A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -Ray has been a naughty boy!!!


Ray has been a carer for 7 years now. OK some people say Oh your married so its your duty to care. OK I agree and its what we have done through the years but when someone has cancer and loses power in their limbs through the devastating poison of Chemotherapy, that duty becomes so hard. Ray is no cook and he will admit that but he has tried and we have muddles through. Even when he had his detaining heart attack we muddled through with the help of my Son and DIL I got to chemotherapy in Canterbury and ray was transferred to Ashford for his stent operation. That couldn’t have been more inconvenient. I couldn’t visit so we kept in touch by phone.

Then all the running up to the Royal Marsden and all I have gone through with the trial and just recently the hospital visit to me staying in with my plastic loving bug.

So much for Ray to put up with and this weekend has shocked me that my carer hasn’t been looking after his own needs. I asked the Doctor today “Who looks after the carer”. He raised his eyebrows as he agreed hmmm yes !! They give so much with a care for themselves.

This has come about as Ray went to have his assessment for his cataract operation. They took the measurements and we had to go to the nurse for blood sugar and blood pressure .

The blood sugar was very high and Ray confesses he hasn’t been taking any of his tablets for 3 weeks.I was shocked. He keeps saying I’m OK we have to worry about you Well MR Nye we are going to worry about you.

A BP of 245/105 is stroke measurements.

I have got through as he is taking all his tablets and we have thrown the sugar out and are back on a healthy diet. Lots of vegetables and Im standing over him making him eat them all.

The Bullet is out so what he doesn’t eat gets juiced and goes down him that way.

He has really frightened me but most of all he has frightened himself and he wont be doing it again.


LC& (1)

Caring for someone can be rewarding but it can also be very tiring, putting a lot of demand on your physical and emotional energy. When you are simply coping day to day and responding to the needs of others, it’s easy to forget your own health needs.

Research has found that caring for others can have a major impact on a person’s health and well being. If you are a carer, you are more likely to be in poor health – both physically and mentally – than people without caring responsibilities.


flowers 1

Im sure all the Mesowarriors that have the dreadful disease will join me in thanking the carers for all they do for all the care and understanding. But Please look after yourself. Your life is important as well.


rare desease day


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