Chris Ward and Three IATP directors are doing The Ben Nevis Charity Challenge for #mesothelioma UK

Send Chris Up a mountain….

Ben Nevis Challenge 2016.

This is serious challenge for a very good cause come on now lets be having a bit of encouragement please…
The Ben Nevis Charity Challenge is an exciting team challenge set in the stunning Scottish Highlands. Teams of four are challenged to climb Ben Nevis, cycle 25 miles (on road) and canoe Loch Lochy.

Three IATP directors and one crazy auditor have decided to take on this enormous challenge to raise money and awareness of Mesothelioma.

On a more personal note Chris is still in AWE of a lady, Mavis Nye, who he met a few years ago now when he presented her with an IATP award for basically still being alive as a Mesothelioma Warrior. She is STILL going strong and Chris loves catching up with her and Ray whenever he can. Mavis and Chris, looking very smart are in picture.

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You can click on this link to donate or just text IATP99 with the amount you wish to donate £5 or whatever you can to 70070

Thank you so much this is going to be one of the toughest things that Chris have ever undertaken.

Team photo

A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma The Workers Memorial Day 28th April 2016. Mesowarriors Remember All the Families Hit by #Asbestos And The Death Of Their Loved Ones.

Media preview #Putyourbootsout #asbestos International Workers Memorial Day

Will you fall silent at Noon today and remember the people that die at work.

They set off after kissing the wife and cuddling the kids and patting the dog as they pick up their case, or tools etc and get into the car and then for what ever reason life will never be the same again.

    • 2,538 mesothelioma deaths due to past asbestos exposures (2013)
    • 142 workers killed at work
    • 76,000 other injuries to employees reported under RIDDOR
    • 611,000 injuries occurred at work according to the Labour Force Survey
    • 27.3 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury
    • £14.3 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions (2013/14)


We Mesowarriors carry the scars of our loved ones killed just by working and where we came into contact with Asbestos.

Or Women like myself just washing our loved ones clothes.

This just should not have happened. The work place should be a friendly safe environment.

So lets stand in silence at 12 noon and Remember but also lets think about safety in our lives to.

Fight for the Asbestos Workers and their families 

Today is Workers Memorial Day

The TUC say —

The purpose behind Workers’ Memorial Day has always been to “remember the dead: fight for the living” and unions are asked to focus on both areas, by considering events or memorial to remember all those killed through work but at the same time ensuring that such tragedies are not repeated. That can best be done by building trade union organisation, and campaigning for stricter enforcement with higher penalties for breaches of health & safety laws.

Workers Memorial Day is commemorated throughout the world and is officially recognised by the UK Government.

In 2016 the theme for the day is “Strong Laws – Strong enforcement – Strong Unions” because across the world we are seeing growing attacks on health and safety protection, including in Britain where the Government have removed protection form millions of self-employed workers, and across Europe where the European Commission are pursuing a dangerous de-regulatory strategy. However strong laws are not enough if they are not going to be enforced. That is why we need proper inspections and enforcement action against those who break the laws. Here in the UK the number of inspections has fallen dramatically in the past five years, however in many other countries enforcement has always been non-existent. That is why we also need strong unions. Unionised workplaces are safer, yet the Government is trying to stop unions protecting the health and safety of their members by restricting the right of health and safety representatives to take time off to keep the workplace safer, and also trying to reduce our right to strike when things go wrong.

Unite the Unions  Say

Every year on 28 April, trade unions and workplace health and safety campaigners all over the world remember those who have tragically lost their lives because of work. The slogan for the day is “remember the dead – fight for the living.”  Many of us will know of someone who has died at work, or is suffering from serious injuries or occupational disease.

IWMD 2016: Strong Laws, Strong Enforcement, Strong Unions

This year’s theme is Strong Laws, Strong Enforcement and Strong Unionbecause across the world we are seeing growing attacks on health and safety protection, including in Britain where the government have removed protection from millions of self-employed workers, and across Europe where the European Commission are pursuing a dangerous de-regulatory strategy. However, strong laws are not enough if they are not going to be enforced. That is why we need proper inspections and enforcement action against those who break the laws. Here in the UK the number of inspections has fallen dramatically in the past five years, however in many other countries enforcement has always been non-existent. That is why we also need strong unions. Unionised workplaces are safer, yet the government is trying to stop unions protecting the health and safety of their members by restricting the right of health and safety representatives to take time off to keep the workplace safer, and also trying to reduce our right to strike when things go wrong.

Unions make work SAFER: Decent work for all!

Unite has fought hard to secure safe workplaces and with strong organised workplaces we can ensure that such incidents and tragedies do not happen again – make sure you mark International Workers Memorial Day on 28 April.
– See more at:

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO)'s profile photo

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), which combines education, advocacy, and community to prevent exposure and ensure justice for asbestos victims, today issued the following statement from Linda Reinstein, mesothelioma widow and ADAO President and Co-Founder for International Workers’ Memorial Day.

“As we observe International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD), we somberly remember the millions of workers who have been injured or killed at work.

“Asbestos, a human carcinogen, remains the greatest single cause of work related deaths. Exposure can cause mesothelioma, lung, gastrointestinal, colorectal, laryngeal, and ovarian cancers; as well as non-malignant lung and pleural disorders.

“Asbestos remains legal and lethal in the United States today. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ‘about 125 million people in the world are exposed to asbestos at the workplace” and “more than 107 000 deaths each year are attributable to occupational exposure to asbestos.’

“Congress has failed Americans by not passing legislation to ban asbestos, and instead, has allowed those who caused this man-made disaster to shirk their liability and responsibility to the sick and dying.  Since the first IWMD in 1970, the United States has used over eight billion metric tons of asbestos and hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from preventable asbestos-caused diseases.

“While promising research continues, prevention remains the only cure. For each life lost, a shattered family is left behind. In the spirit of Mary Harris ‘Mother’ Jones, ‘Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living.’  Enough is enough.”

PS This is tragic; as we were gathered across Scotland to commemorate International Workers Memorial Day another Scottish worker is killed at work.

Police at the scene in South Queensferry.

A workman has  died in an accident at the site of the new Queensferry Crossing this morning.

The Courier understands there was an incident just before 12pm at the north tower.

It is thought the incident on the £1.4 billion bridge, due to be completed by the end of this year, involved a crane.

Reports from the scene say one man has died and a second workman has been injured.

His injuries are minor.

It is believed a boat brought the fatally injured man to shore at Hawes Pier in South Queensferry where he was transferred to hospital by ambulance.

All work has been halted in the area.

A fleet of small boats is currently shuttling workers from all three towers safely to shore.

Boats are used in getting the huge workforce to and from their workplace in the Forth every day.

The Health and Safety Executive confirmed they were aware of the incident and were attending the scene, with the police, at this point.

A Police Scotland spokesman has confirmed one man had died in the incident while a second worker has suffered minor injuries.

The spokesman added: “We are currently working alongside our partner agencies to investigate an incident on the Queensferry Crossing bridge that resulted in a man sustaining fatal injuries.

“The call was received around 12.20pm on Thursday and sadly, the man was pronounced dead a short time later.

“Another man on the bridge also sustained minor injuries.

“Enquiries to establish the full circumstances surrounding this matter are ongoing.”

