A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living with Mesothelioma My Book 2 is Published today


A great day for Ray as he has at last published my Book 2. It has taken a lot of hard work and then as we published we had our great news of the MK3475 (Keytruda) that has produced such wonderful result. But in away that is a good thing as book 3 can be how I live without Mesothelioma. That sounds great doesn’t it. So much hope in front of us.

All the Proceeds go to Hazmat Pro Foundation  as Im the Patron, for Research of Mesothelioma Treatments

I now have to sort my body out. I need to build muscle as the strength has all gone and walking is a problem. I loose balance as I walk for to long. I have to stop and think about my central line to get back upright.

My hands still lock up and I drop glasses of drink over me. Company think I have a drink problem, which I do not.

Itching i back but that is the drug causing dry skin so I have to oil every day.

Wind is a naughty one but I have found out that is the rug and I thought it was from Chemo. So when I get all these sorted I will be better.

I went and had a fitting for new teeth today. That was something I so wanted to do but thought that if dying it was a waste of money. Well that’s ticked today.

I have been really throwing out and sorting the den so that I start my new life with less clutter.

My Neighbour came round today with a bottle of Bucks Fizz for me to celebrate that he to has been given the all clear and discharged from hospital. No more visits as he has been cancer free for 6 years. We had a long talk and were so happy for each others news. It is a huge relief and yet so unbelievable when they say Cancer has gone.

I have just got to believe it the  last 2 days. All my family and friends know now so we can sit back and have a great Christmas. Each year I have been thinking I had seen the last one now I have lots of Christmas spreading before me. I couldn’t sleep last night and I sat in the dark drinking a bottle of apple juice. Just thinking so many thoughts. Remembering my beautiful Mesowarriors that I have met and lost . So many dear friends

Image result for angels

I will carry-on doing all I do for the Mesowarriors I love it when i get them into treatment and trials and they begin a journey of hope. Today I had a message from a wonderful daughter whose Mum I have been helping she said —

THANKYOU for everything you have guided me to doing!! Mwah.xx

I look forward to her Mum being comfortable now as she has had so much pain.

I don’t do all this for the thanks but just for the treatment people get and need , my dear friends they suffer so much in the fight to live.

Its made me realise I should have gone into nursing all those years ago. I was in the right place as I went to Rochester Technical School and was in the same class as the future nurses. I chose Domestic Science for Diet and cooking and became a chef. A path I should have changed.

asbstos cart

I had to show you this one from Tony Rich (a facebook friend)  Date unknown although, based on a few details in the photo, one may estimate age to be approx. circa 1920-1930 ; location Ambler, PA.

Its even thought that the clothes they are wearing are made of asbestos. Just crazy crazy crazy !!!!!!!

Rays Blog

At last Ive published mavis`s second book all 320 pages of it. Its taken me over a year to edit it and get it to this stage. I have almost given up many times. If anyone is interested ,details available on our web.onestopmesothelioma.co.uk Its been priced at £5.99 Book 3 is on the burner. But with Mavis`s recent good news I will have to make a lot of changes. [ 58 more words. ]






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