A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -House is paintedand birthday target will be reached next week bring out the wine

It has been a super warm day again today and our Painter has finished painting the home.


She has really done a super job and everything is back to normal again.

I hosed all the paths and patios and with the garden all tidy we have accomplished so much this week.

So now we can rest up but apparently we have a storm coming tomorrow with high winds.

Oh dear this summer just cannot get sorted out. Mother Nature has lost her seasons.

We had to get some more paint so a trip to B&Q meant Louis had to put up with a walk in the car park there which isn’t very exciting for him.

I have got to knuckle under to write 2 speeches, one for Reading and one for Amsterdam so I will get them done soon.

I have had an invite to a Mesothelioma Support group in St Thomas’s so that is in the diary for Oct

I have bought a stock of wine for my Birthday next week where we are staying with my son and DIL so that is another Target reached. I never even dared hope 2 years ago to be able to reach this Target. After 2632 days since diagnosis and 2 years extra life will on the trial and 62 days since the end of treatment. This isn’t my Memory being just wonderful it is Ray he calculates everything . So many targets so many fights and so many fears but I have arrived at my 75 birthday next week. Hoorah!!!



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