A spokesperson for the project said: “We are deeply saddened to have to confirm there was an incident just before noon on April 28 on the Queensferry Crossing’s north tower in which a person has lost his life.
“One other person has been taken to hospital.
“All activity has been stopped at the north tower.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of our colleague and co-worker at this time.”

Ambulance personnel and police at the pier in South Queensferry.© SWNS
Ambulance personnel and police at the pier in South Queensferry.

A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With #mesothelioma-I wanted to share two great reports One of a Conference OH2016 and One of the University of Mesothelioma

In conversation at OH2016

I have found this so interesting I wanted to share. Sometimes I feel like a reporter as I search through so many Asbestos stories but sometimes I cant write as good as other so here is a guest blog

The British Occupational Hygiene Society’s annual conference, OH2016 opened today (26 April) in Glasgow. Delegates heard from experts in many areas of occupational hygiene including a talk on dermal exposure, a session on risks in the oil and gas industry and a look at general workplace challenges.

For SHP, Lauren Applebey spoke to some of the key players at this year’s event to find out more about what 2016 holds for occupational hygiene, and if health really is fighting its way up the agenda.


Kelvin Williams, an occupational hygiene consultant, spoke about the emerging issues in occupational health including nanotechnology. “There are many emerging issues, such as respirable crystalline silica, but to a lot of occupational hygienists these are old chestnuts. They have been on our agenda and curriculum for a very long time,” he said.

“Some emerging issues are things we are becoming aware of as a new risk, like nanotechnology, and then there’s what appears to be a new risk to the health and safety community such as respirable crystalline silica – the oldest occupational disease ever – and yet here we are in 2016 with a campaign to raise awareness about it.

“This highlights the mentality of health and safety and the problems we have getting our heads around risks with this sort of latency period. Asbestos was the same.”

Talking about getting workers to understand the importance of health, Kelvin explained how difficult it is to get people to understand the dangers of something they can’t see: “Respirable crystalline silica is invisible, explaining to someone that it could be lethal is very difficult as it doesn’t have the same marketing appeal as something in safety that they can see right in front of them.

“If there is a machine that has gone wrong and it’s potentially causing injuries – everyone would be switched on to that. With dust, people may leave work that day feeling fine and that may still be true six months into the job. It may be 10-15 years before they may see medical signs of long term exposure. They don’t see blood and gore, so they just press on.”


oh2016 1


Mike Slater, BOHS immediate past president, who has been leading the Breathe Freely campaign, which aims to tackle lung disease in the construction industry, said: “It’s been an excellent morning and the presentation from Professor Sir Anthony Newman Taylor highlighted the facts and figures of incidences of respiratory disease in the construction industry – that’s the background to why we launched the initiative one year ago, on workers’ memorial day.

“We feel that we have made a real impact in that time, getting the key messages across that 1) there’s a problem, but more importantly 2) there’s a solution for a lot of the problems. There are things we can do to reduce exposure. People aren’t always aware of the solutions so we are providing tools to help them help themselves.

“There’s a lot more to do, however, we have only just scratched the surface”.

oh2016 3


Steve Perkins, CEO of BOHS

Steve Perkins, BOHS Chief Executive, spoke of a workplace triangle, the three sides of workplace health: “One side is made up of the clinical side, the health surveillance, rehabilitation and sickness absence management. The second part is wellbeing, which is good for the individual and it’s good for productivity. The third area, which is the health risks that the workplace itself creates – and the one that employers are legally responsible to manage and the one that creates the 13,000 deaths a year – is the one that has been forgotten about. It’s not new, we don’t need new legislation, we just need to start implementing it.

“Health is certainly moving up the agenda. It’s on the HSE’s list of six priorities and people are really talking about it. It’s not about doing health like we do safety, health risks can be very different and long latency and you normally have to minimise risks, not get rid of them altogether.

Asked what BOHS’s aims are for this year, Steve said: “We are looking to grow, raise awareness, learn and do more. We are increasing our number of conferences and looking at how we provide extra support for specialised health risk management.”

The conference and exhibition continues at the Hilton, Glasgow, until 28th April

The Other report is the scariest thing I have ever seen and it needs to be shown


Before banned in many nations, asbestos had already been widely used in building construction. This includes homes, factories, offices, public buildings and schools, more or less all types of buildings. The health hazards of asbestos is now recognized in many nations, so one might think that we are safe from asbestos exposure in most countries, including being safe from exposure in buildings containing asbestos. This is unfortunately not true. If there is a ban, it only means that it is forbidden to use asbestos in construction of new buildings or products. In most nations it is not illegal for a product or building to contain asbestos, so naturally older buildings and products still contains asbestos. And the issue is that in many buildings the asbestos-containing materials are in bad shape, and occupants and owners of buildings are often unaware of this, thus spending substantial amount of time in asbestos-contaminated air.

Health authorities in most nations still align with the strategy that as long as the asbestos-containing materials are intact and non-friable, there is no need for asbestos abatement/removal. Thus, the state of asbestos in buildings are often kept under yearly survey, were building owners are required to frequently inspect any asbestos-containing material for damage. Abatement is done only if the materials are found to be damaged or deteriorated. Some nations have strict laws for keeping status records of asbestos-containing materials in buildings, but many do not. Not even nations who has enforced bans. Due to lack of surveys in those nations, it is very likely that a large number of buildings in those nations now contain deteriorated and damaged asbestos materials, with occupants and owners completely unaware of this very hazardous situation. They most likely breath asbestos-contaminated air unknowingly. This problem is common in any type of building, including homes, factories, public buildings, offices, schools and universities. So even though the hazard of asbestos is recognized nowadays, we are not yet safe from even significant exposure.

Asbestos University of Manitoba

A prime example of this situation is the buildings of University of Manitoba in Canada, where asbestos is found virtually everywhere. The University of Manitoba have an asbestos program, which means they do check for asbestos contamination problems. But, those attempts to keep the asbestos safe seem like a complate failure. Despite frequent asbestos abatements, the buildings are still full of damaged and friable asbestos. Patricia Martens, one of the university professors, is one of the first to die from mesothelioma. She died in 2015 and is one of the many unfortunate who was, and still are, exposed to asbestos in the university air during university services. She was exposed before the recognition of asbestos being hazardous, you might think. She certainly was, but the severe issue is that the asbestos problem causing contaminated air in the buildings , is still not remediated.  Jayde Shaw, who has been employed in building maintenance for many years, reports that friable asbestos is still virtually everywhere in the buildings. This “asbestos university” (as Jayde calls it) do not seem to recognize the ongoing problem, still exposing students, staff and even children (playcare centers at campus) to asbestos. How many will share the fate of Patricia? Only time will tell, due to the long latency between asbestos exposure and asbestos disease. Mesothelioma shows up 30-40 years after exposure, in average.


Jayde Shaw is one of the few having recognized the severity of this issue, and he has shot videos of areas with asbestos-containing materials during the course of his employment. The videos show asbestos clearly in very bad shape, all over the university. The problem is very widespread, and Jayde is one of the few to protest. In 2010, he was even temporarily suspended for being too vocal about the asbestos problems.

Asbestos in the ventilation system

Now in 2016, here is a recent video of his, documenting how asbestos is spread all over the university through the ventilation systems. The main ventilation rotor itself is insulated with raw asbestos. The shafts carrying the air are also insulated with asbestos, damaged in multiple places. It is hard to grasp that this contamination is not recognized, and that students, staff and children spend substantial amount of time in this deadly air.

