriors Diary and Living With Mesothelioma My Interview has been printed and Glasgow has a block of flats blowing up tomorrow

Dashing out this morning to get our flu jab at last. The sun was lovly though even if there was some sea mist.

An early morning swim

We were soon seen although they wanted me to have a blood pressure done . I explained I have it done ever time I go to The Marsden but they said they need it so I had to go and have it done. 173/70 so that was good.

We came back home and then the fun began

A Interview I did was published today http://centreforjournalismprojects.co.uk/theinformer/?p=933

Potential asbestos controversy as demolished bungalow in Grain could threaten public wellbeing

Asbestos house picture

Asbestos fears have been raised as a 100-year-old bungalow known as Rest Haven, has been demolished near St James’ Primary School on Green Lane, Isle of Grain.

Concerned local former asbestos worker who lives just behind the site in Grain, Jack Hope, 53, raised his concerns while walking past the site and filming the demolition:

“The exterior was not even tested or even considered. The school route for most kids flows right past the site and while the builders wore masks, they never considered anyone else.

“To say I am angry is an understatement but I will persist in getting these crooks who think it is ok to potentially infect children with a killer waste product prosecuted.”

Jack Hobbs picture

Mr Hope’s has since filed an FOI request in a hope to put his to gain access to the documents that would put his mind at rest but he says his initial inquiries were met with silence:

“The Health and Safety Executive and Medway council were both informed of the asbestos content and the school route but neither did a thing about it.

“Everyone involved is compliant in the possible infection of hundreds of residents and damning the children who walk this route on the way to school.

“If this building had been behind Gun Wharf it would have been treated with complete regulated respect, It appears once again Grain Village is not worthy of regulations that are written and there to protect us.”

Exposure to asbestos is highly dangerous. It takes just one fibre to enter your airways and to get stuck in your lungs or organs to cause a mutation of cells and cancer to grow.

Mr Hope’s experience while working with asbestos and own personal tragedy has led to his passionate concern:

“My Uncle recently died of asbestosis, my Aunt of lung disease and my two nans of cancer. Cancer is a horrid disease and anything that stops it including complete regulated control during asbestos removal must be followed.”

The potential effects of poor regulation of the site have lead concerned a former local to help Mr Hope.

Mavis Nye, 73, recently retired from Chatham to Whitstable and is a cancer patient suffering from strain of cancer mesothelioma.

She contracted the disease after washing her husbands asbestos riddled clothes after he finished work at Chatham Dockyard in the 1960’s. Mrs Nye was given three months to live at a diagnosis but is still battling over 6 years on:

“I feel there is a lack of education. It’s a case of ‘it won’t happen to me’. If they contracted my disease or lost an arm or a leg they could see you have to take care. Training companies do offer free education but so few take it up. It’s a shame.”

Mrs Nye has worked hard to bring the issue of asbestos related diseases to the forefront. And runs ‘Mesowarriors’ Facebook group that offers a forum for sufferers to discuss their issues and get advice and also campaigned against asbestos around the country:

“I was very involved with the fight for stopping an asbestos collection station in Lordswood, as it was right by residents houses and a nursery. My one real hate is Asbestos in schools, 81% of schools have asbestos in them and teachers are dying as a result, just as my dear friend did.”

“Younger people are getting Mesothelioma so exposure at school or during DIY is getting into younger lungs. It is not an old mans disease!”

Mrs Nye’s therapy on the Keytruda Trial has so far been a success with shrinkage on her tumours and three that have vanished In her view she believes the way we deal with asbestos needs to change and has called for cheaper removal prices needed to stop dangerous fly tipping and for school children to be educated as they were with smoking.

Both Medway council and the recent buyers of the property were unavailable for comment.

Then a friend sent me these pictures

These Glasgow tower flats will be blown up Sunday 11oct and they may contain Asbestos..Families are planning to take a ‘picnic’ to watch it…note how close other houses are and if the winds right North East England will cop the airborne Asbestos.. Chris Griffin (ards) is the man responsible for this job .. …No Asbestos Is Safe.

I have been investigating all day and it seems the Asbestos has been removed over many weeks but then this link was sent to me http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/workers-drop-asbestos-120ft-onto-1104980

Workers on the 12th floor of a block of flats dropped asbestos on to the grounds of a nursery school as children played outside.

Workers on the 12th floor of a block of flats dropped asbestos on to the grounds of a nursery school as children played outside.

And days earlier, a window was dropped from the same condemned tower block.

The accidents happened while workmen were dismantling Glasgow’s Red Row flats.

Furious city council bosses have reported the bungles to health and safety bosses.

A source said: “We’re lucky no children were seriously injured. There were dozens out playing when they saw these things come crashing down.

“A window was dropped from the ninth floor and crossed into the nursery grounds.

“Then the same thing happened on Monday, but with an asbestos sheet from 120ft up.

“The debris dropped on to a fence at the side of the nursery grounds where the soft-play area is. There’s a distance between the play area and the outside fence but you don’t know how far the debris could scatter – and it’s toxic material.”

Bonnybroom nursery have now banned children from playing at the side of the grounds near the high-rises.

Dundee firm Safedem are dismantling the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) flats ahead of demolition.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “We must have assurances from them that they will take any necessary action as the safety of children and staff is paramount.

“Until we are confident that these steps have been taken, nobody will have access to this area.”

Safedem said: “This unfortunate occurrence could not have been forseen and we deeply regret this incident.

“We have taken additional safety measures and continue to work closely with the nursery school, GHA and the Health and Safety Executive.”

Seems there has been many problems so what happens on Sunday when they demolish this building.

Will they make sure no rubble or dust has blown through this School. I do fear for the people around the site and the people watching but more for the people watching this great event.

Here are some videos to show you the dust and we all remember 9/11 so I pray they have taken all the Asbestos out and nobody will end up with mesothelioma in 40/50 years time.


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