A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living with #Mesothelioma caused by #Asbestos A wonderful box of sweets have arrived

Well I have been home for 3 days and all I have done is sit around and feel sick every time I take  antibiotics twice a day.

Co-Trimoxazole seems to be the worse. So I have separated the time between the tablets.

Seems to work better All Im drinking is flat coke and my lovely friend Steph has sent me a wonderful box of unusual sweets. I have put them away so that I really enjoy them when Im off the tablets

Ray has been doing everything bless him I have tried but he wont let me. I hate arguing about housework but we always end up laughing as he forces me to sit down.

We had to put a photo of ourselves as a young child and I put this one on when I was 1 adao graphic of mine.jpg-largeyear old 






The picture is one I used for my Asbestos Ban I have my fav doll which cant be seen as the photo is cropped. She was a black doll and when my baby brother was born I had put her in with my Mum and it shocked the Midwife when she came to our house . Funny the things you remember.

I love the stories of our Dragonflies and can see why The Uk mesowarriors chose a dragon fly as our emblem. Debbie loved Dragonflies.

So not a lot has gone on this week it has been so cold out there so walking is not an option. Louis and Ray go on their own.

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Toxic Thermoses Withdrawn from Sale

Jan 20, 2016

The Ministry of Health has ordered the immediate seizure of illegal thermos flasks from China which were on sale in a market in the town of Belluno, northern Italy. The contraband items were marked with the brand “DayDays” and barcode number: 8301182614705. Analyses of the contents of the 1.4L vessels revealed the presence of chrysotile (white) asbestos between layers of glass insulation around the flask. Other asbestos-contaminated thermos flasks imported to Italy from China were seized by officials in 2014 and 2015. Thermoses with asbestos removed from the market].http://ibasecretariat.org/abs_archive_news1580.php

 I feel we should all check our flasks just to be on the safe side.

China exports are really causing a problem as the crayons did last year.

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promenade floor tiles – external on balconies roofs and walkways found by RB Asbestos yesterday.

We are surrounded by the deadly stuff.



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