Jayde walks you through damaged asbestos in another ventilation shaft, feeding air to multiple university departments, including a nearby play care center.

Asbestos in the campus air – nothing has changed

In 2010, Jayde shot a series of videos of the problems back then, and it seems not much has been done since then.

Here Jayde shows an asbestos-contaminated basement area, with an exercise running track just nearby. Staff and children spend time there every day, breathing contaminated air. He then continues to show the ventilation contamination problem. As you saw above, this problem is still not remediated in 2016, six years later.

He continues to show a shocking amount of damaged and friable asbestos, making its way into the air stream of the university ventilation system. Asbestos debris is everywhere, and damaged asbestos is everywhere on pipe insulation, wall insulation and even the ventilation shaft insulation itself.

Heroic conscience

The tour continues and Jayde finishes with his own thoughts at 05:15, frustrated with the situation:

Hi there, how did you like my tour of campus? This was by no means all the asbestos on campus, but those clips do show some of the more pressing problems, where it is getting into the air stream.
I just don’t want to overwhelm you with how bad it is, or maybe I’m used to this lunacy and I have a need to overwhelm you. At any rate, thanks for just watching. Knowing that other people see what I see, takes some of the burden off me. Sorry if I some times come off as a bit of ranter, but just making those videos makes me really nervous. I mean, imagine getting in trouble for exposing a huge health hazard coverup.

I was dismissed for insubordination from the university because of this, and I lost my job for 1,5 years. Ultimately, the judge ruled a person cannot be terminated for telling people about safety hazards. My experience with the courts and the goverment tells me that everybody knows about the asbestos here, but no one wants to the one to speak up and possibly jeopardize Canadas asbestos exporting business.

I don’t believe the politicians really wants this to be happening, but no one knows what to do. And they let the University of Manitoba to handle it internally. “The foxes are guarding the hen house.” And I thought that the running track would get cleaned up…

The really funny thing is that when the parliament buildings in Ottawa get renovated, first the politicians are having the whole thing abated for asbestos, so they acknowledge it is deadly. But why don’t they do that for us [staff]? And the students here? When I call Workplace Health & Safety I’m told, “we have safe asbestos on campus”.

It is time to start treating people with more respect. Having a bunch of guys running around in environmental health and safety vests, means little when you actually see whats happening in the air stream here. When you actually KNOW. Our own bargaining unit, CAW, knows how bad it is. They published a booklet, “Pure white asbestos”, saying that “the University of Manitoba is a nightmare waiting to happen”.

It does not have to be a nightmare, all we have to do is wake up here!

Nation shame

Jayde Shaw is a hero for speaking up. He lost his job once in 2010 for attempting to expose the horrific asbestos conditions at the University of Manitoba. Now in 2016, nothing has changed. Why is this? One explanation is the fact that this University is located in Canada. Canada has not yet banned asbestos. It is still completely legal to use asbestos in Canada, and the canadian goverment is still reluctant to ban asbestos. Why? Asbestos has been big business in Canada for decades, and up until as recent as 2012, Canada exported asbestos in huge quantities to the third world. The shame is apparent and it is borderline homocide to having allowed this. Innocent people around the world will die from Canadian asbestos. And until taking any responsibility and proper action against existing asbestos hazards in buldings within Canadas own borders, asbestos will continue to kill not only in the third world, but also in Canada.

Please go to this link to see all the videos


Jayde Shaw (youtube)

A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -meso going glamping, april Fri 22nd to mon 25th kent

Ray has written the blog so I will add more pictures of a great weekend


Wow what a weekend we had at Allhallows with the mesowarriors .

Its always good to meet up again.  Friday evening we  made our way  to the entertainment centre looking for  food. . Oh dear  food closes at 9pm we were too late. So next stop was a pizza bar. I dont eat pizza so I had BOBS Bowl . I thought it was  chicken legs chicken nuggets and wedges wit  sauces. We carried it  into the entertainment  hall. The  Group  was playing  Bedlam  so bloody loud . But I did my usual trick. Whip out my  hearing aids. Stuff a big ball of wet tisue in left ear. Noise what noise. I am  totally deaf in right ear so I dont hear the band..  Angy was called up on the stage to  do  family fortune quiz show. . When I was clearing the  rubbish away It dawned on me I had only 2 packs of food  should have been 3. No wedges. But it was too late now I had no proof. . Next day when  noise levels were  normal it turned out that  several of us were cheated on our orders. Some got it sorted straight away..

We decided  that we would hold a party. Tracy and Angy were driven into town by Dianne to get  some food. Mavis said Get what ever you see and get  drinks and just give me the bill its my way of saying thanks for  what you did for me in London. So 6 pm  we all made our way to Tracys van and we spent the entire evening  eating drinking and having a laugh.

Sunday Mavis and I decided to  go  down and get a  breakfast We met Dianne and  after  breakfast  we went back to Angys van because  we were soon to say  our goodbyes. They all had a long journey home. This time for us it was only about an hours drive home.

Another successful weekend .


A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma — Scan Result “Complete Response To Keytruda Trial “


It was so horrible when the alarm went off 4.45am today and I moaned but then remebered it was Tuesday and it was The Royal Marsden drug day. But it was also scan day and this will be the last one before the end of the 2 year trial.

Ray walked the dog and I got a shower to wake me up.

The traffic wasn’t that bad but we did have a hold up on the M25 as a car had broken down but it was great from then on. As we pulled into the car park we had news they had shut the M20 behind us as a car was on fire. You just never know do you.

We had the waiting room to ourselves but then 3 more couples came in. I can never tell always who is the patient an who is the carer. Cancer is so funny that you can look so well and yet you have a horrible growth inside.

The nurse called us in all together so we soon filled up the chairs. Lorraine bless her gets so worried about my veins as she knows why a PICC line was so good for me. Now every-time they have to find the vein. Yes One that is all I seem to have.

Bloods done, weighing and arm pumped up, temperature taken I was ready to go and wait to see my Doctor.

There was 2 rooms already taken so he asked if it was ok to see me in the cardiology room. Ray followed and told me later he thought he was putting us in there for bad news.

We had a good chat about Singapore and Asbestos with Doctor Yoo as that is is own country and I was surprised when he said they dont have many Mesothelioma cases. I asked if was misdiagnosed as they had so many Ship yards there.

Now Im home and checked I found they have very strong Control of Asbestos.

Anyway Doctor Woo said he was looking forward to my scan infact all the Doctors were. So we left him had a coffee and went up to the Scanning Dept.

I had to go in and began to get nervous. It was so important.

Scan done we went back to Oak Ward and it wasnt long before I was called in.

The Drug number 49 went into my veins.

The Doctors were in their scan meeting and I thought I was going to miss them but no! as we were saying good bye to everyone in walked my Doctor smiling away and said “We are so happy there is a complete response. You get partial and good but yours is complete.” We held hands and was laughing and a nurse hugged me. How wonderful is that ?

