A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living with #Mesothelioma #Asbestos – Christmas is over for 365 days looking forward to the New Year 2017


We travelled up to Luton to be with family and was so surprised the journey was so good. We thought the day before Christmas Eve would be so busy.

We arrived all calm and relaxed. As everyone came in from work we had a family meal and a catch up on all the news.

Christmas Eve we went off to the British Legion for a night out and entertained by a very entertaining evening of all the music I love Our Son did the entertaining so that made it more special.people were so welcoming and we all had a Mince Pie with a difference, a huge tart with Minced meat in and then sponge topped off with a dusting of Icing sugar. Very nice.

Home to a hot chocolate and brandy and a lovely sleep.

Next day we all opened our presents and then a huge dinner that took all day to eat.

Boxing day after another meal we went down the M1 to London Hyde park.

Image result for ice palace hyde park

Image result for ice palace hyde park

Image result for ice palace hyde park


It was very packed so we drove off through the streets to look at the Christmas Lights

We couldn’t get near the Angels that I wanted to see.Lucky enough a Video oh You tube captures all the wonderful scenes we did see,

This Made our Christmas and we have had a great time.

Thanks to my loved ones for this magical time and all the hard work My DIL has put into this. I hope she sat down and relaxed when we travelled home. The traffic was not to bad on our side but the M1 and then the M25 was one solid jam on the other side.

London never relaxes and now neither does the roads.

We came home and opened our Secret Santas.

That is a  mankinie Ray wont let me photo him in it ha ha !!

Today where it was so icy there has been crashes everywhere with a bad on our Coastal Road here in Thanet.

Please drive careful tomorrow its going to be bad again.




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