A Diary Of A Meosowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma-~My Cancer Action Group collected £150’s for Breast Cancer in a two hour meeting -well done! and Mary Seacole ITV Program was great, #Asbestos found in flasks from China the fight is ongoing


Across our latest round of Cancer Action Groups the sale of Sam’s delicious cakes has raised over £150 for Macmillan and Breast Cancer Care. They have brightened up our meetings (and found the inner sales person within that some of us never knew we had!) I have received today these photos of the Breast Cancer fun we had at our meeting.

We then had to settle down and carried on with the meeting which I have already blogged on monday.

Also on Monday there was a great program on ITV explaining about Mary Seacole. A fascinating Lady as she didn’t have training as a nurse and went onto the battlefield with a satchel of herbal and medicines that she made.

She often rode out to the front line with ‘baskets of medicines of her own preparation’ to treat the sick and wounded of both sides on the battlefields. She acted as a surgeon as well as administering natural remedies. She became well-known to the soldiers, who called her ‘Mother Seacole’ and even ‘dear Mamma’

David Harewood (star of Homeland and The Night Manager) embarks on a very personal, three-year journey across Britain, Jamaica and Crimea following the creation of a major new statue of a woman who has always been a heroine of his, Mary Seacole – first statue of a historical figure who was a woman of colour to be erected in Britain


I sneaked this photo off Trevor Stirling face book where he said Huge thanks 🙏🏾 to David Harewood for presenting the Mary Seacole ITV documentary “In the shadow of Mary”

I loved watching how it took months to make the mold as a wire frame is used and clay covers it all and that took ages. I’m sur I would have given up.

But I love the Statue and all she represents. If you remember ray and I had our own personal tour of the site at St Thomas’s Hospital.




As everyone awake today they saw my blog about the Flasks that were made in China and the terrible fact that some contain Asbestos. It does shock as what else will they find it in. I have contacted the Customs and Excise to ask them what their policy is on making sure this wont happen again, but as Rod Smith of Bernie Banton says in Australia,

THe problem is Mavis, like in Australia, the only way to find it is to do destructive testing. We have containers of building materials identical in every visual way, but some has asbestos in it, others don’t. And I am talking about in the same packs and same containers.
They are supposed to have targeted random testing. In other words they have a list of items that have the potential to contain asbestos that they are supposed to test. But they have millions of shipping containers coming in from China.
I honestly think the only way is to ban Chinese imports of any product that may contain asbestos!
Well yes so do I lets say No Imports from China until they can prove the are Asbestos free and they have stopped mining.
You just know this will never happen don’t you !!! so we have to be more vigilant. Will be ever see a world free of Asbestos ??? The answer sadly is NO!!!

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