Sue Bechtel's profile photo

Then when I got home I had the terrible news of the Death of a lovely man

Sue Bechtel said xx Our darling Kurt passed away peacefully last night in hospital, with us all by his side. He has fought so hard the past 18 months to beat the mesothelioma and had active treatment right up until Sunday in an effort to get through this period of illness brought on by the chemo. His braveness and strength in the way he has met this illness head-on, to buy him more precious time with his family, has been inspirational to myself and the girls. He was, and always will be, the love of my life and soulmate, my best friend. I could not have chosen a more loving father for Sophie and Chloe. He is going to leave such a big void in our lives.
Can I ask that people please not text or private message me as I won’t have the energy to respond. Thanks.

candle and flowers
To a very Brave Warrior a wonderful loving Husband and a adorable Father to his girls.and loved by all of us and his family. RIP Kurt.
When we lose a loved one here on earth, we gain an angel in heaven that watches over us. May you take comfort in knowing that you have an angel to watch over you now. We extend our most sincere condolences to you.Sue

How many more I want this to stop and There is an answer now in my body. I hope they find out how Immunotherapy has worked with me. Lets solve the problem of Mesothelioma and Cancer forever. ———-

Rays Blog

OMG its marsden day. Up in the darkness usual dog walk up the lane in the early light. Then tackle the M25. Todays traffic was less than kind. Hold ups everywhere. But we made it. Booked in and wait. 8.30 arrives and Mavis gets called in for bloods and fitting a canula. Its scan day. So after bloods we set off to get to radiology .


A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma — Article I have published today in Linkedin

We have to Ban all Asbestos its costing to much.

Letter to Prime Minister

I feel these two letters will make history. As Canada is moving nearer to a ban on Asbestos.

It is a long hard battle to keep raising awareness of Asbestos One that so many of us have played a part.

The Uk banned in 1999 but we in the UK know that it is not the whole picture as we demolish our schools and buildings and strip the asbestos from our lives. The men that carry out this work are so in danger if they haven’t the proper protection.

If you are working with asbestos you should ensure that your health is protected and wear good quality protective clothing such as our Cat 3 Type 5/6 disposable coveralls to ensure asbestos fibres do not cross contaminate other clothing.  White & Blue cat 3 Type 5/6 Coveralls available.
FFP3 valved masks Mask Pro 3 L are the highest spec available in the EU to provide protection against asbestos fibres also Half masks & P3 filters.

These poor men work in the tents all day. They mustn’t wear their own clothing so they freeze in the winter and sweat in the summer. If they want to go to toilet they have to go through the Decontamination Unit each time.

But what will happen to the contaminated demolition waste that no doubt will be contaminated, if not with asbestos but also from all the other old contaminants banned since from being used in new building products because they were proven to cause cancers and other diseases? Will it go for ‘recycling’ back into new products as most waste from construction & demolition waste does these days? If the asbestos is so ‘hidden’ then how can they possibly say for sure that any demolition waste does not contain it? No wonder new bricks were found to contain asbestos. Old contaminated wastes from construction & demolition such as wood, brick, gypsum, cement, plastics, etc., are all going for ‘recycling’ back into new building products, how can it be deemed safe to ‘recycle’ when it is never thoroughly tested and no chemical specification undertaken? Shirley my facebook friend asked.

I replied Thats why I hate it when they Demolish buildings and High rise flats. You see spectators standing around and all that dust rising up afterwards.Just another way to contaminate us.

They bury waste but that only puts the problem away to be discovered by future generations But as they charge to dispose of the waste smaller builders dump Asbestos waste in our country lanes and fields

How many times have you seen this as you drive through our country lanes.

-Its all gone mad

Asbestos disease’s are becoming an Epidemic and Mesothelioma is not  rare disease any more. It is costing the NHS so much money and although Drug companies, scientist’s  and doctors are working so hard to find treatment for us other than Palliative care we haven’t got the hospitals that can cope with huge amounts of trials and the laboratories that are needed.

I have been to the House of Commons and I see the MP’s and Lords that have every sympathy for us and are making money available but we have to work together more to get a better result for Mesothelioma survival.

We have done nothing wrong except breathed air and in that air there was a death sentence, All because of greed as so much money was made in the Asbestos industry and still does to this day.

Thats why I have copied these two letter to the Canadian Prime Minister and I pray he listens and it should also be repeated to the US president. The US did ban it once and then rescinded the vote. WHY??? They have murdered so many people since then. Yes Murdered. Its about time that word was used.

Simple Definition of murder

  • : the crime of deliberately killing a person
  • : something that is very difficult or unpleasant
  • That is the Oxford Dictionary’s explanation. It has to be deliberate as they know Asbestos kills and has been proved through so many Coroners reports.
  • Asbestos is the weapon and that is a very difficult and pleasant way to die.

So I applauded these to letters and hope they get to the concious of all the leaders in all the governments

Submitted by Sheila_CMF on Fri, 04/15/2016 – 16:46

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

RE: Request for a ban on asbestos

Like many people, I didn’t know what Mesothelioma was or even how to pronounce it until it affected my family in the most unimaginable way. On behalf of my Dad, who is fighting daily to survive and find some peace, I would like to encourage you to ban asbestos and save other innocent lives. I am aware of a major push the general public, government organizations, unions, activist groups, media and people like my family are making to encourage your government to be a leader and change the course in what is now, an embarrassing and horrible legacy our nation will endure for many years to come. In almost every way possibly I am a very proud Canadian but I find it difficult to be proud when I consider how we have let back room dealings and small minded people have such an effect on the lives of our nations citizens and others around the world. For so many years we have been risking the public’s wellbeing in order to keep an industry so fraught with safety hazards operating despite the shift in policy from nearly all of the respected nations in the world.

Many of us are working on how to help those already affected by Mesothelioma and other diseases but there is nothing we can do to prevent it from happening until there is a ban. As a member of the Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation we are educating the public, supplying information to those already diagnosed and helping to connect the medical community across Canada but we want this to be the final generation of Canadians that have to deal with an ever increasing number of people affected by Asbestos each year.

Since my Dad was diagnosed with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma in December 2013 our family has faced unimaginable difficulty in watching the strongest man I’ve ever known become stripped of his life as he knew it. He underwent an Extrapleural Pneumonectomy (removal of his lung, lining around the heart and part of his diaphragm), which is an extremely invasive procedure in which he barely survived coming out of an induced coma for 8 weeks, having lost all strength in his body right down to having the ability to swallow. After over two years of rehabilitation in which he has been through countless complications he is still fighting for quality of life. His fight is noble and for me the most difficult thing I’ve ever witnessed. At the same time it is unimaginably, completely unnecessary. This is why I write to you today. This disease is completely preventable. You, Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, are in a unique situation of having the ability to be the leader that brought Canada out of the dark and legislate the outright ban of Asbestos.

Clearly this is not a partisan issue. We are looking for the entire government’s support which would make a strong statement for the rest of Canada. I have attached a letter from a victim of Mesothelioma that recently contacted our organization looking for guidance and support. It’s powerful and brings back a flood of the frustration we initially faced when my Dad was first diagnosed. Now is the time to finally do the right thing. We can right the wrongs of our past and prevent these innocent people from again and again asking why? Please help.


Dorn Cassidy
Director; Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation

Letter Number two

An Open Letter To the Members of Parliament of Canada
Thank you for the opportunity to connect with you today.

My name is David Hill, I am 55 years, a husband and father of three, and I live in a small town in Alberta – but only for the next 2 to 5 years, according to my doctor.

I have a rare, terminal cancer called Mesothelioma that has only one cause, and that is contact with the mineral Asbestos.

