A Diary of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma Fighting #Asbestos – The fun of going to Amsterdam


We have been to the European Asbestos Forum at the NH Grand Hotel Krasvapolsky Amsterdam.

What a wonderful weekend.

We flew from Gatwick but we had a delay due to an Incident that happened earlier. Then we had to have a new spot in a busy day for Gatwick.

We had been through security and body searched as well which was an experience in itself.



We finally did get into the air above the clouds. we left in the rain and arrived in Amstardam in the rain.

After getting through security again we finally got to the arrivals door.

I couldn’t see Hans van der Wart for the minuet then he came beaming across the floor from the coffee shop with Marcel  Brouns both from Shield who Sponser the Forum. I was so honoured to be met by such wonderful men.

We travelled to the City Centre and the Hotel Carlton where we booked in

A quick look at the room we were soon off again to meet up at the Meet & Greet at Indrapura’s on Rembrandtplein

Image result for rembrandt square amsterdam pictures

The wonderful statues in Rebrandt Square.

We Met many who had arrived but here I met Tony Rich and his wonderful Mum Patti we had a great evening with all the other guests.

So it was back to our hotel and said good night to everyone. The alarm clock had to be set.

I will blog the actual Conference as I have so much to say tomorrow so this is all the relax time.

So that evening after the Gala Dinner we walked home and dropped straight asleep.

The alarm went in the morning and we walked back to the conference hotel for a workshop and then a walk to the Zoo. Ray got the a shock when he was looking a manikin in a shop and she moved and he realised he was in the red light district. He was shocked as she wriggled for him.

The Zoo was right in the city and was so clean they animals looked good and well cared for.

We had to leave and say goodbye to our lovely host Yvonne Waterman and Jonathan Simnett and his lovely family.

We stayed in our friends hotel in their room as Ray had a snooze and then it was all met up for a lovely meal in a restaurant in Rendbrant Square. We finally walked back to our hotel for one more sleep then Taxi to the airport and the fly home.then 3 trains and we fell indoors and went to bed.

Toady we had to go to the Doctors for Ray as he just cant move now. His back has finally gone. She is sending him for an Xray tomorrow then a MRI scan she is worried that he hasn’t been seen for 7 years when he had a diagnosis of  pleural Plaques and he hasnt had a scan since and also she is wants his prostrate so the poor thing has tablets that are knocking him out.

But we have had a super time to last us a long time I will bog tomorrow the conference






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