A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -meso going glamping, april Fri 22nd to mon 25th kent

Ray has written the blog so I will add more pictures of a great weekend


Wow what a weekend we had at Allhallows with the mesowarriors .

Its always good to meet up again.  Friday evening we  made our way  to the entertainment centre looking for  food. . Oh dear  food closes at 9pm we were too late. So next stop was a pizza bar. I dont eat pizza so I had BOBS Bowl . I thought it was  chicken legs chicken nuggets and wedges wit  sauces. We carried it  into the entertainment  hall. The  Group  was playing  Bedlam  so bloody loud . But I did my usual trick. Whip out my  hearing aids. Stuff a big ball of wet tisue in left ear. Noise what noise. I am  totally deaf in right ear so I dont hear the band..  Angy was called up on the stage to  do  family fortune quiz show. . When I was clearing the  rubbish away It dawned on me I had only 2 packs of food  should have been 3. No wedges. But it was too late now I had no proof. . Next day when  noise levels were  normal it turned out that  several of us were cheated on our orders. Some got it sorted straight away..

We decided  that we would hold a party. Tracy and Angy were driven into town by Dianne to get  some food. Mavis said Get what ever you see and get  drinks and just give me the bill its my way of saying thanks for  what you did for me in London. So 6 pm  we all made our way to Tracys van and we spent the entire evening  eating drinking and having a laugh.

Sunday Mavis and I decided to  go  down and get a  breakfast We met Dianne and  after  breakfast  we went back to Angys van because  we were soon to say  our goodbyes. They all had a long journey home. This time for us it was only about an hours drive home.

Another successful weekend .



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