The link between asbestos contact and fatal illness has been apparent since 200 AD when Roman overseers noticed that their slaves working in mineral mines were dying. The first documented death from contact with asbestos occurred in 1906. The medical community demonstrated a conclusive link between working in close proximity to asbestos and terminal organ cancers in 1924. In 1930, the disease was linked with abdominal and respiratory disease, and in 1941 that disease became known as mesothelioma. Since that time over countless people, including 100,000 Americans working in the ship building and maintenance industry alone have died far ahead of their time. In Canada, we seem not to have kept track of our own body count; our government accountants and policy wonks chose economic gain over human life and continued to refute the cancer danger well into the 1950’s.

The only time I have been in contact with asbestos in my life was during my service with the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve when I was a university student. You don’t need to be a miner or an industrial worker to get this disease; all you need is a single, microscopic encounter to fatally poison you. I was a navigating officer trainee posted to naval ships that were constructed between 1944 and 1952. They were packed with asbestos, the wonder material Canada was promoting in that era. My bed aboard ship had an asbestos clad pipe running over it, and we learned to fight fires in an asbestos filled simulator. No one advised us that there was any danger, our officers told us everything was safe and to get on with the job of defending our fellow Canadians. I was in the Naval Reserve for 17 years, and was promoted and decorated for my service. As a Reservist, I was proud to be “twice the citizen” as Winston Churchill called us. But I did not know that my dedication to our country would be rewarded with an early and terrible death.

Mesothelioma is an insidious disease, it lies in wait for 30 years, and then arises quickly and finishes you off. Microscopic asbestos fibres invade your respiratory and digestive systems undetected, and settle in the lining of your lungs or abdomen. They cause a cancer that grows inside your living tissue, very, very slowly, resulting in thickening and swelling of the mesoteric linings, with lesions that erupt inside like scabs, and form grey tendrils about an inch long that look a bit like shag carpet. As the disease spreads and matures, infected tissues connect with your vital organs and begin to kill you from the inside out; after that, the disease metasizes and spreads rapidly throughout your lymphatic system. There are no warning signs or incidents that trigger detection. Symptoms begin with a persistent cough or stomach cramp, followed by sense of fatigue and a bit of weight loss. By the time you realize you might have something other than a cold, is already too late, and you are gone within 2-5 years.

There is no cure for mesothelioma, only chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery targeted at delaying mortality. I was diagnosed in 2015 and will have the operation to try and prolong my life; there is a 40% chance I may last another 10 years with constant care. I have lived a good and productive life, I have served my family and my country well, and I lie awake at night wondering how I deserve to meet such an end.

Asbestos is now everywhere in our environment. It’s in the insulation and floor tiles, pipes and ductwork of your schools, and in the concrete, bricks, pipes and fireplace cement, heat, fire, and acid resistant gaskets, pipe insulation, ceiling insulation, fireproof drywall, flooring, roofing, lawn furniture, and drywall joint compound of your homes. In 2011 it was reported that over 50% of homes, schools, government and commercial buildings still contain asbestos, despite the current regulation of installation of new asbestos products.

It only takes a momentary, microscopic connection with the mineral to cause infection. The long latency period of asbestos related cancers means that people infected today will not be diagnosed until 2045. Canada’s mesothelioma cancer rate is now one of the highest in the world. Our persistence in denying the toxic effects and in permitting its production and use in thousands of products has laid the groundwork for exposing us all. About 2.1 of every 100,000 Canadians are diagnosed each year and it is expected that the death rate will climb for several more years.

We have a political obsession with our national debt, I often hear about how we should not be passing our debt to our grandchildren; Parliamentarians, we have a latent asbestos debt in this country, and if we do not act to remove this horror from our environment, we are murdering our grandchildren.

As of 2014, 44 countries have banned use of asbestos in their environments, including Australia, the UK, most of Western Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Argentina, South Korea and even Mozambique. Why does Canada, a supposedly advanced and progressive nation, continue to choose asbestos over the lives of its future generations? Only you can answer that.

My time will soon be up, but my children, and someday, I hope, my grandchildren whom I will never see, will continue to build our great society. I implore you to act to ensure their health and safety, and to give final meaning to my life, and to the lives of the thousands of asbestos victims now lost, and to the hundreds of thousands of victims yet to come.


David Hill
Water Valley, Alberta

Just as I published this has come out today

asbestos usa

My web page

A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -The Story of Danger Dust and it isn’t Asbestos

I had a friend request yesterday from a remarkable man. Even Cyber friends you can just click and know when someone is reaching out to you and makes you think.
Im so wrapped up in Asbestos but this man has shown me Dust and cement are just as crippling and cause pain and hurt and twist the body.I wanted to share my experience and teach you that you have to be careful and protect you lungs and your body when at work.
So my lesson began
Hello Mavis..Thank you for adding me to your group..I have been following your progress for some time..fantastic wonderful person..I have taken the liberty of inviting you to our Dust Danger page….Again thank you from myself the Danger Dust …pseudonym of Gordon Sommerville himself and all my dusty warrior friends …you take care Maa’am..You do fantastic stuff Mavis
I am now classed as disabled..To put it simply ..and put very simply..from a simpletons..simpleton…..I am now plagued with one or more of these simple inflammatory autoimmune diseases…I am a stonemason to of the many effected by the harmless dust…As the dust has menaced myself and most of my friends ..I just think it jolly good fun , proper and sporting that I..should menace the dust in some way ???.
Thank you for your concern Mavis..your kind thoughts are very much apreciated..I am on the volunteer research list..ha soon as they find one thing another one pops up..the point that I am making to the government is that us guys up here only seem to have simple or excelerated silicosis ..but we  all seem to fall prey to various autoimmune conditions..lupus..vasculitis..sleroderma..but usually have more than one..vasculitis killed my working partner last old tradesman six years ago..we are ,more than a cluster..the problem up here is what to do with us..ha ha..thank you again.
We do get publicity..problem is.. this has been known about for a very long time..first described by Dr Bra well in 1914 during his study of Scottish stonemasons..Diamond cutting blades put the tin hat on it..they decreased particulate size but increased the ingestion factor..there was a government release on the subject in 1992 to federation companies..that was quickly hushed can not tell old sick miners ,quarrymen and steelworkers that they might have had the weird shit in the blood thing all goodness..that would be admitting to something..If word got out this could travel abroad..Implications..According to our government Crystalline silica dust is a cause of silicosis end of..the new American ruling has made them re-word can’t have American frackers working over here covered by different rules..hence the change in wording..British Petroleum smile emoticon
I have written many reports and blogs and published.I also have asbestos nodules in my lungs..but not full blown asbestosis ..but if you note the HSE’s do not trigger autoimmune diseases with fibre scars the UK that is..modern research shows how your macrophage cells basically become impaled on the shards of silica or the asbestos fibres trapped in your lungs then burst releasing their nasty toxins..this in turn produces an immune response ..wheremore than just your T cells become confused..and that is only one of the ways dust causes problems..diamond cutting blades produce a near gas..these fine particles can be absorbed through the eyes or skin..that is why I shout loudly about full face powered RPE systems and repellent coveralls..And this is from me ..the man who would not listen till it bit him on the arse ha ha:-) ..sorry not on my laptop.trying to write on this spell checking one line at a time mobile devise..I hope what you are getting makes sense smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon
My wife has been unwell for some time..she has been showing positive on he last two urine dip tests..she also washed my I used to dress stone as well as build house usually had an ever surmounting build up of dust everywhere..the dust with the saw is so fine it goes straight through you overalls ..gets into your underwear..even fills your pockets..Jacquie used to wash any coins I had in my pockets..ha ha..but she could never get them to shine as they would become so abraded in just a day..I do always try to shout very loudly to the guys,just to get that point over about taking dust home..awareness on all these subjects are essential..and I personally will keep shouting
I worked as part of a team who rebuilt structures after asbestos de-lagging in the early 80’s..we worked from a contamination unit..had more RPE and PPE then in the 1980,s than you will ever see on any construction site or stone yard today in 2016.. Also we were only allowed in there for 2 hrs at a time..not like the 10 hour day seven days a week in a stone yard…And yes it is exactly the same as asbestos..asbestos leaves fibre shards ..silica leaves little glass crystal shards..both perfect for impaling your macrophage make glass from silica sand
My words are usually sweary ones can copy whatever you like..The whole idea is to spread the word..make people aware of the fact that dust is dangerous..
My story is one of many..all roughly the same..I did write three or four descriptions of events..very colourful..i was on 85 mg of steroids at the was written for the guys who know me in a language called..Scottish foul mouthed builders abuse..but i suppose my life story is in there somewhere between the profanities..feel free to alter some of the wording ha ha…
DUST DANGER DISEASE Craft and Trade Awareness: MY Life in Dust From Start To Finish Starring…
The same blog is also on tumblr..I do stuff on wordpress and have four awareness websites along with G+, and twitter pages..but the facebook page seems to be the most popular..most of the guys like the terrible tales page though.. You have to be aware of asbestos also as you well know Mavis..myself and many others were exposed to asbestos on refurbishment works..the stuff is i said I had previously worked with an asbestos company with a very good safety record..When we came across abestos on refurb jobs with a construction contractor was always just a case of it out boys..RPE if you were lucky would be a paper mask

