A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma Camping At Quex Again And a new fight-Theresa May has called for The deletion of Companies public records. Bad news for #Asbestos Claims

We have just had a real chill out weekend. Back to Quex Park on Friday.

We have never done this before, camping at the same place for  3 weekends in a row but it really has charged our batteries for the winter months.

Ray is so relaxed as well.

Meeting up with like-minded friends and seeing some that we havent seen for such a long time was just great. The field is huge and everyone was doing just what they wanted. many going into Margate on the bus to Dreamland or just walking to Birchington. We got to the Barn to the farm shop where all the healthy food is. Fresh local potatoes,cherries, milk, bread and pork and beef that was our meals taken care of.



Louis is spoilt for space in the fields and had a lot of running chasing the balls.

The sun shone and the cars kept coming in as it is a real attraction to sightseerers

QUEX ADVENTURE GOLF  is brand new for 2016. Quex Activity Centre has expanded and is now introducing a beautifully landscaped Adventure Golf area to Quex Park.
The exciting 18-hole course, is made up of ponds, streams, bridges and waterfalls, and with mini replicas of the iconic features of Quex Park including the Gun Tower, Waterloo tower and Victorian steps. The idyllic surroundings will capture the imagination of children and adults alike.
Quex Adventure Golf is now open and we invite you to embark on a golfing adventure like no other.

Such a pretty setting.

We really didn’t move around too much and just sat and chatted in the sun as it beamed down all weekend

The farmer came in for a chat and he said the harvest was now completed and ahead of planned time. He is harvesting the potatoes now.

So now we are back home and the washing is done the M/H is clean inside so we have to give it a good wash outside. Ray is going to do the roof which we do once a year.

Louis is booked for his hair to be cut on Tuesday which was late really as he has had a thick coat all through the warm weather. He will be pleased to get it off I should think.

Rays blog https://mesoandme.wordpress.com/2016/08/07/sunday-151/?fb_action_ids=1164967180190764&fb_action_types=news.publishes

Our fight for the removal of asbestos from Schools is ongoing but now we have the bad news that Theresa May has called for The deletion of Companies public records. This is so damaging to future Mesowarriors trying to prove cases when suing for damages.

It has also been pointed out to me this will affect many, Not just but all disease & other respiratory conditions & workplace 

I then had many replies and realise everyone is on the case so once again we have another fight on our hands. Thank goodness people are not going to be walked over. I wish they would leave us Mesowarriors alone. The Governments did such a huge wrong all those years ago and now we have a Asbestos problem of a huge magnitude and a Mesothelioma Epidemic that is costing so much more than they ever thought possible or just didn’t want to stand up to it -A Case of not in my term of office.


Proposals by Companies House to delete more than 2.5m public records and destroy the virtual history of defunct business would damage the fight against corruption, Tom Watson has said in a letter to the prime minister.

The deputy Labour leader has written to Theresa May following reports that the corporate registration agency is planning to erase vast amounts of public data, claiming the move would make a mockery of her pledge to tackle corporate irresponsibility and hinder businesses, journalists and the police in their efforts.

The government agency maintains a database on all UK-incorporated firms, listing their accounts and all directors and shareholders. But proposals are being considered to reduce the amount of time the records of dissolved companies are retained – from 20 years to six – raising fears it will hamper investigations into white-collar criminals and money laundering.
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On Wednesday, Watson added his voice to those who have already expressed concern. “You have said that you want to tackle corporate irresponsibility, reform capitalism ‘so that it works for everyone rather than for a privileged few’,” he wrote.

“This proposal from Companies House would only serve to protect criminals who seek to hide their past corporate misdeeds from public view. It would harm the global fight against corruption and tax avoidance. It would also be an attack on the right of the public, the police and journalists to scrutinise corporate wrongdoing. Perhaps more importantly, it would prohibit legitimate companies carrying out due diligence on people they are considering doing business with.”

Police investigators, the National Crime Agency, the Serious Fraud Office, lawyers, journalists and bank compliance teams all make extensive use of the data, often searching for dissolved companies and their directors.

In June last year, the previously paid-for information was made available free to the general public, leading to a surge in the number of searches. Companies House said this led to complaints that retaining and providing access to long-dissolved firms is inconsistent with data protection law. It says the source of the complaints were members of the public, but there have been reports suggesting some MPs have also been protesting.

Watson wrote: “It seems inconceivable for a government that claims it wants to be the most transparent in the world to place such a damaging restriction on these rights … It has been reported that MPs have lobbied Companies House to reduce the length of time this records have to be held. I would like to know which MPs have been demanding these changes, and what their reasons are for doing so.”

Searches for information on Companies House’s website are running at 2m a day. Data protection law does not specify a time limit for records to be kept, but business people linked to dissolved companies have been citing the legislation when arguing for a shorter retention period.

The Tax Justice Network and the Opencorporates group are among those who have previously criticised the proposals which, if put in place today, would have prevented access to information on Dominic Chappell, the director who was running the BHS department store chain when it collapsed and who has been declared bankrupt three times.

Watson said: “I have written to Theresa May to seek assurance that this proposal from the Cameron and Osborne era will not see the light of day.”



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