A Diary Of a Mesowarrior living With Mesothelioma –The End of Red Road Flats and the End of Our Darling Vulcan Bomber

Well its Monday and I have spent the whole weekend with the people of Glasgow on Facebook and some of the men that worked on clearing the Asbestos in this gigantic job of clearing the Asbestos out Red Road Flats

So many people so worried that Asbestos hadn’t been removed and that the people who live there or were watching this event would be contaminated at the last demolition.

I read a fascinating history of the building which was built in the days we though Asbestos was a wonder material. Who wouldn’t be scared if a fire started in such a building.


1979 Asbestos fears raise health concerns

The Red Road buildings used asbestos throughout their construction, to the extent that even drilling holes into the walls to hang pictures was banned due to the risk of releasing asbestos fibres into the air.

Asbestosis, an inflammatory condition of lungs that can cause shortness of breath and coughing, eventually scars the lungs making it hard to breathe. Long-term inhalation of asbestos fibres also increases the risk of lung cancer.

Between 1979 and 1982 the buildings were fitted with coloured metal overcladding to cover the exterior asbestos walls, however, as it was integral to their structure, it could not be fully removed without the whole towers being demolished.

There were many Videos on face book afterwards but the best one to show the dust was
I cannot believe that they have opened a nursery today it is at the base of the flats –or was — I hope they have checked the dust and it washed everything.
Well that it the Demolition is over and all the bad reports of the Asbestos has fallen down with it. I bet the Contruction Company is relieved but I hope their Insurance is solid for 30/40 years down the line when Men that worked on the site and people around it start to get signs of Mesothelioma. We have had to deal with this for so long and we are supposed to reaching a peak about now but believe me we are nowhere near that point and after I have chatted to men who work with in the Asbestos stripping trade, we never will.

We did have a treat yesterday with the Vulcan coming over on her last flight. What a wonderful idea to fly her over Uk like that
Vulcan 2
We watched from our home but we should have gone down to the beach as he flew all along the beach to Whistable. We could hear it though. That wonderful sound of a brill Plane.
Louis hasn’t been well I truly believe it has something to do with the chews he loves. He has improved over night so he is on health watch and see what he is like after his little snooze. I think he will improve all the time if not he will get a visit to the vets this after noon.
Lets hope the week calms down now.
Rays Bog We set us today to take pictures of the Vulcan Bombers last fly by. 1.30 pm. But what it did it do it flew along the beach and very low level. We just couldnt see it. Oh well. We are a bit worried about louis. he is moping about walking very slow and being sick. He just stands and looks at you. [ 53 more words. ]



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