Lupus doesn’t have one clear origin. Researchers believe it results from a complex equation of multiple factors. One part of the equation is your genetic makeup; another involves the hormones that regulate much of your body’s functions. A third is your environment.

When scientists use the term “environment,” they don’t mean only sunlight and other outdoor factors. “When we start talking about the environment, we are talking about things that are nongenetic in nature,” explains Mark F. Gourley, M.D., fellowship training program director at the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

I will leave you to read the rest but Im so unhappy that the world and the chemicals in it Kill

Please wear the right safety equipment and use the right protection and keep your self safe. We dont go to work to die

HSE link

a PS today — Fantastic Mavis..Again Thank You Most construction workers are exposed to RCD at some point some more than others. Crystalline silica is also found in wood so joiners and workshop joiners are exposed to this nonsense as well.. Then you have the steel workers who blast steel,The potters and ceramics workers..Dental technicians,electronics workers..silica is in chips and electronic bits and pieces..textile workers who blast jeans.. Silica is in the soil and wheat so farmers fall prey to this ..not to forget miners and frackers …. Quite a lot of people from very different working backgrounds that all seem to have two things in common..they work with crystalline silica dust and are prone to autoimmune diseases…there are many other triggers everything from solvents to sun light.. Many men who have severe autoimmune conditions usually have a history of occupational exposure to crystalline Silica Dust..These conditions are not as rare as some people make them out to be

And another add on this is fascinating — See Mavis… and others… as you can see my friend Gordon aka Danger Dust also reveals to you that his WG/GPA (Autoimmune Vasculitis) and also mine and my husbands WG/GPA are caused by exposure to crystalline silica and asbestos in dust from the construction industry. There are so many more of us victims out there, between us we know lots of them. We were all meant to meet up and spread the word about the dangers of dust containing asbestos, crystalline silica, etc. There is loads of good peer reviewed research published out there now to prove it. Crystalline silica and more recently too asbestos are linked to causing autoimmune diseases such as WG (GPA), Lupus, RA, & others from the list of 80-100 autoimmune diseases now on the list, with 40 more waiting to be added to it, MS being one of the more recent ones. You only have to look at what happened to thousands of victims of the World Trade Center dusts and the very high incidence of autoimmune disease that followed and is still increasing, not only cancers, etc. That was dust that came from what became a massive demolition site, full of construction and demolition wastes, just like the contaminated waste that currently is being ‘recycled’ back into new building products in the wood, brick, plastics, cement, etc., industries. It contains all those previously banned chemicals & substances, banned from use in new building products because they were proven to cause cancers, asbestos related diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc. It’s being ‘recycled’ back into new building products by stealth under the guise of ‘recycling’, without ever being stated on any MSDS. We all know that MSDS are a complete loophole for the industry written by the industry. They are mostly useless, as who ever checks they are correct anyway. But when you combine this with failing and not fit for purpose regulatory authorities such as the HSE, EA, LA’s, etc., who rarely enforce legislation designed to protect both public and employees, who work to out of date data and use out dated monitoring systems (see the report ‘No Proof of No Harm’ for evidence of that…. just Google it), who protect only the industries needs and profits over protecting human health and you have the recipe for a ticking firebomb….. for us all. We are leaving a legacy for the future that our own children and grandchildren will suffer from. The ‘recycling’ of old contaminated construction & demolition waste is happening in absolutely massive quantities and no one knows exactly how much or into which new building products it’s going back into. Look around and everyone will see that these ‘recycling’ companies, ‘recycling’ construction & demolition waste companies are all around us. When travelling on a motorway look how many lorries are from ‘recycling’ or waste companies and that’s those that use their own named lorries to advertise but many don’t. Stobart’s for example, process wood waste themselves now in massive quantities, and transport it all over to Biomass Incinerators, mostly from docks. Waste wood is being imported now too so can be coming from other countries that don’t have regulations at all. God knows what’s in that. The same ‘recycled’ contaminated waste wood extracted from the C&D wastes is used in the manufacture of wood composite boards such as MDF, chipboard, particleboard, etc., by big companies such as Sonae (closed down after the world’s largest class action began), Kronospan, Egger, etc. Australia refuses almost half of all the wood composite board that is imported from China, as they have much stricter regulations overall, but we don’t here in the UK. All use old waste wood but then include a certain, very small percentage of what they refer to as ‘virgin’ wood because then they can sell it to the huge DIY sheds that insist on the products they stock being FSC certified to appear to be environmentally friendly to their more aware customers. To get FSC certification on a wood or wood based product it only has to have a very small percentage of ‘virgin’ wood, which is supposed to be traceable & from sustainable forests and all that environmentally friendly stuff they’ve brainwashed us all into believing. So yet more loopholes like with MSDS. What you have at the moment is industries effectively policing themselves, & we all know what that means. Even the EA have TAG’s to advise them, made up of representatives from the industry they are supposed to be protecting us all from. DUR! Industry insists and advises EA that they don’t need further regulation….. they’re going to be good girls & boys and police themselves…… EA says great….. just what we wanted to hear….so we can sit back and monitor using out dated monitoring methods…….no surprise there!! The only losers are the unsuspecting understandably ignorant, brainwashed public earning what they want to hear. Then you look at the ‘FSC’ organisation that grants that valuable certification, then you see what a fairy story that is too, how it’s the wood industries behind it, certifying themselves & their own products, hence why only a small % of ‘virgin’ wood is required to meet the criteria to get the certification. Wood waste recycling companies also provide the same contaminated waste wood directly as fuel for Biomass or for wood pellet production that then also fuel Biomass Incinerators and even home wood stoves. Burning the contaminated ‘recycled’ waste (but technically it’s not being ‘recycled’ if it’s being burnt) causes toxic emissions even in the best of them. Then, to add to the mix, according to EA statistics, there is on average 1 large fire per day at ‘recycling’ plants causing plumes of toxic smoke that drift for miles, the Fire Service have raised concerns about it. These burn for weeks, smoulder on for several more showering whole communities with black very toxic, carcinogenic smoke, killing fish in rivers, wildlife & so on. Then there is the added danger of dioxins, furans, etc, that form from incomplete combustion processes. Dioxins are carcinogens on their own right, the worst of the worst, as these in conjunction with other carcinogens speed up the carcinogenic processes, so cancers can be formed far earlier than you would normally see. Smoke gets darker the more particles (contaminants) it contains, some so small they cannot be seen with the naked eye, which are the most harmful of all. As with any particulates the smaller the particle e.g. those smaller than PM 2.5 can pass through the lung tissue after inhalation via the alveoli into the bloodstream where they are transported to any part of the body to cause harm/disease. Keeping windows closed does not protect communities, especially the very young, elderly or those already suffering ill health, which is normally the only advice they are given by the Fire Service/EA. Smoke kills, we all know that, so why are communities told that smoke is harmless? ‘Recycling’ in this way has to stop or the incidence rates of cancers, asbestos related diseases, autoimmune diseases, respiratory diseases, birth defects, infant mortality & so on, will rise. Not all ‘recycling’ is safe and environmentally friendly. The ‘recycling’ cycle has to be stopped without further research, better notification on product MSDS, uptodate legislation/regulation and improved enforcement by the regulatory authorities. That said no amount of regulation can offer sufficient protection for all employees or communities exposed to the emissions from it. We all need to wake up and smell the coffee, or should I say the contaminated dust!! Or ‘recycling’ will become the new asbestos…. only far worse!! Do we really want this to be our legacy that we leave for future generations, for our own children and grandchildren????


