A Diary of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma FRom #Asbestos-Im On Israel TV Tonight, A surprise Call from the Royal Marsden 2 more Keytruda’s

Exciting time as tonight I’m on Israel TV. It was a Skype Interview I did with a dear friend who I had helped to get onto Keytruda and she was asked to talk about it on TV.

I will have a link when they put it on-line but until then I have had to ask friends if they have contacts in Israel to tell me how it all goes..

Message from my dear Isralian friend Niki —-the program we filmed will be translated tomorrow at 22.10
they told me that there will be an episode with you
it should be several days after online, asap I will sent it to you —-We are on Israel TV at last —-
Last year we hear at least once a week on “the new medicine that conquers cancer”. The last few months I went out, along with Noa Saturn, following the story of one of those drugs, showing as “ACE” in front of the number 1 Killer in the world. Hqytrwdh managed to cure terminal (meanwhile mostly certain forms of skin cancer, kidney and lungs), And she has a pretty impressive database of stopping the disease and even tumors whʻlmţm reduction.
Any other types of cancer, the effect of the medicine is still under investigation, it is unclear who is going to help patients and who doesn’t, but one of course not giving up hope.

So where’s the problem? For the price. Between 20 to 60 $ a month.

Our film “life too precious” will be broadcast tomorrow at 22:10 ON CHANNEL 2, following 3 patients who fight about hqytrwdh: Life, Nica and adi. Disposable Heroes who find themselves in a nightmare twice: on the one hand fight terrible diseases and on the other hand the race to raise the money for the drug might save them. People break savings, exciting facebook posts from friends, raising benefit shows and sometimes even a home equity loan with this, for a chance at life, chance to heal.
Towards the end of the movie, sitting in front of us tal morganstern, an economist at the health department who runs first negotiating prices of medication, which tells of cynicism is shocking where she ran into. How pharmaceutical companies sitting people wmţmẖrym medication regardless of the cost of production and development, only by the price of our fear. This reality where cancer patients find themselves all alone – no registers patients, without an insurance company, in most cases, even without the help of the state, the reality that rich will live and everyone else dies, must change. I hope our film will help even a little bit.

The translation by Google is funny but at least we have the gist of it.


I though this was a photo of my last infusion —-WRONG !!

Yesterday as I was sitting in the Den here when at 8.40 the phone went. It was a foreign voice asking if I was Mavis Nye , I replied yes thinking to myself Oh yes a cold a call getting ready to put the phone down. Good job I didn’t it was my Doctor at The Royal Marsden to tell me they have been contacted by Merck and that I was 2 doses of my drug short. This happened when I was very ill with a blood infection which was down to a Bug in the PICC line.

Merck want me to have these even  though my result is great. So I have had to arrange this Friday to go back and have 1 dose and the other in 2 weeks. well I wasn’t expecting that.

So I will be going back to see my lovely medical team at the Marsden but at least I will have my scan result tomorrow.


We have many Mesowarriors finding hope with 2 new trails that are coming through for UK and around the world have the chance at them. Good luck to you all I send hugs to all the Mesothelioma Warriors I share the common bound with. my email is mavisnye@yahoo.co.uk. 

I have been bonded to Lou Williams in Australia as I helped when she went on Keytruda and was able to help her doctor with the dosage information.
message on her blog is
To all warriors around the world I send my love, warrior strength and cocooned hugs to you.
My email is eradicateasbestos@gmail.com
Lou xx
I love the sisterly love and the way we can help so many Warriors to get through the terrible diagnosis. To always be there for everyone with advice or information as we didn’t have it when we were first diagnosed.Hugs from us both xxx

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