A Diary Of A Mesowarrior with #Mesothelioma #Asbestos- Struggled Through Traffic Jams To Get To The Marsden for Scan Results.


I felt so bad with the coughing virus, as did Ray but we dragged ourselves through a devastating amount of traffic yesterday. There had been a problem on the M2 with the equipment they had used for overnight repairs. It had broken down and had to me removed so the Motorway was shut and everyone traveled to London on the M20


. Then there was an accident on the M23, 

A 13 vehicle pile-up on the M23 caused lengthy delays for motorists on Wednesday morning.traffic

The collision happened at around 7am on the northbound carriageway between junction 9 ( Gatwick Airport ) and junction 8, leaving rush hour traffic stationary.


All this with a Rail Strike, we were doomed from the beginning. I can’t believe, though, in the end, we were only 20 minutes late for our 10am appointment at the Marsden. I got out and Ray parked the car and walked Louis.


Yes, I took the dog as they had forecasted snow and I thought if we got stuck, well he would be with us and not home alone. He sat there like a lord and seemed to know he was very privileged.

I went in and got my blood’s done and the Ray joined me for the Doctors appointment.

Still in remission.At 208 days after last Keytruda

We all laughed. but she said please take life easy and rest the bug hasn’t done any damage at all, your scan is very clear now.

She listened to my lungs and to my heart and is so happy with me.

I went up to Oak ward to meet my friend and his wife (I can’t mention names as they haven’t said anything on F/B yet. But a dear friend, I sat with them until they went in to get scan results and they were in there so long. Ray paced back and forth as I sat and talked to the last man standing on the 128 trial, he has had a great result of 80% and has many months still to go. 

When the Mesowarrior finally came out it was to tell me he was off the trial. It was a sad moment but immediately they are talking about what the next step is and where to find the next trial. I love such positive people.

I keep waiting for them to tell the warriors but they are in shock really they just wanted Keytruda to work. I said to Our Doc yesterday they really have to find out why I have such good news and they don’t he just held my arm and squeezed it and then the Mesowarior involved. It was a very emotional moment x

We traveled home with a lot lighter traffic thank goodness.

Then the cough has exhausted me and I have an early night again.

I feel better today and I have my medicine to keep taking. Everyone

I have to knuckle under and write a speech for the Lawyers convention in London in April. I really didn’t know how to tackle it and now I do. When you have such an opportunity to tell it as it is, you also want to use it to its best advantage, in putting the needs of Mesowarriors over so you can bring change. So I asked the Mesowarriors what questions they had. As always they have come up trumps and I can now write a clear speech.

This is for April so I will start working and getting this right.#

I was asked the other day what was my training to make me and expert on Asbestos ??

I have been involved with the product since 1957 and lived a life of seeing Rays mates die one by one the first was in 1961, he has nobody out od his entry alive today.  I have also lost a friend with Lung cancer and I now know that was through Asbestos and Ray lost his Aunt with Ovarian cancer and yes his uncle worked in the Dockyard. We have researched asbestos and what can happen in all those years as we worried about Ray. never thought it would be me that would succumb.

O’k I haven’t sat in a classroom and had training and exams I have a whole bunch of experts behind me on Linkedin and facebook that I call on to be factual, but surely if I have Mesothelioma then I have had life training so I hope no one is judging my right to talk about my life and what Asbestos has done to my family.

That also gives me the right to want to change the world of Asbestos for the future. I want Asbestos out of schools. I want Asbestos banned around the world in every country.

I will strive to help to do that and voice my opinions. I have freedom of speech on my side.








3 thoughts on “A Diary Of A Mesowarrior with #Mesothelioma #Asbestos- Struggled Through Traffic Jams To Get To The Marsden for Scan Results.

  1. A great blog today Mavis…. Your plans for you speech to the lawyers…. You are so ‘on fire’ with determination to make it count. And to make a difference. We’ll never be able to thank you two enough for all you do, for so many of us. But take care, you need that rest to rebuild you for the next fight. You must be exhausted after yesterday. Love Jxx

  2. Hi Mavis, Sorry the trip was so chaotic yesterday. I think your tireless efforts are wonderful, just like our dear Lou here in Oz. I would have loved to have had you and Lou on side when my dad had meso, I knew nothing of the disease, in fact I had never heard of it before his diagnosis in 1982. Take good care xx PS, Enjoying your latest book xx

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