A Diary Of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelima –ADAO 12th Asbestos Awareness Conference

I couldn’t believe that this picture came on Face Book as it was the church we were married in  1960. I had already been telling my story at the ADAO Conference via Skype. That story started in 1960 how weird was that.

The church has been pulled down many years ago and a modern Christian hall was built.

That picture holds so many memories.

I had to do a sound test for ADAO but they said the sound wasnt good. So I sat right by the camera. I wish I hadn’t as it showed up all wrinkles and mad me look to old.

 Paul Zygielbaum presented our section telling the story of survival. My heroin Heather Von St James told here story which is about a very young mother jsuta had a baby and discovers she has Meso, That must have been devastating.In 2005, at the age of 36, and only three months after giving birth to my beautiful daughter Lily Rose, I was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. Upon learning of this life-altering diagnosis, my husband Cameron and I embarked upon a search to find the best mesothelioma treatment care available. Our search eventually led us to Dr. David Sugarbaker, a renowned mesothelioma surgeon at the Boston based Brigham and Women’s hospital. – See more at:

Then it was Lou who couldn’t come as she is ill and has to get her Chemo sorted out as Keytruda has failed for her. It just isn’t for everyone but finding who it is right for is a real headache for the Doctors as it is a dear drug. As you know i have found out it is made from Hamsters Ovaries and the process is so expensive to get it from that to a drug safe for us to use.

See what I mean far to close and this wasnt the picture I had on my screen so I didnt know it was coming over like this

I wanted to look like me !!!!

I wish I had taken a chance a sit right back. You cant go back and change it but I have learnt a big lesson for next time.

Paul told his story and you will find it on the link of Live stream, if it doesn’t work I will have to wait until Linda works on it.

It was a very full program and the speakers were fascinating

So many stories like Paul Brodeur talking about kids in South Africa tamping down asbestos as it was mined in the 1940 and other stories.

Dr. Christine Oliver spoke about  de morbid articum 1713. Ramazzini  who mentioned  asbestos disease 300 years ago

.Bryan Haywood commented The human race just cant not seem to learn from history and the mistakes of others. China and India should have learned first hand as to how Asbestos impacted our society and continues to IMPACT families and cost our economy billions each year, yet when they build a new COAL FIRED power plant we hear the tree huggers crying about the environment and not a peep about the use of a BANNED SUBSTANCE in the USA since 1989. The stuff works as an insulator, but the price of its use goes far beyond the install price! Where is the UN when you really need them!!Well said x

We saw this chart  Arthur Frank – 107,000 global asbestos death. China and India top users.

And people think it is banned -Oh no it isnt.

Deaths keep on rising just from mesothelioma alone so with other problems like Asbestosis that figure is doubled. So Asbestos causes 146,642 deaths a year.

When are they going to get on top of it ???

Bridget Bersin talked about her grandpa who died from asbestos as an insulator at Texaco. Note the lost time sign from the 1930s.

A wonderful but very sad presentation.
 Greek historian Strabo mentioned a “sickness of the lungs” in slaves weaving asbestos into cloth. Roman historian and naturalist Pliny the Elder also attempted to raise awareness of the “disease of slaves” who mined asbestos and inhaled its hazardous fibers.
 I was talking to John Newquist through out the whole conference. it is fascinating when you sit with an expert on Safety you see the whole thing through his eyes. I was fascinated. I have some of his presentations
I will show more info as ADAO release it to you tube.
I have just shown the out line.
Waiting for today to start now

A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -No Keytruda today And a Personal Letter from Lord Saatchi


Feel Im on the rocks again But just a Blip I hope.

After a great day in London meetings attended and a skype conference all in  the new building at ST Pancras

 People and plants on a sunny lunchtime in Pancras Square, King's Cross

I thought when I saw this being built it was the New Crick Hospital site and I was wrong That is just around the corner. 

View across the Brill Place-Midland Road junction.

This part of London is really being developed and with the fast trains it is so much easier to get here now.

I had a great meeting with MSD (Merk) and a big discus ion about  Keytruda and the future and of coarse they are very proud of my good results. I more scan and if still the same result then we are talking of remission. So unheard of in Mesothelioma.

We had to have an early start to the Marsden and my ankles just had not gone down overnight. So swollen I knew I had to report this and get the problem solved. So I sort of knew I wouldn’t be having the drug but I hoped I was wrong. We are so near they end of the trial and yet I’m really playing around. I knew the problem was listed in the trials report alongside Diabetes and blood sugar drops which I have also suffered blood sugar drops to 2 sometimes.  All reported in the trials result Sheet that has been published.

This is something that when you pay for the drug cant be recorded for the trial but of coarse when you are at that stage you done care what the results are you just want a chance at the drug. Which is what I told MSD. Give us the drug we know what the risks are but we just want as many drugs as possible we want to get away from the dreadful word of Palliative Care. I was told what our drug was made of. Hamsters Ovaries are the basis and they even throw in a bit of rat. I thought well its gone past April 1st and here it is in black and white– Pembrolizumab is a humanised monoclonal anti-programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) antibody (IgG4/kappa isotype with a stabilising sequence alteration in the Fc region) produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells by recombinant DNA technolo

So if you see me doing this ha ha !! 

