A Mesowarriors Diary Living With Mesothelioma -A weekend in Birmingham and Then Tuesday with Keytruda no43

We set off to my Sons and DIL and had a great journey to Luton in the Motorhome.

They came home from work and we had a great evening meal together.

We got up early Saturday and travelled to the Station where we caught the train to Leicester after watching the Bendy – bus coming in from the Airport.

Bendy-bus at Luton Airport

Our ticket didn’t work in the ticket machine so that was a great start.

We got to Leicester and then on the next train was a cross country on a Virgin train which was absolutely packed with people going to Birmingham to shop etc.

Every carriage was full and people were standing all the way through every carriage. A lady sat on our table ekkk!!

When we pulled into Birmingham I was so pleased to get into the fresh air even if it was cold and snowing just a little.

We asked for a train to Snow hill and was told there wasn’t one that we had to walk. So we got a taxi. It just went round the ring road past the Bull Ring and came to Snow Hill Station. Whoops silly !!

Our friend picked us up in her car and we arrived for the Hazmat directors Meeting.

We thrashed a lot of things out and had a good meeting so we are ready for the Launch on the 31st march. Hazmat Professionals and Foundation are now all set up It has taken a while but we are there now.

Ray presented the painting he had done for Steph as a surprise 

She will hang it in her office

She wrote on facebook —I had an incredibly talented artist paint me a beautiful piece of art. The most beautiful gift ever. Thank you Ray…it’s equisite. Xxx

Makes ray so proud when someone enjoys his paintings

We went to our room and had a rest as we went out for a really great curry Saturday Evening.

Sunday we had a breakfast in Toby’s, all you can eat, that was to much for me but some people can really load their plates up.

Then it was time to get to the station and the journey home was longer and colder by the time we got back to Luton we were getting tired but bless I had Mother’s day presents waiting to cheer me up.A lovely Dragon Fly Necklace.

A roast dinner and I was so tired but we had a great conversation and then bedtime.

Next day they went to work and we drove home in the Motorhome and the journey was great.

Then this morning up early again and off to the Marsden. We arrived and got called in early saw the Doctor and she was very pleased with me. My bloods were good.

Our friends that sit in Reception to the Rehabilitation Ward made us laugh. We have known them for 2 years now so we have really become friends and Nicky had made us Scotch eggs and bread and butter pudding and made a cup of tea. The other patients must wonder why but Ray has painted them paintings and he is always chatting to them.Nicky id leaving soon so its the last time we will see her although she said she has a drive big enough for the Motorhome if ever I’m in the hospital and Ray can stay with Louis. We have met so many wonderful people.

So we cant believe I had the drug at 1.55 –the earliest we have ever had it.

My lovely nurse is pregnant with a baby girl its been exciting to have seen her get married and then tells us when she was pregnant. I hope I get a chance to meet the baby but I might have to make do with photos.

Another nurse who is had come back from Australia surprised me she stands there and just rubs my arm and then says I so admire you. Its a crazy world Im in. So mush love for me –really weird.

We came away and a good journey home and another 2 weeks ahead of me. I wish it would warm up so we could go out to the see the sea each day.



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