A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma-Happy New Year and I Can Now Announce I have been Awarded The BCA

Good Morning What a night but fresh year and a clean page lets write the best story ever 2016 2

So much happened yesterday and what I thought was going to be a quiet day turned into mayhem.

Firstly I published on my Social Media the Article that Nancy Meredith had interviewed me for just before Christmas and I was so thrilled with it as she writes so well. She has followed and written about my journey for the whole of the 7 years. yes 7 years ago I travelled to Spain and the whole story started. So it is with wonderful pleasure i gave her the first interview I have done for Keytruda.https://www.mesotheliomahelp.org/2015/12/clinical-trial-frees-mavis-nye-of-mesothelioma-24668/

Ray and Mavis, Dec. 2015

Two years ago MesotheliomaHelp introduced our readers to Mavis Nye of England who had been fighting mesothelioma for four years. At that time we reported that Mavis was still looking for a silver bullet to free her of the burden of cancer. Today, we report of her success over the last two years and how, now, she might just have found that miracle weapon! 

I love all the descriptions she has used -please read at the link and share the story as it is one of hope where we never have had hope before. Palliative care isn’t the words we want to hear.

Then I received a email to say I could at last talk about my nomination as a British Citizen Award 

Dear Mavis

I hope that you have had a good festive period. 

I am writing to let you know that the press embargo surrounding your being awarded a British Citizen Award on 28 January 2016 has now been officially lifted. Our national media partner, the i newspaper made the announcement on December 29 where all medallists were listed and a selection were featured in the article. This means that you are now free to talk to the media, announce it on social media and discuss it freely. 

Your official invitation to the medal presentation ceremony will be posted directly to you over the coming days. Please notify me if you have not received your invitation by Friday 08 January 2016 (You will need an official invitation and photo ID to gain access). We very much look forward to meeting you in January, and if you need any assistance with the press or media, please feel free to contact Sarah Hughes from our PR team at Line

Warm regards

10 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 0QP
(t):+44 (0) 203 002 7764
(m): +44 (0)7970 047693
Twitter: @CitizenAwards

So I  was at last free to tell the world 

Published in the iPaper 29th December page 24 column 4 under “The remaining 25 medalists.



The full list hasnt been published here as there at 33 of us so they save the stories for releasing on the day.

The culprit behind this was my two best friends and Mesowarriors Angela and Tracey 

They lost their wonder Dad to Mesothelioma bless him and we have been through so much in the 7 years I have known them. They adore Ray.

We have wonderful met ups as we did in July when visiting Greenwich and the Birthday Surprise for Kieren  (Debbie Brewers Son who had worked with me to set up so many groups on  Facebook for the Mesowarriors)


So through the sad time we have had some laughter along the way and met some wonderful people. Now we are looking forward to the the award Ceremony end of January where I will of coarse report on here all the details and the run up to what is going to be a wonderful year.

I of coarse know that we will loose more warriors and that hurts we really have got to keep up the Awareness of the dangers of Asbestos and Im so proud to be playing a huge part in this and also the finding of the drugs for treatment.

i have a long list of people to thank and will make the list when I have the Award but at the moment I thank Merck for the drug Keytruda  and lets get many warriors on the Phase 3 trial that is soon to start.

All I can at this point say is Happy New Year Lets see what happens next.

award 2




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