A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos My Day At Boyes Turner Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer Study Day

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Friday saw us up at 4.00am to leave for the station at 5.00am. Dark and the roads were empty. The station was lit up and eerie as we sat there all alone. Gradually people arrived and we alighted the trial to Victoria.

We dashed onto the train to Clapham Common where we found our train to Reading. Errr no, there was no driver so we had to get off and find another train that finally left for Reading. The Taxi driver from the station was driving like eratic and dropped us, not where we asked but  around the back. We asked someone in a building where was the Arch that we needed and he haint heard of it. It was in the end of the road silly man. We finally got to the Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer Study Day at Boyes Turner.

Dr Anthony  Edey spoke about Imaging Mesothelioma and how they have to be careful as patients that had the Talc Op show as meso but its the calcified Talc never thought about that.

He spoke about the different Imaging. MRI show much more but are expensive so used for operations.

PET scans are only used in trials

So CAT Scans are the ones used the most,as I know already.

Professor Adrian Dobbs who I know through Social media and really he is a Mesowarrior as his own Mother died from Meso. This inspired him in his work at Greenwich University That is based at Chatham Maritime. He gave a great talk on the fact that every drug goes back to a plant. The Yew Tree for breast Cancer etc etc

Also he said that more people die of Meso now that killed in cars.

Dr James Myerson told is of the link of Mesothelioma to smoking. It would seem if we all stopped smoking the cases os meso would go down.

They stopped doing Operations to take the linings out as it is the worse pain ever because of all the nerves in the Lung and also because of air leaks, But now they are doing the MARS Trial in many hospitals.

They can only do the op if the patient is fit and the Meso is confined to one lobe, I never knew that.

VATS causes infection as well

There are now Electronic chest Drains which are so much better.

Jenny Mitchall an Advanced Nurse practitioner in Thoracic Surgery Spoke of the role of surgery and subsequent care in Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer.

Greg Byrne Managinging Director of RB Asbestos gave a really great talk about asbestos in buildings and a good photo session.

Caroline Barry from Mesothelioma Uk talked about all the benefits.

Then Ray and I spoke. The double act went down well again and we have everyone in tears then laughter which was just great.

Mr Faheez Mohamed gave a really impressive talk.He is the Consultant Surgeon Hampshire Hospital NHS Trust, he has worked with Doctor Sugar Baker in the US and so he is the only one UK to do the peritoneal Operation taking all the mesothelioma he can see and then using the Chemotherapy wash that we know of through Heather.

Only 1 in 5 million cases so it is very rare but with Keytruda on the scene there is more hope for treatment as well as TRAP Trial.

Then Peter Olszewski associate Boyes Turner spoke about the diffuse Payment Scheme 2014.

I had a long Chat with 2 men about setting up something at Medway for tha Mesothelioma Action Day and getting involved so we will meet up and put our heads together.

That was it as we said our goodbyes and headed for the station which was just around the corner and we really didnt need a taxi then or that morning -Live and learn.

The fun began again as sitting on the train we were told there was no driver so all move to platform 10 where were then told that there was a signal failure so all get the slow train to Waterloo/ So that’s 3 trains in 1 –that doesn’t go so we stayed where we were and thank  goodness we did as this train went as it got a green light.

We got to Paddington and through the crowds of people we found the Underground and was soon into Victoria and the Ramsgate train home. We climbed home at 9pm what a day what a journey. Then no telephone od Internet because os the storm as that had been raging all day. We went to bed and was soon asleep








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