The traffic was light and we arrived early. I was called in for bloods and my very astute nurse saw my shiny skin on my feet and so I showed my swollen ankles and shiny unreal skin on my legs.

She weighed me but I was the same as she was worried the fluid would make me weigh heavier.

I wanted for the Doctor who was very worried about what was going on. My blood results showed good Kidney function My heart sounded good and my breathing was passing so she wants another Echo Scan of my heart. That meant coming ho,me and waiting for the appointment. I thought this would be sent to me but no! the phone rang and I have an appointment for Thursday at St Anthony’s in Cheam. I have to arrive at the Marsden tomorrow early so  that at 8.30 I travel by Taxi have the scan. If everything is OK. I can have my drug. So that is what we will do. The plan is made.

I have started a coarse of Diuretics and this morning I have awoken to little ankles again and my legs are more comfortable. Another Blip seems to be overcome. Oh dear my life is so medical at times which does wear you down but I keep thing that June the first I will be free to live my life as I want to Wrong!! so much has happened to me and so much publicity my life  will never be the same again. It is amazing the people Im meeting and the wonderful new friendships.

I think coming home to a personal letter from Lord Saatchi just about topped things for me.


Another very proud moment that we have made it happen and I was able to tell MSD to use this new Act and lets get Keytruda through quicker…. They are really going to look at it. 



A Diary of A Mesowarrior Living with Mesothelioma -Asbestos Awareness Week Day 2, A Mesowarrior Story Susan Maughan death, and why a call to ban Log Burners.

It was a lovely sunny day today and I went out at dawn this morning with the dog at 5.30am. I couldn’t sleep and it was easy to walk after a good nights sleep so I shocked the dog and put the lead on him. It was just  Dawn and all the neighbours were asleep as Louis trotted along beside me.

asbo swan

Please share. April 2nd – Day TWO of Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW) blog features “Women Who Roar: Meet the 2016 Global Asbestos Awareness Week Ambassadors, Heather Von St James, Lou Williams, andMavis Nye.”

Check back tomorrow for Day THREE — “Quincy Jones, Mesothelioma Patient and Comedian, Raises Asbestos Awareness.”

I have played a part in this read our stories on this link

I read a article that has caused a friend and I to have a chat about and we want to bring it to peoples attention.

Winsford woman ‘almost certainly’ exposed to asbestos following 1983 COD Donnington blaze, inquest hears

Susan Maughan, 63

Susan Maughan, 63

2 days ago / Kenny Lomas, Reporter /

A DISABLED Winsford woman was ‘almost certainly’ exposed to asbestos in the aftermath of an army storage warehouse fire in Donnington more than 30 years ago, an inquest has heard.

Susan Maughan, 63, of Dee Way, died in her home on October 30, 2015.

On December 2012 she was diagnosed with Mesothelioma – an aggressive form of cancer that is usually caused by asbestos exposure.

At an inquest on Thursday, March 31, a statement from Ms Maughan’s daughter, Lorraine Laketic, revealed the family moved to Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles.

During their time there the family were in the vicinity of at least two explosions, the inquest heard.

The family later moved to Telford, in the borough of Donnington, Shropshire.

In 1983 the family were potentially exposed to asbestos following an explosion at COD Donnington, an Army storage warehouse.

As a result, ash containing asbestos was scattered over a 15 square mile area, which was linked to the death of Paula Ann Nunn – who died of mesothelioma – at a separate inquest last October.

At the time of the blaze, Ms Laketic accused the local authority of waiting too long to inform residents of the potential danger of the smoke.

“It took the local authority five days before they told the community, so they were exposed to asbestos for all that time,” Ms Laketic told the inquest.

Ms Maughan started smoking around 14, and was smoking around 20 cigarettes a day at the time of her death. She started getting chest pains around four years before she died.

Dr Peter Larmour, of High Street Medical Practice, Winsford, said in a statement that Ms Maughan visited the surgery on two occasions in 2011 and 2012 with breathing difficulties.

She was diagnosed with mesothelioma and began chemotherapy treatment, which lasted for three years.

On one occasion she had to be treated for a collapsed lung as a result of the disease, the court.

In March 2015 a CT scan showed the tumours were spreading and Ms Maughan was deemed ‘not fit for further chemotherapy’, the doctor’s statement said.

Dr Larmour said over the coming months her health deteriorated and she was given palliative care at St Luke’s Hospice.

“She died in her own home with her family. That is what she wanted,” Ms Laketic said in her statement.

Ms Maughan had several jobs over the years including a hairdresser, several cleaning jobs, bacon packer and plastic factory worker.

A post mortem concluded there was ‘no definitive proof’ of asbestos in her body though it was possible the cancer was caused by asbestos exposure.

John Pollard, Senior Coroner for Manchester South, said: “In my view there is no evidence that she was exposed to asbestos where she worked.

“There is significant evidence she may, well almost certainly, was exposed to asbestos in the aftermath of the Donnington explosion.”

Delivering his conclusion, Mr Pollard ruled that Ms Maughan’s death was an accidental one.

He said: “It was an accident that she was exposed to it and that is the only conclusion I can reach.”

Turning this into a guest blog my friend wrote

This lady’s exposure and subsequent death is very sad and also very concerning considering the increasingly large number of huge fires from recycling plants that recycling all kinds of contaminated old waste, be it wood waste extracted from construction & demolition waste from demolition of old buildings, plastic waste or whatever waste (it is all contaminated with something & lots of these older chemicals/substances found in recycled waste are now banned from new products, yet bizarrely despite them being banned because they were scientifically proven to cause cancers and other diseases, they are being put back in to new products under the guise of ‘recycling’ with no mention as to what the recycled content may contain on any MSDS, so no warning & no protection for others in the future who will be exposed). So much so that the Fire Service have raised serious concerns about the numbers and severity but no thought to those exposed, those in the communities affected….the Coroners decision in this lady’s case is invaluable to victims from communities where these toxic fires are occurring. Hopefully it will have a good effect in the future. One wonders how many cases were caused at that one site then think of all the explosions that went on at the same time and how many cases that caused

That’s what I want to know too, how many more? Why do they keep telling people this known toxic smoke is not dangerous in the short term when it’s never tested, so how can they know. The advice to keep windows closed will not prevent the smaller particles in the smoke from getting into homes, etc. These recycling plants and fires and the recycling industry and the ‘recycling’ of all these ‘nasties’, for want of a better word, back into new products, surely just storing up a huge problem for others exposed in the future, which could lead to an even bigger one than asbestos has caused already if that’s possible, this is something I’ve been researching for some years now. This decision by this Coroner is eye opening to me, so good to hear at last and should by rights open the flood gates for others. Why the national press and others haven’t picked up on it is odd! To me at least. There is on average one fire per day at recycling plants according to EA stats, the Fire Service have already raised concerns at the number and severity. How many were recycling wastes that may have contained construction and demolition wastes from the demolition of old buildings that will undoubtedly have contained asbestos and many other toxic and carcinogenic elements? Wood waste recyclers being of a concern too.


Then we read this Video

when I walk Louis round in the evening I know who is burning their wood stoves and Im always moaning to Ray about it as I cant breath as I go by In the US they’re banning them from lots of states, as scientifically proven to be bad for health and to cause cancers and respiratory disease. If smoking kills people why not wood burning stoves?

A very thought provoking day.