A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -Another Bad turn today -what is going on ??Come on Keytruda I only have 6 more Infusions on the Trial

What a dark morning this morning was. Pitch black at 5.50am as Ray took the dog on his walk and then we set off on the Motorways.

The traffic was so heavy but moving just a load of lights in the dark of the early morning.

There had been a Burst water main but lucky enough that was on the A249 to Sheerness.

We had a very clear run and I felt well.


I presented the Marsden with a copy of my book and signed it for them with the promise that book three is being written now to cover the next two year to cover the trial. Everyone was delighted as they read book one.

We settled in the waiting room and other patients arrived an so we chatted away about our different treatment. There was another Mesothelioma patient and he was telling me has was been on a drug that failed and now on a new one. This is why I keep saying get refereed to the Marsden. They get trials -small ones that the NHS dont get. 

He is doing very well although he had a bad cough. A very positive man.

I went in for my bloods and they were taken and I went to wait for the Doctor.

Called in I discussed my funny turns and he wanted a ECG and a trace test. Blood pressure standing and laying down. –He did you tell me the symptoms and let me be the Doctor and I will tell you what it is. whoops ! I must admit I do self diagnose bless him he is right to tell me off.  

He took me to the nurse and I started. Shivering and coming over funny so they saw one of my dying swans  there in front of them.

Everything comes out great all the measurements are good.

One of the nurses said its like you have to have the drug as if your doing cold turkey. The Doctor said no way.He had said they are finding Keytruda does have so really weird side effects.

What they have done is to take a blood test in some special culture and see what grows as they think that if there was something in my PICC line and when they take blood and the flush it travels in my blood as they said it was like I was having epileptic shock.

They wrapped me up in a blanket after I was sick and gave me a sickness drug.

I went to sleep on and off all day.

I woke up feeling OK just as the wonder drug appeared at 1pm and after it went in I felt really good.

I dropped off to sleep coming home and felt so bad that I had been unsociable with the other patients. But they will understand as I would with them.

I slept off and on coming home and got in to a warm house and a hot coffee.

I now feel so well. What a funny day

The Doctors did go on strike today but The Marsden was covered well.

I do agree with the strike as it is about a new contract but I wont get political But just had to put this on as it is on Facebook and its so true.

nhs doctors strike

I do agree with that 


Junior doctors and medical students demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in London as part of an England-wide one-day strike in a dispute with the government over new contracts

Junior doctors have been urged to return to the negotiating table by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who described their 24-hour strike in England as “completely unnecessary”.

NHS England said about 10,000 junior doctors had reported for duty out of 26,000 scheduled to work the day shift.

Thousands of routine operations have been cancelled during the walkout in protest at a proposed new contract.

The BMA said the strike sent a “clear message” to the government.

“We deeply regret the level of disruption caused, but this is a fight for the long-term safety of patients and junior doctors’ working lives,” said Dr Johann Malawana, chair of the British Medical Association (BMA) junior doctors’ committee.

He said that junior doctors had “no confidence” in the new contract.

NHS England apologised to affected patients, and said trusts would try to reschedule cancelled appointments and operations as soon as possible.

‘Hardly surprising’

The walkout, which began at 08:00 GMT, comes after talks between the union and government failed to reach agreement on the proposed new contract. The BMA is concerned about pay for weekend working, career progression and safeguards to protect doctors from being overworked.

But ministers have argued the current arrangements are outdated and changes are needed to improve standards of care at the weekend.

Junior doctors’ strike: Live updates




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