A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos My Blog Of the Book Launch At The Statue Of Mary Seacole.

On Wednesday we had a trip to London as we had a personal invite to the book signing of Mary Seacole.

Firstly I have to show you the Tattoo A mesowarrior had done he had asked if he could copy Rays Mesowarrior Picture he did for us warriors and of course I agreed

Hi my name is Gary Martin from Newcastle Upon Tyne and have just turned 60 years of age on the 20th August this year.
On the 14th February 2013 me and my family got the worst news we could imaging after taking really bad in December of 2012 and spending time after that in the Freeman hospital here in Newcastle, having my lung drained and biopsy done, we found out I have mesothelioma cancer.
I had chemotherapy and after 5 lots got told it was now stable.
Since then I decided to live my life to the full and enjoy every minute with my wife, enjoying going to lanzarote for a week as much as once a month.
On the 27th October this year we were hit with more bad news that it has started to grow and spread.
I am currently waiting on decisions weather is will be having more chemotherapy or possible new trail.
2nd time round we as a family have took the news better and will fight this all the way.
In doing this i decided to show this horrible disease that am fighting it all the way with a new tattoo of Mavis Nye fighting with mesothelioma UK designed by her husband.
She tells me I am the first person to have this done and proud to have it.
We will fight this together and nothing will stop us!!


I have been to St Thomas Hospital before to see the Statue so I knew just where to go but on coming out of the tunnel to Westminster pier my breath was taken away by the lights of London at night.

The London Eye looked so different as it was bathed in red blue light against the night sky.


We walked over the bridge to the south bank where St Thomas hospital stands. Just as we got to the Florence Nightingale Museum Our friends from Moore Blatch drew up but were so busy getting things out of the car we just went in and was greeted by so many people.


Than the book was launched and I have my copy all signed by the Author Lord Soley and Martin Jennings the Sculptor. As well as Trevor Stirling a Trustee who when making a speech right at the end Pointed me out as  modern day Mary Seacole with my fight for life and all the work I do for the NHS, Meothelioma and Asbestos. I couldnt speak I was near to tears Bless him !!! he has always encouraged me to keep fighting and Im so proud to call him a friend. xx

We  mingled and chatted until we put on our coats and went to see the statue

We had stopped at the Statue as we came in as I so love her.


i have seen her in the daylight but somehow at night there is a more mystical look about her as she strides over the uneven ground with  her satchel of medicines for the men in battle.

The Round disk at the back is cast from the ground where she did her work and there is an actually glass inbeded from her bottles that were found at the time all these years later.

We wer told by Martin Jennings last night her toe and is shinning as children  have been rubbing it as they play around the statue. and also at the bottom of the disk. He doesn’t mind as he loves the fact the children find it touchy freely.


So that was a wonderful evening all over with and Ray and I walked back to the underground and then a train straight home we were so tired as we got in at 10.30pm

I have put all photos here for a record of the night


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