A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma – #asbestos Blood Test At The Royal Marsden, Walk in the Park and a Cool Down

Today was a funny day as we had to just pop up to the Royal Marsden for a final trial blood test. We didn’t mind really as I love seeing everyone and catch up with all the news.

All those that know Carol will be pleased I walked straight into her as I got there. she is working part-time but she looks so well after her heart attack at Christmas. A hug cuddle was very welcome.


My very own Dracula from the DDU blood room met me as he came out of his office and informed me that he will be dealing with my blood this time, as it is to wrap up my trial. He has to seperate everything out and send them to Merck. My DNA will be looked at again. Everything being compared to my first tests right at the beginning of my trial.

He reads my blog so a special Hi to him xx

I sat in the day ward and everyone was shouting out “How are you ” it was lovely to see them all.


Lorraine took my blood and vital signs and I weigh myself.

With that done it was the waiting room and wait for the Doctor.

A young man in the waiting room was crying “Oh goodness I wanted to hug him” It breaks my heart to see such a young man so unhappy. There was talk about contacting the GP so I wondered what the bad news was.

I was called in by the Doctor. She was so pleased I looked so well and said they are finding that the cancers are not coming back as the Immune System does all the work now when patients have complete response likemine, I pray she is right.

They will learn from me as I’m the first Mesothelioma case in the UK. I’m so happy with that fact. I feel it has been for a reason and that reason will go on with me and so I’m having a scan every 2 months from now.

I had a thorough examination of breathing and heart chatted about my edema, this is a permant thing that I will just have to make sure keeps mild and doesnt get any worse.

So that was it I was free to go home.

We went to the canteen and had a coffee and pastry and then went out into the sun. It was lovely to see patients sitting in the warm as it has always been cold or wet so we havent done that this year.

The journey home was good and we grab Louis and went to the country park and he ran wild chasing the ball. So I got his paddling pool out on returning home and he had a cooling down.

DSC00175 DSC00177 DSC00176




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