A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma. Christmas has come to the Royal Marsden

todays puzzle

Doesnt look like we are going to have a White Christmas with the warm weather we are getting. Record high temperatures like 12c-14c and at night is unheard of. Crazy weather. The sun has shone all day.

We have been busy in buying and wrapping presents writing cards and all the other things you do to make Christmas a good time. I have so much to be thankful for I do wake up each day and say thank you for seeing daylight through the blinds and another day is here.

We have been to the Marsden yesterday to have the 40th session of the wonder drug Keytruda.

The alarm went off at 5pm and I wanted to turn over and go back to sleep. I got up saying Oh No! Oh No! but the alarm wasn’t lying.

I crawled into the shower and felt more awake as the water fell over my body.

OK Breakfast and Ray walked Louis and we were on the road. It was pitch black and there was just a sea of lights from the cars as they reflected on the wet road.

The M25 at night

You hold your breath every time you come to a hold up and pray it isn’t an accident that is going to hold you up for a long time.

We had a break down that bought us all to a stop as we got onto the M25 but the man was able to push himself over to the side and we all managed to get through.

We still got to the Marsden on time and I booked in with a smile and went to the waiting room. Everywhere was decorated with Christmas Decorations. One lady came in a father Christmas outfit and handed in a Hamper for the Staff.

I was called in and bloods were soon done and I was weighed Blood pressure and temperature done I was able to get back to the waiting room and Ray was still asleep. He had been chatting to the sweet receptionist and her colleague in rehab.

In to see the Doctor and we had our normal lovely chat.

I said how I want to get myself back fit as I was so fit before and feel like an old woman now. He said not to rush to wait and see when I finish the trial and don’t go rushing at it as I recover from all the treatment.

I forget how my body is going through a fight at the moment with the Immune system working so hard to kill Mesothelioma. Like David and Goliath.

This was the last time I would see my Greek God as he is leaving for a Position at a London Hospital as a Mesothelioma Consultant.  He will go far as he has the passion for the Disease and the patient and Im so Grateful for the Concern he has shown me. He also said I was a Star Patient with MK3475

Yes as I have had a great result there is no need to carry on after the 2 years If it grows back I can go back on it again but they dont know what happens now they are learning from me now Im writing the history books of Immunotherapy and Mesothelioma and Marsdens Star Patient they said today  That is really great to hear.

I left to go to the restaurant after popping my prescription into Boots on Site.

I was happy and bouncy and then I just came over funny again.

What is it, blood sugar, blood pressure dropping what ever it is it happens at 10am on a Tuesday. That is so silly. Crazy.

We got back to the waiting room and then I was sick in the toilets its crazy.

I dont know what to do different. I told the Nurse and she has put it in my notes but we dont feel its the drug. Maybe just the strain of the day, of getting up early and rushing out.

I have only 8 more drug days left as the trial finishes in May. There are 2 of us left on the drug as the trial had been running for some time when I was the last one to get on it. The results must be being looked at by now and I cant wait to see the final results. How well has it done.

Ray asked how much drug did I have and the nurse showed it was 115ml so Ray has worked out I have had 4.6lts since I started. Equal to 4.5 bottles of Lemonade. That’s a lot of drug. I dont want to work out the cost. I just know I’m so grateful to Merck and the Royal Marsden for helping me to Celebrate another Christmas, here with my family. A Huge Hug and a huge Thank you.

So with number 40 going through me veins I said goodbye and Happy Christmas to everyone and I was beginning to feel fine again if tired from a long day.

As we came out to the Car Park They were erecting the giant Christmas Tree I have to wait until after Christmas to see that lit up.

We went home in the dark as it was 4.30pm and it was raining hard.

It was great to get home and we relaxed.

Today Im great full of beans and enjoyed going out to shop and walk Louis.

My Brother Martin and Pam came for the afternoon for a chat and a cuppa which has been very nice and we exchanged Christmas present and wished each other Merry Christmas another year has happened we have got through –ekkk celebrations

The Story of the day

A former anti-terror officer who was one of the first on the scene of the Brighton bombing in 1984 has died from cancer after inhaling asbestos while sifting through wreckage at the site 31 years ago.

Jonathan Woods, a former Metropolitan Police detective, was exposed to asbestos after arriving at the Grand Hotel on October 12, 1984, after a deadly IRA explosion tore the building apart.

Five people died and 39 people were injured when the bomb, planted by the IRA’s Patrick Magee, detonated on the sixth floor – in an attempt to kill the then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Jonathan Woods, a former Met Police anti-terror officer, has died from lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos at the scene of the deadly IRA explosion at the Grand Hotel in Brighton on October 12, 1984 (above)

Jonathan Woods, a former Met Police anti-terror officer, has died from lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos at the scene of the deadly IRA explosion at the Grand Hotel in Brighton on October 12, 1984 (above)

Five people died and 39 people were injured when the bomb, planted by the IRA's Patrick Magee, detonated on the sixth floor of the Grand Hotel in Brighton - in an attempt to kill the then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Mr Woods was among the first to arrive at the scene and was part of a team of officers who sifted through rubble and debris at the site in a bid to locate any missing persons.

After retiring from the police force in 2002, he moved to France with his wife Sharon but was diagnosed with mesothelioma – an incurable lung cancer caused by inhaling asbestos fibres.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that became a popular building material in the 1950s.

Widely used as insulation and a fire-deterrent, it also found its way into products such as ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, boilers, sprayed coatings and garage roof tiles.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3362013/Brighton-bombing-kills-policeman-31-years-Anti-terror-officer-dies-cancer-exposed-asbestos-sifted-rubble-scene.html#ixzz3uWHfWh5D
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What stands out to me is the fact it happened in 1984 it it was only 31 years before the poor man died. Why does it vary so much. Sometimes a small amount of years and then like mine 48 years.








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