A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma Christmas with the Family and Sales ?

Christmas eve we loaded all the presents into the M/Home and travelled the other way round the M25 as our son had moved from Wexham right on Christmas. They still wanted to do a Christmas and insisted we came up to them as we had a special one to celebrate. Im still here to share it with them.

Im amazed at their sentimental way they treat this as they really do care.

Ok its nice my son does but so amazed my DIL feels the same way and I reveal in the love.

Arriving through the stream of traffic going up the M1 on oits way to taking people North to their families.

Reminds me of the Video



We pulled up and found the drive was a bit narrow so Our DIL jumped in and backed the M/Home in. They had their cars parked on the grass and sinking in mud. So their first job will be getting a new block paved drive made up.

Their new home is lovely the man that sold gutted the bungalow and made all new rooms and put in brand new rooms and equipment. Just like a new build. Even the fridge hadn’t been used.

So we settled down to enjoying a good time and lots of presents, food and booze.

Sleeping in  the M/H as they had the bedrooms to sort out. Boxing day saw us doing something we have never done before we went shopping at Dunstable to Dunhelms

They put us in the Creche (thats what they called the Cafe) we had a coffee while they bought the shop.



Travelling up stairs in the lift got in one side and had to turn to go out the back. We didn’t do that and the lift had stopped and we waited for the doors to open. There was a roar of laughter and we turned round to discover we get out the other side. Whoops.

We had walked around the store but there was so much there and I hadn’t made a list much to rays relief.

That was it a ride back home to more food and more laughter.


Paper hats pork, beef and trifle. later Christmas Cake and a very full tummy to go to bed with.

This morning we had to say goodbye travel home amongst the sales queues going into Lakeside and Bluewater.

Arriving home the washing went on and caught up on the computer.

Opening presents under the tree so that is another Christmas over but it has been very special.


Secret Santa has been funny this year as we picked the names and gave people the same advert for a mug to put the name on. Mine came to me and then I had to send it to my SS which was Lesley ann. she kept saying it hadn’t arrived so I sent a dragon Fly Bag just in case the mug did turn up. He still hasn’t as yet.

We will find out soon who sent the presents.

A dear Mesowarrior had died this morning. We had to say goodbye to Henk Van Plaggenhoef. He loved moving pictures that were around at Christmas and we shared so many.

candle 2

Goodnight my friend xx


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