A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos -The results of my scan


It wasn’t like this yesterday as the rain came down and it was so murky.

As we set off to the Royal Marsden it blared on the radio that traffic was at a halt on the M25 at Junction 6 and queuing back to Junction 4 that it would take an hour to get past as there had been an accident. Then there was a warning the M20 had an accident. Oh no!!

We met up with the first queue as we came down the hill on the A249 as people were trying to get onto Maidstone. As we came onto the M20 it was running well but then Oh no we found the Queue.

From then on we travelled well but it kept saying about the hold up. Gosh don’t they check with the road cameras to see how the traffic is flowing.

So we arrived at the hospital and found a parking space.

Bloods were soon taken and I was then seen by the Doctor. He was new to me but very good as he examined me really well.

He said my Scan was so good absolute no more changes In remission still.

He said it amazed him at the reaction in the scan meet everyone was so pleased as they looked and talked about my scan.

He asked me what medicines am I taking and crossed everything off except the Paracetamol. He laughed when I said  I’m buying my own now and doing my bit to save the NHS some money. They are charged too much for paracetamol and I can buy them so cheap.

He listened to my breathing and said there is a difference between the right and left Lung. It is still very damaged.

He wants me to go under my GP for the edema as it has lasted far to long. It isn’t my heart and so its Chemo damage. He feels the GP can help.

The Peripheral Neuropathy  is nerve damage so will not repair.

BUT!! I do not complain as I have my life back.

We came out feeling so happy with another 2 months in front of me.





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