A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – A Meeting With MSD

The weather has really turned and winter is coming in to make us feel so cold.

Off to London today on the fast train as it carries us to St Pancras and to the London Office of MSD. It couldn’t be more convenient as their office is on the site right next door to the station in St Pancras Square.



Ray and I had been invited to a meeting with Dr Paul Robinson from MSD, at their nice new offices in King’s Cross. It was great to have the invitation, I was so thrilled as I thank MSD for saving my life with their Immunotherapy (you all know the story of my trial)

We shook hands and Paul sat us in an office to explain everything and to talk about his work.

Paul’s job is interesting – trying to get the patients voice into the company, so that they develop medicines that meet our needs, and make clinical trials available as widely as possible. The sheer volume of research to be done, just to prove that a new drug works in one type of cancer, is huge and MSD are studying pembrolizumab in over 30 different cancers, including mesothelioma. Keynote 158 is the latest study with mesothelioma patients included, and is fully recruited, thanks to our Mesowarriors who travel to The Royal Marsden– fingers crossed for the results Clinicaltrials.gov says September 2017.

So I questioned Paul about the next trials as we need them to keep coming. He told me there were lots of other studies going on, some in combination with other company’s drugs, all of which is great. Looks like there is going to be one with defactinib soon, so let’s make sure it’s a success. Please keep getting referred to the hospitals that deal with the trials. I explained  what we need is a database that allows patients in the UK to find centres easily that is kept up to date,  Clinical trials.gov is OK for the US, but we need something like it in the UK so Mesothelioma UK can keep the current info as I find there are trials talked about and we the patients do not hear about them. We need more publicity of the trials, Paul agrees and has some ideas.So he will sort the problem out.

I told him to keep up the good work – we patients are impatient ! we don’t have time to waste.  We’ll carry on pushing you to do more, faster. Please try to find out which patients benefit, and do not. Lets keep talking.

So we then went to lunch. Out in the cold again but I hadn’t realised that when we went in it was opposite Google London Office , I believe its their head office. There was a gym I could see on one floor. When I came home and looked a running track is on the roof. Can you imagine working in such a lovely building



There are many Bistros and we had a very nice lunch with very tasty food and a great house wine which is unusual for me to say that about a house wine.

Lots of talking so a working lunch really.

We had to say goodbye and Ray and I came home on the train chatting over all the things talked about. It has been a good day and so very interesting.Thank you Paul xx

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