A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesthelioma – Off to the Royal Marsden for my CT Scan and solving the problem of #Asbestos Soup

Image result for pictures of a scanner comical

Yes it is that time that a visit to the Royal Marsden for a Cat Scan

And Now It’s been 80 days since the Last Day of Keytruda!

And Now It’s been 2650 days since the Day of Diagnosis!

How the time is going.

The ride up was good and so much better than the early days we had while on the trial.

We saw where the foot bridge had been demolished on the M20 and really do praise the company that worked for 2 weekends clearing all the damage away.

Work on the M20


Lucky we had no problems and was soon in the Car Park.

I held my arm out to a young nurse and she couldn’t get blood as I had to have my Kidney checked through a blood test for creatinine to make sure the contrast would be Ok to use.The kidneys maintain the blood creatinine in a normal range. Creatinine has been found to be a fairly reliable indicator of kidney function. Elevated creatinine level signifies impaired kidney function or kidney disease.

The poor nurse hit the valve so I didn’t give blood. Another nurse tried another 2 times in 2 other veins. It’s no fun and it does hurt as veins ping off of the canula needle.

They had to call  a Doctor who manged back in the first vein and I stupidly was saying Oh thankyou

Ray was getting worried where I was bless him. We went down to the Scanner and I was soon seen. The scan finished we could go home. We go back on Wednesday for the results.

SCanxiety sets in at this time as it can go either way and you must have Faith.


Pete Evans Praised For His Daring New Asbestos Broth Recipe

This Article was published at the weekend and it really did annoy me and others that read it. We knew it was not true and really all these stories should be watched and reported. Rod Smith of Bernie Banton Foundation  and another Mesowarrior who moved to Australia Linda Thomas got involved. Linda emailed to the Presenter but Rod has contact and I love what he wrote.

Mavis, it was a year old. Betoota Advocate is a satirical online publication run by two Melbourne young idiots. I sent them an email yesterday asking them to pull it. It has sat there for over a year until you posted it. They are young idiots, I feel sorry for Pete Evans.
Betoota is a ghost town in Qld, with no inhabitants. The Betoota Advocate is all about Bullshit, taking the piss out of people. The fact it was published over a year ago, and they talk about 6 crystals only found outside of Chinese industrial areas should have been a clue..
I contacted them as soon as I saw your posting, as even Australian Lawyers took it at face value. It does pay to read articles fully.
This is the email I sent them and also posted on their site:

Dear Clancy,

I hope this finds you well, and that you haven’t spent the last year or so living on, or consuming Pete Evan’s ‘Asbestos Broth’, or your children (if any) have not been doing likewise with the children’s version?

I actually get your sense of humour on most things, and enjoy reading your publication: The Betoota Advocate. I do think however, you have shown an extreme error in judgement in the article dated the 24th August 2015, entitled:

‘Pete Evans Praised For His Daring New Asbestos Broth Recipe’

To save you trying to find it, click on this link:


The existence of this ill-advised piece of satirical nonsense only came to my attention when a compatriot from the ‘mother land’ [read Pommy or UK], a close friend and mesothelioma sufferer posted it on one of her Facebook sites within the last few days. Unfortunately, she, and many of her followers did not realise it was satirical, and have taken it seriously, on-forwarding it, and causing much consternation amongst sufferers, carers and loved ones of those associated with asbestos related disease.

All forms of asbestos related disease are particularly unforgiving, with the asbestos caused cancer, mesothelioma, being classed as terminal, there is no known cure. Think about that, all treatment is classed as palliative! Would you like to be diagnosed with such a disease and be told you have only months to live? The sad thing is, you may be one day – asbestos disease does not discriminate!

I respectively ask you to remove this page forthwith, it may have been written with a lack of knowledge or naivety, but I fail to see any advantage in allowing it to perpetuate – only angst and pain to sufferers of asbestos related disease and their loved ones.

With sincerity,

Rod Smith

Rays blog
We will see what the outcome is.

Our Trip to the Marsden was not exactly top of the heap today. Journey up was Ok we arrived with 1 minute to spare. But no problems. All booked in and sent to reception to wait bloods pre scan. They came and took Mavis in after only 10 mins or so.. I sat nodding some time later the nurse came in ,clip board at the ready.Read where I drop my handbag ha ha !!




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