A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -The Big Storm and A Television shoot for Israel TV of two Mesowarriors Talking about Keytruda.

easter egg

Hope you all had a happy Easter. We have had a very busy and quiet one as I had to get ready for a Television interview for Israel TV. It has come about because I helped a young lady when she contacted me for information of my drug thinking she would have to come to the Uk or go to USA but I gave the address of MSD in Israel.

At 35 Nika had had the same chemos as myself and was so worried. So I gave her all our Doctors that would help and all the info I could on trials in the hope she would find something.

Im thrilled to find out that the MK3475/158 that Warriors have got here started at the same time as Israel and Nika has got on it. So we chatted for the cameras  just talking about our journeys but more about Keytruda and how we felt on the trials.

The main thing they want to explain and to show how critical it is to get  people to get this treatment if they do not have money to pay for it even. The same problem we have with trials around the world.


A very weird experience with no reporter or interview and the difficult of different cultures and the skype kept saying not a strong signal. My computer even crashed at one point. I thought I was going to panic. then Louis kept coming and bashing me on the legs for chews the cameraman couldn’t get out of the shot it got funnier.

Anyway its a take and I await what happens next apparently not being shown in Israel until June

What a weird experience.after a terrible night where storm Katie really hit us. All night the rain was horrendous beating on the windows and the wind howled around us. I got up and the dustbin was over with the wishing well and plant pots and my poor My Pig was broken in half. I had him for my 25th wedding present from Rye.

Garden Ornament Quirky Fun Black & White Pig #M38

The cover of the Air vent in the bathroom  had shot off that woke Louis up and we got up wondering what was going on.

Still all in all we were lucky to the damage some people had.

Thousands of homes are without electricity because power lines have been brought down which UK Power Networks say it is working flat out to fix.

Ferry crossings from Dover are also being delayed after bosses decided to close the port until midday and engineers are working to fix storm damage at Dreamland theme park in Margate.

Numerous roads have been closed by fallen trees as the storm developed overnight following the Met Office amber warning for the county and particularly coastal areas.


Thank goodness it has died down and we are still standing.

Then I had a link on Twitter which I stupidly opened and it was sent to everyone. I had to delete people and change passwords as well as putting a message up not to open any links from me but a contact said it didn’t open anyway –Thank goodness and now I’m all quiet again panic over

So I will have a relaxing rest of the day I have a break now until Friday when ADAO  Asbestos Conference starts.




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