Funding for #Mesothelioma UK

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Mesothelioma UK is our Charity and many of us would like to raise funds but don’t know how.
One huge way for a more long-term help is to leave money in our wills.
Macmillan does well with that MesoUk doesn’t so that is a great thing to do maybe get all our relatives to do the same.
Gifts in wills are an amazing way of continuing your support long into the future.
We have to visit a Lawyer over our claims for Mesothelioma Compensation we could at the same time do an amendment to our wills or write a new one. We are told to get our affairs in order so that is what we do.
When we, or our Carers  plan our funerals we can say no flowers and have a collection to pass to MesoUK.
Well that’s got the more morbid idea out the way  so lets do things that are more happier.
We can do many things easier like invite neighbours around for a coffee morning a just giving Page or a Fund me page to share amongst our friends and family.
They of coarse, being fitter can do fun runs or walks where even our youngsters can join in.
Please get together and plan something.

Fundraise for Mesothelioma UK

Fund for Us

We need your help not only to raise funds but to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos and the disease it causes.

The Charitable Trust will always welcome new supporters to organise fundraising events on our behalf such as cake sales, coffee mornings, jumble sales, or quiz nights. Maybe you would like to run in a marathon, or cycle from London to Paris or attempt the ‘Three Peaks Challenge’ ‘Trek to Machu Pichu’ or take part in some other sponsored event to support Mesothelioma UK .  .

Have a look at our Fab Fundraisers for inspiration and see what wonderful personal goals and achievements they have reached and the sense they feel afterwards of doing something great!

Let us know about your fundraising endeavours as we can help you every step of the way with your event by providing t-shirts, collection tins, leaflets, posters, gift aid forms, sponsorship forms and much more.

Doesn’t matter how old or young you are you too can take part and raise awareness. If you are a pupil, teacher or just involved in a school, read about asbestos in schools and why we should highlight the dangers that may be there. Asbestos in Schools

Mesothelioma is mainly a chest cancer that develops between 15 and 60 years after exposure to asbestos. Only six per cent of the UK population know what the disease is, yet this deadly cancer kills one person every five hours in the UK. The rising number of deaths from the condition is linked to the use of asbestos in the building industry up until the mid 1980’s and it doesn’t discriminate, it can affect anyone even if you haven’t worked with it you may have been exposed through a secondary route and all it takes is one fibre inhaled, so please take up a challenge and get the message out there.

Asbestos is Dangerous, let’s do something about it…………

Jill Lemon Fundraising & Marketing Manager.



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