A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos- Happy New Year A Look Back On 2016 Thanks To Keytruda Im Still Here.


I was going to do a 2016 look back and the Angela put a lovely message on face Book that does sum up a part of the year for me

Happy new year to my side kick mavis and ray. Thank you for always putting me back on the rails when I accidentally fall off lol. You two have made 2016 a very special year and especially to my family. First your OBE in london, caravan stay in Kent and being at dolciez graduation. And you becoming the first meso warrior in the world to be in remission. Keep smiling as i can say this because THE WHOLE WORLD SMILES BACK AT YOU. A lot of your work is done in private and many don’t realise the extent you go to, you’re not in it for selfish gain or recognition but to just simply be there. THANK YOU FOR BOTH BEING YOU and love u both. HAPPY NEW YEAR xxxxxxxxxx

This does sum up my Mesowarriors as I loved the caravan holiday we did and the London trip for the surprise BCAh was  a wonderful day in London and we met Larry Lamb


As lovely as that was my real memory of 2016 is the fact I was able to Announce with Dean Fennel at iMIG that I was in remission and have been for 198 days and counting.

This video that Ray made isn’t very good but it does show just how the news was received with such delight as I have paved the way for Immunotherapy. I have a scan again Wednesday and even if the result isnt what I want to her we have proved Keytruda by Merk is the way to go and so many drug companies are following now. I’m so proud to have played a part in the history of Mesothelioma.

Then in September we travelled to Amsterdam where I was the Key Speaker with Ray

I received a wonderful EAF award from Yvonne Waterman and Hans van der Wart

Then right at the New Year Amazing I have top billing in the Mesothelioma World as my Story was cascaded around the world. but it has been a great year and I celebrate my survival and pray so many will follow me in 2017


Today New Years Day I have just read on Linkedin  –Russell Cooley
President of operations Bio-Clean Environmental Industries Inc.

A very special thanks to Mavis Nye BCAh a very strong, courageous woman! While developing our awareness page for our website we reached out to Mavis for her story and wow! I have been in the abatement industry for a number of years and this is a very powerful message to all GAC’s, Asbestos supervisors and workers if you think you can’t affect the people you love most by not stripping down and wearing proper PPE think again. I encourage you to goto our website’s awareness page and read Mavis’ story it just might change how you do things!


I have dates going into my diary for this year to talk at some wonderful places and I will be blogging these as I complete them but I’m so pleased to be feeling really well and be able to carry on raising awareness through the year.

I just want to thank all the wonderful people who I know who work so hard to achieve so much.

If I listed them I would most likely leave somebody out and that isn’t fair as I really have so great friends in Asbestos, mesothelioma, NHS, Lawyers, and Mesothelioma UK. If you know me then its you Im saying a huge thankyou to as you have joined me on my Journey. What a Journey.

Even young men on the trains who insist I sit down and then carry my case. All my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin friends so many people are in my life.

BUT there is one person that deserves a meddle and that is MR Thatcher- as Natalie Woodward of DAST nicknamed him as he is always walking behin=d the Iron Lady.

Ray has been so supportive even though he has had medical problems of his own heart-attack and back Op. He is doing all the housework now so that I can Type this Blog.

We Met 60years ago in June 1957 when I was 15 and he has been my brick every since. So a huge thankyou to my husband  and to you that is reading this now Thankyou for the interest you show in me.

Oh Yes and this dog who has been through so much with us for the last 10 years xxx



I do remember all the Mesowarriors we have lost. So many wonderful friends that I cry for everytime they pass. My heart goes out to their loved ones and pray they had a good Christmas with their families around them. Also to the Mesowarriors that are fighting the disease so bravely. Im still one of you there, as no one knows how long I can kick its arse (as Debbie used to say.) But I said 2016 would be a brilliant year for New Draugs and I was so right so believe me when I say 2017 will be even better and so we are surviving and I pray you all get a chance at the new trials that are coming through. To all the newly diagnosed please find us on Facebook as there is a community there that understands all you are going through and we can guide you through. xxx


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