A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -My 2 Month Scan now scanexity sets in

Image result for royal marsden christmas tree 2016

I had to go to the Royal Marsden yesterday for my 2 month scan. the tree was still up from Christmas and everywhere in every corner was a smaller tree.

The room where we wait for a canula to be fitted didn’t have many patients in so I though good we will get out early. WRONG!! When I went in I got stab in so many places. No plastic tubing would go in. The radiologists go it into the vein but the valve shut down each time and so no saline would go in so it wouldn’t be ok to put the dye in. The veins are so scarred after too much use. I will dread these visits if this carries on hands in hot water she finally got one in and I couldn’t move in case it came out again.

I was seen at 4.10pm but it took over an hour to finally get some blood out to test my kidney.

Ray panics when I’m in there to long and gets very het up so I came out to wait for the blood to be tested he was really loud with his complaints. He embarrasses me and I tried to hush him up but then the wife of a man who went in next started to agree with Ray.

She was saying that as a carer she never knew what was going on so she worried. She went on to say how hard it is to watch your loved one going through all the treatment so there was two careers nattering away helping and agreeing with one another. Its great when this happens as they are both supporting each other and it calmed Ray down.

We finally went down stairs to the waiting room and it was packed. Oh no! we would’nt be home until 10pm I said WRONG!! The radiologists came out and called my name. I felt all the eyes on me and heard mumbles as if people thought I was jumping the queue.

The Radiologists asked my name, date of birth and address and she said “Have you had a scan before” “Yes 7 years of them every 3 months now every 2.” “I thought I recognised you”

So it was hold your breath and as I move out of the machine with cheeks aching as I hold that last hard breath and then Breath again I let it go and take a deep breath. That was just the set up one.

Th radiologists comes back in and the dye goes in. You taste it first and then it travels down the throat through the stomach and then that hot feeling that makes you think you are going to wee yourself but of course you don’t –well You hope you havent

It’s funny you never feel it going down your legs into your feet?

That was it all down and home I can go. I go back on 11th for results so scanexity sets in now.

Ray was able to buy his cough Medicine and we travelled home in the dark getting in very ;ate 7.10pm.

Ray is coughing too much today and has stayed in on the settee most of the day.

All my decorations are down now don’t you miss them.

So my new target is to see them up next year.





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