A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos. Louis New Toy Has Scared The Delivery Man. My Pet Hate Fly Tippings In The News.


We woke up to a lovely sunny day.so with housework done and then lunch we escaped to Tankerton  Slopes to walk Lou.

We had a parcel delivered and the driver said what on earth is in there. It keeps making noises and scares me, I’m glad to get rid.

We opened it and it was the new toy for the dog

  • Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

  • 6 clutch pockets allow any size dog to pick it up

  • Made of flexible and durable pet safe, Phthalate-free vinyl

  • 5.5″ for dogs 40 lbs and over

  • No batteries required

  • ball

Louis loved


Can you hear how it sort of talks and the poor delivery man has had that in his van We really laughed when he told us.

With housework done and then lunch we escaped to Tankerton  Slopes to walk Lou.

As we traveled through Whitstable we were surprised at how much traffic there was and then it dawned on us that it was half term. Our town was invaded by day trippers.

We walked on the slope and took in the warmer sea air. Oh! spring is around the corner.

Health fears after ASBESTOS is dumped in layby by careless fly-tippers

Rubbish - Robert Bucke (left) and Chris Keston. calling for the site to be made secure after fly-tippers struck

Rubbish – Robert Bucke (left) and Chris Keston. calling for the site to be made secure after fly-tippers struck

1 day ago

FEARS over health have been raised after potentially dangerous asbestos was found among mounds of rubbish.

The load had been dumped by fly-tippers on a grit storage site on a layby on the B1032 between Holland-on-Sea and Great Holland.

Concerned residents said the pile of rubbish has been building up for the past two weeks and they called on the councils to step in to clear it away.

Albert Crispin, 74, of Great Holland, first found the rubbish and he reported it to Essex County Council.


This is becoming widespread in the UK. Not only is it unsightly unhealthy and dangerous it is the fact Asbestos and other dangerous waste is in it.What is the answer? You

You can’t cover it with cameras as it is usually in out-of-the-way places but cameras are on roads do they research those.

They do search through the rubbish for any receipt or letter.

But these are mainly builders who have charged to take the rubbish away dump it and sometimes the work for the Council, so they get paid a lot of money to take it away. This is crazy.

Please report anytime you see a pile of rubbish its not only about keeping the place tidy its about keeping people safe.

This is the scale of the problem

Grot Spot Britain: 20 of the worst fly-tipping areas

An ITV News investigation has revealed fly-tipping is on the rise in some parts of the UK.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request was sent to councils across Britain asking how many incidents of fly-tipping were reported between November 2015 and December 2016.

Out of the 264 councils that responded to the request, Haringey in London had the highest number of fly-tipping incidents.

incidents of fly-tipping were reported to Haringey Council.
year on year increase

Outside of London, Manchester was second with 30,386 reported offenses, averaging 77 a day.

ITV News’ Chris Choi pictured at a fly-tipping site in Manchester. Credit: ITV News

Birmingham dealt with more than 21,000 incidents – a decline of 13% but still an average of 53 incidents a day.

Bags of rubbish piled high in Birmingham City.
Bags of rubbish piled high in Birmingham City. Credit: ITV News

The top 20 councils with the most reported fly-tipping incidents were:

  • Haringey – 39,036
  • Manchester – 30,386
  • Birmingham City – 21,124
  • Hounslow – 22,255
  • Newham – 19,537
  • Brent – 18,293
  • Northampton -17,092
  • Redbridge – 16,225
  • Leeds City -16,172
  • Hillingdon -14,032
  • Bradford -13,720
  • Gateshead – 12,449
  • Sheffield City -12,115
  • Peterborough -12,045
  • Ealing -11,598
  • Leicester City – 9,458
  • Greenwich – 9,268
  • Kensington and Chelsea – 8,903
  • Basildon – 8,755
  • Edinburgh City – 8741

Allison Ogden-Newton, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, told ITV News illegal dumping of waste has reached crisis levels.

“Fly-tipping is an epidemic, it’s reached crisis levels and something needs to be done about it.”

“Local authorities are overwhelmed with instances of criminal fly-tipping and we need to address this urgently,” she added.

Reporting fly-tipping in your area

You can report fly-tipping to your local council by visiting its website or on the government’s dedicated site.

Large-scale illegal dumping or other waste crime can also be reported to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Last updated Tue 14 Feb 2017


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