A Mesowarriors Diary Living With Mesothelioma -Goodnight to a Mesowarrior -Halloween- What Are They Dumping In Our Seas

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We have lost a dear mesowarrior today which is so sad. We are going through a tough spot as there have been deaths in Australia as well. It always seems to happen as we come up to Christmas.

I know it is sad what ever time people die but Christmas is a time for fun and families and we are sadder when it happens now. i think its because Christmas will never seem the same again for the families.

We also have some Mesowarriors doing it bad at the moment. several in hospital or in chemo. Now Steve is really becoming frail. He has always been travelling with me on this journey.

I don’t get to talk to him only if I have seen him at the Meso UK conference as it is Linda, his wife who writes the blog. Men don’t do they and yet it would be great to really know what was going through his mind.


Anyway this has been the first blog where I have had a glimpse of Steve’s thoughts and Linda wrote Steve started to say “I’m fine..” but then stopped himself and admitted that actually, he’s not feeling too great at the moment.  How do you respond to that, knowing that the cause of the problem is without a cure, and that hoping someone will get well soon is therefore not really an appropriate response in the circumstances?  –

Thats the problem there is no cure for Mesothelioma. Oh I know I have been so so lucky and Keytruda has been working but it isn’t a cure. I’m still terminal and I’m still in Palliative Care. and I have said to Linda “Many times I sit down to write a blog and really dont know what I will write, but they are the days I write a huge amount of my thoughts and I don’t really know where it has all come from. Like when you want to remember a name and then it falls into your head when you are dropping off to sleep. I understand that you say Oh I’m fine like when you go to the doctors and someone asks how you are and you automatic answer Oh I’m fine –so why are you at the docs ???”

Also My darling Tess did have Targets and we used to share them and giggle together. I used to visit her and did so just before she died, as I did Ronnie and I have visited many warriors in hospices but they have died just after one of my visits. It just gets so sad so very sad.

I have thrown myself into Halloween yesterday and watched the trick or treating, the streets were full of fun and laughter just a wonderful fun evening.Finished off with Fireworks

Halloween started off as a festival called ‘Samhain’, meaning summer’s end, and was celebrated by the Celts on November 1. It was believed that on this day, the veil between the dead and the living was at its thinnest.

Halloween grew in popularity in areas with Celtic heritage like Scotland where there was a romance attached to the many eerie stories of the holiday.

Trick-and-treating and carrying lanterns are seen as very American celebrations but they can be traced back to Scotland, specifically the poem ‘Halloween’ by Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Wiki says

Halloween, or Hallowe’en (/ˌhæləˈwiːn, -oʊˈiːn, ˌhɑːl-/; a contraction of All Hallows’ Evening), also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

So now we are in November so ray and I are on people’s walls on the Charity Calender we did


How did we ever get ourselves into that !!!

We haven’t down anything for this Christmas so we are planning for next year. one of our scatter brain plan’s helped by Angie our red-headed clown. Bless her.

Well now I go into a hard week. Keytruda on Tuesday and a conference on Thursday, which I have looked forward to for a long time now. I have all my new clothes ready and all the plans for travelling to Birmingham done.

So now just calm down and enjoy.

This is another meet up with Surveyors and Strippers the people at the fore front of cleaning our Asbestos from our world. Such a very important job and they must keep safe. I will blog all about it next Sunday as there are other surprises being planned by Ray ,my son and DIL They are not going to stop are they.

Heres is a shocking story of the day http://qz.com/534675/photos-new-york-city-sends-old-subway-cars-to-a-watery-grave-in-the-atlantic-ocean/


Can you understand why they would do this. Asbestos will be in the sea fish will feed and the asbestos will be carried anyway to the shore. Just what is being buried at sea for things to rust and poison our seas???

Between 2001 and 2011, New York City’s MTA had to dispose of approximately 2,500 old subway cars that had been replaced. And what better place to put them than the Atlantic Ocean?

Stephen Mallon, a New York based photographer, documented the final trip of dismissed New York subway cars from the MTA yard in Harlem to the coasts of Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, and Georgia, in his project Next Stop Atlantic.

In the past eight years, Mallon has documented the salvage of the US Air flight that emergency-landed in the Hudson River on Jan 15, 2009and explored Prelude, the world’s biggest ship. His body of work will be exhibited in November at the Mark Miller Gallery in New York City.

Arguably, however, his most spectacular work—and definitely the most surreal—is Next Stop Atlantic. Something about the images of subway cars being dumped into the ocean doesn’t quite add up, and seems more an art performance, a commentary on humanity abusing the planet, than something that really happened.

Well done for reporting this now STOP !!!

The MTA has stopped releasing carts to the bottom of the Atlantic in 2010, after concerns emerged about disposing of the asbestos contained in the cars—though Mallon told Quartz, the cars created no harm to the environment, in fact, they have been employed as tenements to a variety of fish.

“This is definitely one of the craziest [disposals] I’ve seen,” Mallon told Quartz.

Raymond Nye

Rays Blog —-was running about checking tv signals. For weeks now the Telly in the bedroom looses its signal. I thought first maybe the signal strength at night was lower. NO. Down to Bad weather NO Was the tv ok I know its not very old.NO. I checked the little blackbox outside. NO. I give up. A cuppa coffee later. Brainwave. The box in the back of the wardrobe.



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