A Dairy Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma Keytruda drug Day and The 10th Birthday Party Of The Royal Marsden DDU

It was drug day yesterday so we travelled up the M25 and it wasn’t a bad journey as I was dreading a Friday.

I sat in the waiting room and then went and gave my bloods and chatted with the Doctor who went through everything and had already ordered my drug for me.

She said as it was number 50 and I only had 2 more to go. It was explained that I wont be left on my own, that I will have a scan every 2 months and IF the Mesothelioma came back then I could have the drug for 1 year. So I have this as a back up plan.

I asked all my questions and had answers so Im very relaxed about the ending of the trial.

Off we went for breakfast and Ray and I walked to find where they were holding their 10th Anniversary Party that evening. So we just sat in the waiting room back at the Drugs Development Unit and Oak ward.. I was called in early and my wonder drug was soon running through my veins.

We waited around and then walked to the 10th Birthday Party to meet everyone for the evenings fun.

I was able to chat to so many of the staff that have been involved with me through my journey in the last two years and everyone was so Excited about iMIG and all I had achieved there. No one was cross that Dean and I had announced to the world my wonderful news.

They were all so thrilled and loved the video of my speech on the stage. Im so sorry that the quality was not good but it was just all we could do and I hope that someone has recorded it better and will send it to me.

So I had a great time

The Agenda for the DDU Open Evening is as follows:

4:30 pm Arrival

5:00 pm Welcome and introduction by Dr Shelley Dolan, Chief Nurse who told us how the Unit started with just one trial.


5:05 pm Opening speech by Prof Johann de Bono, Director Drug Development Unit My hero told us all about trials and patients and how Gary Lineker had opened the Unit 10 years ago.


5:15 pm Experiences from patients and staff



I have met these lovely Patients they spoke so well tonight

5:45 pm DDU exhibits and meet the team

6:50 pm Closing speech by Dr Udai Banerji, Deputy Director

We had to go home as they were running late at this point but I had a lovely long chat to Dr Udai Banerji


The photo of the night was my Nurse Rex and his lovely family


The Oak Foundation Drug Development Unit is one of the largest facilities in the world dedicated to testing new cancer therapies. Over the past year, almost 300 patients entered early clinical trials to test a whole range of new drugs and treatments. The unit is based at The Royal Marsden’s Sutton hospital, where it conducts trials that will lead to the development of new cancer medications and stretch the possibilities for future cancer treatments. It has been ranked ‘double outstanding’ by Cancer Research UK.

Innovation in cancer research

Recent breakthroughs include abiraterone, a groundbreaking drug that targets aggressive prostate cancer, and the first ever trial with a new agent that could offer more targeted treatment for ovarian cancer. The unit also conducted an important study comparing the effectiveness of CT and MRI scans in detecting cancer in blood vessels.

In recognition of their life-changing work, a multidisciplinary team from The Royal Marsden and The Institute of Cancer Research, led by Professor Paul Workman, received the prestigious Team Science Award from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in April 2012. This was the first time it had ever been won by a team from outside the USA. The AACR said its decision was based on “the tremendous impact this team has had in preclinical and clinical studies of cancer therapeutics”.

The post of one of the members of this team, Dr Udai Banerji, is funded by The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Phase 1 clinical trials

Professor Johann de Bono, Professor in Experimental Cancer Medicine, had this to say: “The unit enhances our ‘bench to bedside’ approach to treating patients. It is specifically designed for Phase I clinical trials. There are ten inpatient beds, five treatment chairs and two outpatient suites, as well as laboratory facilities and a seminar room. We are benefiting patients by offering them access to more than 30 trials.”

Your support

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity raised £2.8 million for the Oak Foundation Drug Development Unit which opened in February 2005.

Support The Royal Marsden and you’re investing in a future beyond cancer for you and everyone you know.


– See more at: http://www.royalmarsden.org/drug-development-unit#sthash.suL1s4Ya.dpuf



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