A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma – Hazmat Pro’s Web Site has gone live


The link to my eBook  is now available https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/596094

It has really taken off and we are being asked to write and publish  book three, so  we will to talk  about the trial, only until I have finished in May 2016, the 2 years, I felt I shouldn’t really publish until Merk and the Royal Marsden are happy for me to do so. Something I will have to chat about to them both.I will be talking at the iMIG Conference April 2016 and I hope Prof Dean fennel will do our Combined talk as we did in this Video.

Well its been a very relaxed weekend at last but now Christmas is looming in front of us so we are settling down to welcome December in.

I have sat on the computer and bought all the Christmas Presents. No crowded shops just Amazon and Ebay and its all done.

The cost of postage has gone up I dread to think what its going to cost to send the items but its the thought that counts they say.

We received the news this week that Ray has to have his cataracts done. This came about when he went to buy new glasses and he couldn’t see the opticians list of letters, just one eye is very bad now. The appointments are being made and it will be done in our walk in surgery so that isn’t so bad.

Cataracts are cloudy patches that develop in the lens of your eye and can cause blurred or misty vision. They are very common.

The lens is the transparent structure that sits just behind your pupil (the black dot in the centre of your eye). It allows light to get to the back of your eye (retina).

In some people, cataracts develop in the lens as they get older, stopping some of the light from reaching the back of the eye.

Over time, the cataracts become worse and start affecting vision. Many people with cataracts will eventually need surgery to remove and replace the affected lens.

Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens through a small incision (cut) in your eye and replacing it with a clear plastic one.

I said well now Im on the mend its your turn now. Bless him, what wit new teeth and new eye sight he will feel a new man.

We launched Hazmat Professionals new web site Friday so that’s it  we are in business and The Foundation is really going to happen.



The Asbestos Strippers are joining up which is the main thing and they will now have a voice for them.

So Hazmat Pro has the backing of some wonderful legal and business minds and a couple of very devoted Directors and ME!!!!!! So happy to be able to put my name to this and see my dream of raising charity money for Mesothelioma Research. Im very focused on the future of the wave of danger of Mesothelioma that is happening that the Demolition of buildings and the stripping of Asbestos will produce.

Talking on facebook last night to a section of them I said that when Steph Buxton contacted and asked if I would  Patron the Foundation she was talking of strippers I thought she meant the sort I had met at hen Nights. ha ha !!!!

Rays Blog 

I had a busy day. This morning we went to the dental technician. Me to confirm the colour of the 3 teeth added to my plate. £150 worth. Mavis for a bite test. I published mavis`s new book into an Ebook today. Just visit our web page under mavis book. My new pc came so Ive been setting that up. I have not done any painting been tooo busy. Tomorrow got an eye test more expense.





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