#Asbestos-Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma -A camping Weekend and Debbies Birthday in Heaven x

We have got away for the weekend at last. Camping at Quex Park

Quex House

I love it here as I dont have to shop before hand as they have a wonderful Farm Shop so we have eaten healthy food of high quality. Vegetables fresh from Thanet Earth

Image result for thanet earth

alt text
About us
The planning permission for Thanet Earth allows us to construct up to seven greenhouses. So far we have constructed four. The investment required is enormous, with the projected cost of completing all seven standing at £135m. With such a big investment, it’s no surprise that there are a number of partners in the venture.

The UK’s largest privately-owned fresh produce supplier, Fresca Group Ltd, originally purchased the site and maintains a 50% stake in the marketing business on site that sells the crops (Thanet Earth Marketing Ltd). The remaining 50% of the Thanet Earth Marketing business is owned by companies who are specialist growers – Kaaij Greenhouses UK Ltd, Rainbow Growers, A&A Growers and Fresca Group Ltd. These companies have purchased their own greenhouse plot and constructed their greenhouse at Thanet Earth. They all pack and market their crops through Thanet Earth Marketing Ltd.

I love the Tomatoes as they box them up mixing all the different named tomatoes and sell for £5.50 per box and I eat them in sandwhiches, on toast etc etc.

Everyone at Quex camping field gave me a warm welcom and we realised what I had been missing while in treatment and off to conferences.

We settle down and got the chairs out and had a good natter.

Waterloo Tower

Also we walked with Louis and just had a great time. The gnats did come out Saturday night and that was the last thing I needed for my edima legs as the skin feels paper thin. I put on plenty of cream. On the whole though Im stronger and found walking easier even if I did use a walking stick to get to the farm shop but I got there.

So we have come ho,me with the promise of going back Thursday or Friday as Im going to take a lap top. Trying to do my work on a phone is imposible I dont know how everyone does it.

Rested and now back home washing done and caught up with the Mesowarriors and friends.

Remembering our Debbie as it is her birthday in Heaven. Oh how we miss her xx

debbie 1

candle and flowers


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