A Diary Of A Mesowarrior- Keytruda Day At The Royal Marsden

I hadn’t realised it was the 1st of December as we set off for the Marsden yesterday. It was all talk about Christmas. Have you got all your presents, have you written your cards. Its the time when panic sets in doesn’t it.

We had a dreadful journey as there was an accident on the M25 and I began to worry that the Motorway would be shut. The police came charging down on the hard shoulder  flashing lights and we came to a halt so Ray switched the engine off. It was such a relief as we were able to set off again and passed the poor mangled cars on the side of the road with  their drivers picking bits up.

It didn’t look as if anyone was hurt but then on the radio there were reports of accidents on other roads, just another day on the roads.

But we zoomed off and we got to the hospital on time phew!!

Bloods were soon taken and i sat and waited for the Doctor.

We had a list of questions and I mentioned the Hiatus hernia as I had been having pains in my throat for a long time now mainly when I ate. I have been given Lansoprazole 15mg to see if they work. I took one last night and got through my dinner with no pain, relief at last. We warriors have been discussing this and realise many of us have the problem as we have damaged our diaphragms right back when we had the fluid on our Lungs.

Ray asked him was I cancer free? The answer was they don’t know all they can say is they cant detect any, cancer hides so only time will tell and they are learning from me.

I cant say I’m cured but I’m happy for the fact I have had another 2 years and total of almost 5 years. We have to be grateful for what we are given.

I asked about the fact of me going on with the drug and what will happen if my body turns. He said don’t worry as they will be able tell through the blood results on the thyroid as that is where they see problems so Im happy with all the answers and we go on to finish the whole 2 years of the trial.

I still have the itching on my tummy and back. But everything is under control it.

So the drug was ordered and Ray and I went off for a drink and a cake.

When I came back to the waiting room a mesowarrior came through to chat with me. She has failed two trials now and was starting another new one. I love people who are so positive and keep fighting bless her.

I asked what we could do with the Marsden not advertising their trials. The answer is they have many little odd ones to try. It all depends on marker tumours or the different criteria so please if you have Mesothelioma get referred to the Marsden and see if they have a phase 1 trial for you. It doesn’t matter how much treatment you have had they might have a little trial there to try on you. With so many trials coming in next year 2016 please take a chance.

My drug came up early 1.30 that is the fastest yet and so we were soon leaving and got home by 4pm.

Had a fitting of my teeth this morning but the teeth kept falling off the wax mould. It was so funny. It feels like a mouthful of wax as they go in. Uck, but they will soon be ready and I will have a new smile.

Believe me look after your own teeth. These days the dentists do better work on them than when I was a younger women. We didn’t realise what drinks did to your teeth.


Rays Blog https://mesoandme.wordpress.com/

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