A Diary of a Messowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -The British Citizan Award for health BCAh


I have so many wonderful memories of the past 2 days so I think its a case of adding photos and talking as I go.

We wanted to share the whole day with the Mesowarriors as I wasnt allowed to have people with us. I feel they should alter that as it would have been great to share it with so many others but I suppose it does come down to cost. So I will try and describe to you all what the day meant to me.


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I was on the same table as this lovely Lady and we sat through the ceremony together 


Hilary Devey CBE, Pall-Ex Group

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So this was the background to the day ahead.


My name was amongst wonderful people that had done some wonderful things I loved all their stories.

Mavis Nye



Mavis, of Whitstable, was diagnosed with a non-curable asbestos cancer known as mesothelioma in 2009. Mavis has turned her battle with mesothelioma into something positive, and is making her voice heard to educate people about this illness. Mavis works extremely hard, and has spoken at conferences and in parliament. She has also raised awareness and educated people through local and national newspapers, radio, TV, Mavis also published her own book in 2010, Meso Warrior, with all proceeds donated to mesothelioma UK.

Mavis offers a support network to other mesothelioma suffers and their families, either by internet, telephone or personal visits, through the group UK Meso Warriors. Mavis has extensively researched into the incurable disease and knows of every medical trial and medication associated.

Mavis is currently on a new drug trial, and is showing promising signs of buying extra time with her life. The new drug requires Mavis to travel the two-hour journey to the Royal Marsden hospital every fortnight for treatment. She has just received her 40th session of the drug, and has remained positive throughout her treatment and uses the time to meet up with other ‘Meso Warriors’ to share stories, advice and laughter. Mavis and her husband Ray, have a strong social presence and both have blogs discussing life with mesothelioma, both from the perspective of the sufferer and the carer. Mavis first set up her blog in June 2009, shortly after she was diagnosed, and has had over 280,000 hits.

Mavis and Ray use the blogs to talk about daily living with Mesothelioma, and research into the incurable cancer.

Nominated by Angela Caulfield

So we set off from Whistable to meet Angie and Tracey as they travelled down from Barrow In Furness. The opposite ends of the country.

Arriving at Victoria I paid my 50p for the loo.


We sat and had a coffee and waited for the Sisters to get in from Euston and they soon appeared so we had a Coffee and a plate of chips

and they changed and went to left Luggage. We were ready to go to Big Ben travelling by taxi.

While we is the ceremony the girls amused themselves


We were tucked up in the warm and having tea with all the Celebs.











Linda Robson was in the Audience and I was introduced to her .


















It was soon time to go for the Photo shoot in the Gardens and then climbed on the buses for a ride around London as a victory ride

We arrived at Church House where the final Certificates were presented

We were very tired as we all travelled to Whistable to have a great natter and talk over the day before falling asleep for the night

The girls took Louis out for a walk and were amazed he took them and showed them where to walk


We went on a car ride to show the coast line and than had a a meal at the Oyster Bed





We soon had to say goodbye at the station as the sisters travelled back home

What a mad two days but what a wonderful time and I would like to thank Angie and Tracey for nominating me and for the warriors for all their backing and we have really raised awareness of Mesothelioma and the UK Mesowarriors and the Mesothelioma Warriors around the world Now lets see a world wide ban of Asbestos and a cure for Mesothelioma.



4 thoughts on “A Diary of a Messowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -The British Citizan Award for health BCAh

  1. Mavis it sounds a wonderful, wonderful day and I am so delighted that you are still here to receive and enjoy such a lovely day….. keep going and show them all that 3 months is one hell of a lot longer if you fight…

    On 30 January 2016 at 13:51, Rayandmaves Blog wrote:

    > rayandmave posted: ” I have so many wonderful memories of the past 2 days > so I think its a case of adding photos and talking as I go. We wanted to > share the whole day with the Mesowarriors as I wasnt allowed to have people > with us. I feel they should alter th” >

  2. Thankyou for sharing this, such an amazing, wonderful time for you. And a truly deserved thankyou for all your work making the world know about the dangers of asbestos. Best wishes jennyxx

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