A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothlioma #asbestos -Christmas Lighting Time. Rays Had His MRI At Last.


Blackpool Christmas lights

Or Life is winding down now for Christmas.

Saturday  we had to go to the doctors for our flu jab. It’s the earliest we could fit it in due to so many trips to London Meetings. November has been so busy.

Sunday was rays MRI at Kent and Canterbury. Yes on a Sunday. The poor machines work from 8am to 8pm everyday.

I took Louis with us so that I could walk him and we had a great stroll around the roads. I then went in to see how Ray was getting on

He was still sitting in the chair in the waiting room but to be fair we were early so right on appointment time he went in.

A man who was already in the other scan machine came out and grabbed a cup of water. He said he had panicked in there being shut in. I began to worry about Ray then. Out he came smiling away. He hadn’t liked it but he was ok.

In his own words of his blog —

Funny old  day. just b4 lunch we set off to the hospital. It was for my MRI Scan. Good news almost bang on time I was called in Come in my lovely the nurse said. Have you had an MRI b4. No  my first one I said .have  a shelf to refit

Pop on the bench for me .Ha I see you  have a Zip in your Trousers. ERR! was that meant to be funny. No it’s because its metal. Slip them down for me will you. Lay flat and  try to keep still. She gave me a buzzer if I needed help. It will be noisy I was warned.

Wow not   frightened but so claustrophobic. It’s only a couple of inches from you face and into the tunnel you go. I kept my eyes shut most of the time and kept  thinking of cloudy skies and bright sunshine. It was all over in 30 minutes.

Back home an early lunch and I confess I nodded for a bit, but then I had to get on with my decorating. All  that’s left is refit a shelf and hang some pictures. It’s good because my back is playing up with all the leaning and twisting.


Now he knows what scexiety is about xx Bless !!

I came home and I have been itching to put the Lights up. I havent done this on previous Christmas’s as it was always going to be my last one. I have more confidence this year and I’m really looking forward  to Christmas this year.

So I played around and fixed the lights into the front room window dsc00288

The photo doesn’t do the scene justice I’m not putting anymore in there less is more. The other half of the room is all lit up that isn’t in the photo.

As I sat back and bathed in the glow of the light as tears run down my cheeks I was full of so many emotions. My survival and seeing a Christmas I had never dreamt I would see, the lovely friends that havent made it to be here with me and those Mesowarriors that are suffering so much. it is a whole mixed bag of thoughts. I didn’t know Ray was also writing a blog saying —

Mavis is busy putting up xmas  lights. Xmas is almost here now.

I am grateful for the past 7 Christmases we have had since  diagnosis. We were not supposed to have had anymore.. I hope we have a few more left. I raise a glass to that to more Christmas’s

So we are settling down normal life. I have a Cancer Meeting in the diary and then the next day a personal  INVITATION TO COMMEMORATIVE BOOK LAUNCH 

You are cordially invited to the launch of:

A Statue For Mary: The Seacole Legacy

By Lord Soley and others

Wednesday 7th December 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm

Florence Nightingale Museum

St Thomas’ Hospital

2 Lambeth Palace Road

London SE1 7EW

Please RSVP to Steve Marsh, Secretary, Mary Seacole Trust, at: contact@maryseacoletrust.org.uk 

Sculptor Martin Jennings’ stunning work is the first statue of a named black woman in the UK, unveiled on June 30th 2016. This commemorative book describes the 12-year campaign to make it happen, in the words of some of the key players whose fundraising work ensures that Mary’s statue is truly owned by the community. The book outlines the sculptor’s vision for London’s latest landmark as well as the process of turning that vision into a beautiful, lasting tribute to Mary. It reveals how Mary’s work will live on through the new Mary Seacole Trust.

Signed copies of the book will be available for sale at the launch. It will also be on sale at the Florence Nightingale Museum and the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, as well as other museums and online outlets.

Mary’s statue is just around the corner from the Florence Nightingale Museum and can therefore be viewed after the book launch illuminated so that, in the words of the sculptor Martin Jennings, the circle of the bronze disc behind her echoes the circle of the clock on Big Ben.


We had a great time visiting the statue earlier this year.

We are finishing the bedroom today so i will show you tomorrow as it is very unusual for us.


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